How To Summon Magick Energy

First, light a candle and observe the flame.  Gently blow on it without putting it out so the flame moves around.  The first thing you should notice is that the flame tags the air it touches because there is magick energy there.  There is magick energy everywhere!

If you can’t see the energy this way, try squinting your eyes so that the flame looks like spotlights shining from the flame.  If you squint your eyes enough, you will begin to see a pattern with these spotlights.  Like I said, there is magick energy everywhere.

Try moving the flame of the candle with your mind.  Just like you can use your physical body to put out the candle by blowing or moving your hands over it to create air, you can use your spiritual body to affect the flame in much the same way.  This is the magick energies of your mind.  Simply imagine moving spiritual power over the flame of the candle.  Much of magick is performed by imagining things in your mind.

To summon more energies for the purpose of casting a spell, you need to start feeling the energies with your spiritual self and feel them growing in and around you.  Some people feel a tingly feeling when they successfully feel out these energies.  Some people feel warm.  You need to feel the magick energy growing and building as you will it into your presence.

Finally, start talking to spirits around you.  There are spirits all around us.  Beginners should talk to them out loud using words.  As you get more advanced you will be able to talk to spirits with just thoughts — no words.  Tell these spirits to help you build more energy.  They might try to bargain with you.  It is not unusual for spirits to try and get something out of helping you.  There are many things you can do for spirits.  You can be a medium for talking to other spirits.  Sometimes, they just want you to enjoy a treat or watch a movie so they can be in your set as you do these things.  They get enjoyment out of you doing things.

These are my tips for summoning magick energy.


Horoscopes: How astrology works

There are 2 ways that the magick of astrology undermines our personalities.  I will thoroughly explain how both ways work.

Heavenly Bodies Influence Earthly Affairs

First, there are some who say that the sun and other stars as well as planets and moons (and all heavenly bodies) all channel energy that flows through all of outer space.  Stars, for example, are big balls of flaming matter that emit not only heat but also magickal energy that exists beyond the realm of matter.  Groups of stars, known as constellations, interact with each other magically and even share their heat produced among each other.

There are roughly 13 constellations found around the Earth.  They are far away from the Earth — further away than the sun.  But the stars that comprise them are so big that we can see them here from Earth as twinkling, little stars.  Each has a specialized series of energies it transmits to heavenly bodies like planets and moons all over the universe.  These 13 signs of the zodiac, as they are called, are always acting upon the energies of the Earth as well as the energies of humans.

12 Signs of the Zodiac

Traditionally, there are only 12 signs of the zodiac.  A long time ago, people decided that Opiuchus was too small to be counted.  Perhaps it didn’t send off enough power.  These 12 signs are the 12 horoscopes that you can find in the Horoscopes section of your newspaper.  They are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The horoscopes in the newspaper are based on your sun sign.  In the traditional system, this used to be determined by the sun being in between the Earth and a certain zodiac constellation.  Most people feel this is the most important sign as the sun is the biggest heavenly body that is that close to us.

But the traditional horoscope system that is most widely used is based on the dates the sun seemingly moved around the constellations a long time ago.  Every year, the alignment changes slightly.  And today, we still use the old dates.  So if your newspaper horoscope says you’re Virgo, your sun sign based on the positions of the Earth, sun, and constellations might actually be a Leo.

Sidereal Astrology

Many people still use the actual sun sign, and not the traditional ones used in horoscope columns.  These people who take into account the actual position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars are mostly Indians from India.  This brand of horoscope study is called Sidereal or Vedic Astrology.  Sidereal means “of the stars” and it means the time and distance it takes for the Earth to move around the sun.  When the Earth does make it around the sun, it travels a distance a little bit longer than it takes to cover a full circle around the constellations.  This discrepancy is what makes up the difference in the traditional and the Vedic horoscopes.

If you believe that your personality is determined by the energies from the constellations of stars being channeled through the sun, then you want to know your Vedic, or Sidereal Horoscope.

Click here to see your Vedic, or Sidereal birth chart.

Or click here.

Both those links will send you to a site where you can enter your birth information and see your entire birth chart.

On your birth chart, you want to see what your sun sign is.  That is your real horoscope sign.  There are also other signs based on where the moon or a particular planet was as far as being in between the Earth and a constellation.  The second most important sign is your moon sign.  It is not as big as the sun, but it is closer to us.  Some people feel your moon sign channels even more energy from the constellations to the Earth as the sun.  The moon sometimes looks bigger than the sun.

