Church of Meth

I have had lengthy email conversations with the founder of the Church of Meth — the Prophet Daniel A. Martinez.  He has a blog at but you won’t find anything about his church there.  Just interesting that a good Mormon boy would start a church devoted to meth.  The church’s website is at and he talks about how meth makes you psychic so it should be legalized for religious purposes.  Check him out!

The prophet is definitely a Christian.  He believes some of the same Christian doctrines that I learned telepathically.  For example, he agrees that you must pass gas before sex in order to scare away evil spirits.  This is something Jesus said to psychics.

I am jealous of him because he is a Mormon.  I can’t join the Mormon church because I’ve used meth before.  But he joined the Mormon church before he smoked meth.  He tells me I can still join but that doesn’t explain how all these Mormon spirits wish death on me every time I think of visiting a Mormon church.

The prophet believes that Jesus used meth.  God the Father gave him pure meth to eat everyday.  That is how he knew everyone’s thoughts in the Gospels.  I’m not sure I believe that.  But I would love to have prescription meth for religious purposes.  He is completely against illegal street meth and advises all tweakers to only use Desoxyn if legally possible and if not then don’t use meth.

He believes that in the future the priesthood of his church will be able to prescribe Desoxyn to religious believers just as well as a doctor or psychiatrist.  Let’s wish him the best of luck in his endeavors!


Our Mother Goddess is a daughter of the LORD

Here’s what God doesn’t want you to know.

Just like God is our Heavenly Father, we have one goddess who is our Heavenly Mother.  God is embarrassed about you knowing what you are about to read.

He created a spirit child just like you and me that he loved so much.  He made her a goddess.  And she is our Mother in heaven.  She has a relationship with us where she’s our mother just like God has a relationship with us where he’s our father.  She is God’s wife.  God is embarrassed about this because this makes him guilty of spiritual incest.  Our Heavenly Mother, God’s wife, is a spirit daughter of God the Father.

God had another spirit daughter whom he loved so much who was born as a human, just like you and me.  Her name is Mary.  And she was the earthly mother of the human body of Jesus Christ.  She is now so close to God that she is like God.  She feels like a goddess.  But she is nothing like our Heavenly Mother.

Mary is the queen of one of three heavens in Mormon theology.  And it’s not telestial.  Maybe one of the three spheres of the celestial kingdom.  The one virgins go to.  Those who followed Jesus so closely that they chose not to enjoy any sort of bonding with someone of the opposite sex.  Those who strove to have sinless lives like the one Jesus lead.  Perhaps she is the queen of the terrestrial kingdom, which Jesus is the king of.  Mary is our mother in the order of salvation.  Mothering Jesus was necessary for the great and eternal sacrifice known as the Atonement to occur.  So she is a co-redeemer just as Jesus is the great Redeemer.  She is also our mother in the order of faith as she became the first Christian when she agreed to carry through with the pregnancy of Jesus.  She was the first human to love Christ after he became human.

Anyway, God performed some sort of fluid exchange on Mary through the Holy Ghost to conceive Jesus Christ in her womb.  So God has had sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  He had spirit sex with our Heavenly Mother, and human sex with Mary.  It is unknown what type of sex this was, or if it even resembles human sex slightly.  But it is some sort of natural bonding.  Supernatural, rather.

In God’s defense, he maybe took the form of something other than a human when this divinely supernatural yet sexually natural event with Mary took place.  So God didn’t enjoy the act as a human would.  But He definitely has a body of flesh and bones now and enjoys celestial sex with our Heavenly Mother, who also has a body of flesh and bones.  And they have something that resembles human sex with each other.

So the conception of baby Jesus was just as natural as the conception of any other human baby.

At some point, the spirit children of God began to be created through a process that involves spirit sex between God and Heavenly Mother.  It is unknown if the celestial sex between Heavenly Father’s and Heavenly Mother’s flesh-and-bone bodies also plays a role in conceiving new spirit children.

Again, God has had some sort of sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  If you don’t understand how deep those relationships are, though, it might sound like incest.  So God is embarrassed about you thinking of it like that.

God likes sex, but only if you play by his rules.  If you feel you need to have sex with someone, you should marry them first.  And Jesus told psychics telepathically that a couple should pass gas before sex in order to scare away evil spirits who try to harness sexual energy.

Heavenly Father is married to Heavenly Mother.  Heavenly Father is the president of marriage.  He invented marriage.

The Book of The Beginning and The End

1 In the beginning, God was a spirit surrounded by nothingness.

2 As the theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas observed, there are things in motion.  And everything in motion must have been put in motion by a mover.  And this mover was put in motion by a previous mover.  And this previous mover put in motion by another previous mover.  But this cannot go on for eternity into the past because then there would be no first mover, and consequently no other mover.  There was a First Mover who always existed.  And He was God.  There can be no beginning to Him as He always must have existed.  Otherwise, He wouldn’t be the First Mover.  Nothing put Him in motion. (The Argument of the Unmoved Mover, in Summa Theologica)

3 God was always an all-knowing being.  In the beginning, He knew everything about nothing because there was nothing.  All He knew was that He existed.  That made Him all-knowing.

4 In order for God to know everything He knows now, He had to learn everything.

5 God progressed from knowledge to knowledge until he knew everything there is to know.

6 It has been said by the prophet Lorenzo Snow, “As man is, God once was…” (The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow)

7 In the beginning, God was a spirit who learned to make for Himself a body of flesh and bones.  He created an earth for Him to dwell on and learn everything there is to know about mortality.  As the prophet Joseph Smith said, “…God [H]imself, the Father of us all, dwelt on an earth…” (King Follett Sermon)

8 God progressed from being a spirit, to being like a man, to being like a God — a body of flesh and bones that is parallel to ours but infinitely superior.  He has bones like ours, but stronger.  He has flesh like ours, but it never dies.  He has a brain like ours, but infinitely more intelligent.