You might also care to know about your Venus sign, which is the brightest planet that we can see from the Earth.  Next is Jupiter.  Your birth chart will give you your signs for all the planets, as well as some other information.

Other Influences

Remember, heavenly bodies influence earthly matters by channeling energy.  The same energy can make 2 different people do different things — even if they have the exact same birth chart.  That is because our brains and bodies and upbringing also influence our actions.  Some guys simply have more testosterone than others.  And some gals simply have more estrogen flowing through them.  Our experiences and memories also give us a basis for what to do in the future.

In predicting how the magic energy from the stars will affect someone, you want to know how the same energy as well as other energies have affected them in the past.

Keep up with what the current positions of the heavenly bodies are.  Do this by entering today’s date on the websites on any of the 2 previous links and running a chart for today.  You will see the day’s current sun, star, moon, and planetary positions.  Notice how the same energy of a single day affects all the different people in your life.

Gods Determine Your Soul

The second way that our horoscopes determine our personality is through soul selection.  Humans have a soul, or many souls, that used to be spirits or other human beings.  There are pre-existent lives that we live.  And human souls can be reincarnated into other human beings.  There are many beings who have the power to insert souls into humans.  Most people call them gods.  Buddha and the Nirvana God he merged with determine the souls of Buddhists.  The Blue God, Krishna, determines the souls of Hindus.  Jesus and the God of Israel determine the souls of Christians and Jews.  The various gods pick souls for the humans based on what kind of sun sign and moon sign they are going to have.

We all have souls that lived with Elohim, or God the Father, in a preexistence.  Those souls desperately want to return to live with Him.  We developed talents and exhibited certain personality traits in the pre-existence.  We have to live a life on the Earth that matches what the stars and planets say about us by their position in the heavens.  Having developed traits in previous lives, we continue to exhibit the same characteristics that we did before we were born in this life.

Different Souls, Different Personalities

Your soul determines your personality.  So gods send souls with whatever personality they might have to a corresponding human with a birth chart that’s going to suit them.  Some people argue that we are strictly our physical bodies, and that our nervous system acts and reacts based on solid chemistry.  They think that our souls, no matter what they did in previous lives, are confined in our new body that determines what we think and do.  But I say to them that the spark that gives life to our nervous system existed in a spiritual plane greater than the physical plane.  Your soul remember previous lives — even if your present brain doesn’t.  As evidence of this, there are some twins who lived together all their lives but who have different personalities.  Their birth charts, which are the same, correlated to 2 different souls for 2 different sets of reasons.  Different souls will behave differently in identical bodies with identical energies from the sun, moon, stars, and planets acting on them.

Jesus Had a Royal Birth Chart

When Jesus was born, the positions of the heavenly bodies in the sky were arranged in such a fashion that it signaled to astrologists that a king was to be born.  He might have had his sun or his moon in a kingly constellation such as Leo, for example.  Three wise men, who studied the stars, were able to find Jesus by using a bright star in the sky as a compass.

The greatest soul selection that the God of Israel ever made was that of inserting the Spirit of the Lord into Yeshua HaNoztri, or Jesus of Nazareth.  The stars and the planets in their regular motion did testify of his Godhood.

How to cast your first spell

The 2 keys of successful magical spells are knowledge of the magick involved and rituals that conjure the magick.

A common first spell that many magicians cast is one that makes you more attractive.  Everyone can feel good-looking by doing this.  I’m going to teach you how to cast such a spell that will make people of the opposite sex become enchanted for you.

First, you need to know that there is attraction in the air.  All over the universe, people are falling in love at first sight (at all hours of the day).  These feelings of desire for someone of the opposite sex create magick.  Such energies of attraction are everywhere in the world.  What you want to do is summon these powers so that girls or guys become bewitched and start liking you.

You want to perform this incantation in front of a mirror.  You want to look at yourself, notice everything attractive about you, and imagine in your head that people are falling head over heels for you because of your physical attributes that you can see in the mirror.

Next, you want to light a candle.  This rouses spirits who see the flame of the candle and are drawn to it.  Tell the spirits that you want to use their power to help you attract people of the opposite sex.  Also, move your hands over the candlelight and begin to manipulate the energies by moving them around.  If you sense no energy, conjure it.  Imagine energy flowing all around you and the candle.  Ask the spirits whom you have summoned to help you build energy.  The more energy you find yourself working with the more successful your spell will be.

Finally, think about all the energy of attraction being put off in the universe by people falling for others.  Make yourself a receptor for such power.  Turn all the energy you have worked up into attraction energy.

To do all these things you must say things out loud such as:

“May the women (or men) who see me find me pleasant to look at.  Let me be easy on their eyes unto love.”

“Spirits who are with me, help me with your power and energy to become more attractive to others.”

“May the power that I draw from this candle flow forth.”

“Energies of attraction, come to me.  Lovers all over the universe, send your powers to me.”

Say some of these things many times over and over, like a chant.

The next day, when you go to work or school or to the grocery store, remember the spell that you cast and feel the energy still inside of you and all around you.  Send thoughts to people of the opposite sex by willing thoughts of attraction that you are thinking to come out of your head.  You should be able to feel the weight of thoughts in your brain.  They are a tangible thing to psychics.  Imagine everybody in a circle of power that you have drawn from casting the spell the previous day.  You should feel the power and energy emanate from you.

You should observe people looking at you and taking notice of you.  Enjoy the love!

David Blaine: Street Magic

I write plenty about ritualistic magick, but I wanted to devote a blog entry to my favorite “fake” magician — David Blaine.

Fake magic, or stage magic, is all about illusion.  The “magician” misdirects the audience and leads them to believe that something magical has happened.  David Blaine is an expert at such “magic” tricks (though he doesn’t necessarily perform on an actual stage).  His ultra-popular video, called “Street Magic,” shows some pretty amazing tricks that I am a fan of.

In one segment, Blaine reads people’s minds by asking them to think of a number, then revealing the number.  One person thought that it was demonic how he was able to guess the number!  But I think Blaine’s powers are actually more benign.

David Blaine is also able to levitate.  He does this on-camera in front of several eye witnesses.  One of the observers even runs his hand under Blaine’s feet, which have risen inches above the ground.

In my favorite trick, he tells a man to go inside a convenience store and buy a scratch-off, lottery ticket.  The man scratches away at the ticket to reveal a grand prize winner!  The man, now thousands of dollars richer, praises David Blaine as a man of God.  He believed that it was a divine miracle.  Blaine gets a little flushed and looks somewhat embarrassed.  I would guess he’s probably not a man of faith.

There are explanations to his tricks.  He could’ve asked a lot of people to buy lottery tickets and of course most of them scratched to reveal a losing ticket.  But he only showed the one where someone actually won.  As far as reading minds, this is possible my smoking meth.  Meth speeds up the brain and makes users psychic.  They can put thoughts in people’s minds and make them think of a number.  Or they can read the thoughts that come out of someone’s brain to allow for a guessing of the number one is thinking.

Blaine mentions in his video that he believes that Jesus was a magician.  Is stage magic his way of imitating the Son of God?  Like Jesus, this magician also does feats of endurance where he goes without food and minimal water.  For example, he was encased in a block of ice for over 63 hours in a trick he called “Frozen In Time.”  This is obviously in reverse-imitation of Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days before he began his ministry.  Is Blaine looking to begin his own ministry?  After “Buried Alive,” where he was entombed in an underground, plastic box for 7 days, he said, “I saw something very prophetic…a vision of every race, every religion, every age group banding together.”

I would challenge him to reproduce the greatest magic trick of all — rising from the dead.  One can only participate in this magic trick by having faith in Jesus Christ.


There is no denying the magical power of candles.

The use of candles goes way back.  The ancient Jews used candles not only to light their homes in the night but also to pray to God.  Even Jews today light a candle every Saturday, for this is the holy day of Shabbat.  They also light candles on other religious holidays.  Romans always lighted candles for their gods.  Catholics today still light candles in devotion to dead people and saints.

You see, things we do here on this earth affect the spirits in other planes of existence but who exist dually here on earth as well as whatever plane of existence they’re from.  Candles do this very well.

The spirits see the fire and come closer to the physical area that the light is cast on.  They add their power to the power of the people near the candle.  So praying for something while you have a candle lit ensures angels are going to help you acquire the thing for which you are praying for.  Remember that you should be praying to God the Father for things.  The God of Israel is the monotheistic god that truly created and rules over the whole universe.

Angels love candles.  Know that angels are all around you when you light candles.

The flame of the candle is also a magnet for energies and powers.  If you glare at the firelight you will see outlines of circulating energies around the candle.  You can manipulate these by moving them around with your mind and eyes.  Every time you blink they will flicker or dance around.  God doesn’t mind if you see these things.  After all, they exist.

Does magick exist? Resist evil.

Some psychics believe that, because being psychic starts with the mind, there is no such thing as magick — some force that exists beyond the realm of our brains.  They think all spiritual phenomena is the result of brain activity.  But magick does exist.

First of all, there are beings who don’t have brains.  They are just spirits with no bodies.  When your brain dies, the essence of you goes into a spiritual realm.  A dead person’s sentience goes into the spiritual realm.  There are many spirits in the spiritual realm.  Certainly, their dual presence here on this earth and any powers they act out can be seen as magick.  Try sensing the presence of spirits who are trying to visit the space around you.  Just make yourself aware of everything you can sense and imagine and make yourself sensitive to other thoughts in the air.  If they act out, this will produce magick.

But we are also capable of magick as well.  Even though we are confined in a body and our sentience is obstructed by the limits of our physical brain we can imagine powers and conjure those powers.  Try imagining some sort of power (like the power of a certain color, or power from a certain object or person) and you might just tap into a power that actually exists.  There are all sorts of power.  Powers can come from any living thing.

There are also energies all around us.  These powers come from no living being — neither body nor spirit.  Energy can be felt, sometimes seen, and even manipulated.  Try feeling energies by moving your arms and your hands around and being aware of every little thing your whole body can feel.  Then, try to manipulate them with your hands like you were making something in the sand.

I believe that God doesn’t mind if we are in tune and aware of all the forces that affect us throughout existence.  But it is a sin to practice sorcery.  It is also a great sin to worship other gods besides our God the Father.  There is a difference between sensing or gently manipulating energies and casting evil spells on people or hailing demons, Satan, or gods from Greek or Roman pantheons.  Being aware of power that is acting on you and tuning yourself in to more beneficial energies is okay.  Relying on evil and using magick to hurt people is not.

It is possible to know nothing about magick.  It’s even possible to not know anything about being psychic with your brain.  I feel there are advantages to being oblivious to it.  This is the easiest way to avoid sorcery or idolatry.  But if it’s affecting you and you know it then it’s okay to try and feel better by playing with these things.

If you’re going to be a magician, pray to God about it.  Tell him you know these things exist, and you want to try to better your life by moving it around a little bit.  Don’t forget that you can grow closer to God by knowing the planes of existence.  Tell him you love him and will not do anything that takes you away or distances you from him.  God loves us and wants us to be happy with the energy around us.

If you are a Lamanite (Mexican, Central American, or South American of indigenous origin) just know that your ancestors practiced magick and prayed to their pantheon of gods.  While it is a sin to pray to Aztec or Mayan gods, it is not a sin to use the forces of nature and supernature.  It is just like using your brain or your muscles to move yourself through physical space.  In fact, praying is somewhat magical because you’re communicating with someone in perhaps another plane of existence.  It is not a sin to talk to beings who can see you and what you’re doing.  But it is a sin to worship them or to trust in them to do things that you should be asking God to do.  God is a jealous god.

Praying to other beings besides God is a sin.  Even if they are exalted beings or beatified beings or angels or saints.  Praying consists of having faith to know you’re communicating with someone.  God wants you to have faith in just him.  Praying also consists of trusting in a being for help you should be asking God for.  Asking a tribal god to do something for you is also a sin.  All your spiritual petitions should go to God.  He is the greatest Magician.

If you wouldn’t ask your Father in heaven to do something for you, don’t ask anybody else to do it for you.  This is the easiest way to know that what you’re trying to ask for is a sin.

With that said, it’s okay to ask spirits whom you come in contact with to pray for you and to help you to do things by setting you.  Spirits can go inside of you and make you do things.  They do it all the time without you asking.  As long as you’re not exercising faith to communicate with them (you can actually see them, sense them, or hear them), talk to them like you would a normal person.  Spirits can speak many languages.  They even know thought languages (no words) so you can speak to them just by sending a thought.  Simply wish the thought to go to them and make a clicking with your brain.  Or push the thought out of your head with your mind power.  Even people who are not that psychic should be able to feel the weight of a thought.