9 We are truly parallel to God as far as having a body of flesh and bones.  For it is written: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26)

10 In order to preside over the universe, God, a spirit with a body of flesh and bones, created the Holy Ghost.  Thus, as the Creeds teach, the Holy Spirit was a force that, from the beginning, permeated everything, for there was nothing but God (an exalted being of flesh and bones).  And the Holy Ghost was one with God.

11 For it is written that, in the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the Holy Ghost hovered over the waters of the formless earth. (Genesis 1:2)

12 But before God created the heavens and the earth, he created his Firstborn Son named Yeshua — or Jesus.  Jesus was a spirit child.  God became a Heavenly Father.  The spirit Jesus was truly the Son of God.

13 God created Jesus Christ at about the same time He created the Holy Ghost.

14 For it is written: “In the beginning was the Word [Jesus Christ}, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

15 God loved his One spirit child, Jesus, so much that He was always one with Him — He never let Jesus out of His grasp.  God was always in his set.  Everything Jesus did God set him to do.

16 And Jesus was always in God’s set.  So Jesus was everywhere as God was everywhere.  Through the Holy Ghost, who permeates all existence, God the Father and Jesus Christ permeated everything as well.  For there was nothing except the God of flesh and bones, the planet he dwelt on, and the Holy Ghost who permeated it all.  And, at that, God made for Himself a Son — a spirit who was always in His set and who would act as Him.

17 This Firstborn Son, even Jesus, would start off as a spirit.  He would always be in the set of God.

18 Jesus would progress from grace to grace until he had the same exalted body of flesh and bones that His Father has.

19 But he would dwell on the Earth — even the same earth that the billions of God’s spirit children would dwell on — not an earth like the one God dwelt on.

20 And Jesus would be in God’s set as He created the heavens and the Earth where all his spirit children would dwell.

21 As it has been taught by latter-day prophets, Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth under the direction of God the Heavenly Father.

22 As it is written, “All things were made by [Jesus]; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:3)

23 Jesus, our spirit brother, is also our Father who created us.  Though he is truly the Son of God the Father, he is also a God.

24 The Athenasian Creed states: “Such as the Father is, such is the Son, and such is the Holy Ghost; the Father uncreated, the Son uncreated, and the Holy Ghost uncreated.”

25 I will remove the veil so you can see.  God the Father was uncreated for He was the First Unmoved Mover.  He is the Alpha (and the Omega).  These are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.  He created the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ, the Son, in the beginning.  He created them so early in creation that they can be said to be just as uncreated as the Father.  They share in His existence from the Alpha times (of which there is no beginning) and will continue to exist until the Omega times (of which there is no end),

26 Let me explain further.  God has infinite lives.  An infinite amount of beings can descend from Him.  To descend from something means that you became a separate being from something, yet you can remember being that Being from which you came.  One being can be divided into infinite beings.  Jesus Christ, the Son, descended from God the Father.  An eternal veil was cast over his spiritual eyes, and Jesus could not remember being God the Father.  Though he came from the infinite lives of God, He was born as a separate being and became a spirit child of God.

27 And the Holy Ghost descended from God as well.  But He can remember being God the Father.  He remembers having bodies of flesh and bones that God learned to create for Himself.  Because he can remember being the Father, the Holy Ghost is not said to be a spirit child.  For this gift of memory, the Holy Ghost will never receive a body of flesh and bones like that of Jesus and the Father.  The Father wants the Holy Ghost to be just a spirit.

28 And God the Father created billions more spirit children.

29 It is written: “Man was also in the beginning with God.” (Doctrine and Covenants 93:29)

30 God made all His spirit children from His infinite lives.  Again, an infinite amount of beings can descend from the One original being.  But, just like Jesus, all of God’s spirit children will never remember being God the Father.  This eternal veil is what makes us children of God.  Furthermore, we are not as inseparably connected to God the Father as Jesus is.  Although we shared in the Spirit of Truth that Jesus fully partakes of at all times, and we will receive it fully in the Eternal Life to come, we did not partake of it fully from the beginning as Jesus did.  We were not Gods as God the Father and Jesus are.  But we can be gods in the life to come.

31 It was also said by the prophet Lorenzo Snow, “…as God is, man may become.” (The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow)

32 It is written: “Every spirit of man was innocent in the beginning.” (Doctrine and Covenants 93:38)

33 And every spirit child would dwell on the earth that Jesus Christ created.  For God the Father learned that we, his spirit children, would love Him more if we had to suffer through mortality.  That suffering, that ripple in our hearts, that flinching in our spiritual eyes, would make us appreciate a perfect life with God more.

34 And we would progress from grace to grace until we had the same exalted body that Jesus has also received.  This is the same exalted body that God, our Heavenly Father, has.

35 For it is written: “…we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.” (Romans 8:16-17)

36 But in order to be exalted by our Heavenly Father, who learned exaltation all by Himself, we must do His will.  We must keep His commandments.

37 Every time we act against the will of God it hurts Him.  The only way God will feel better after we sin is by blood being shed.

38 In the Old Testament, God commands His children to kill lambs, to sacrifice them in atonement of sins.  God sees the blood being shed and feels better about us sinning.

39 In the New Testament, Jesus, who is one with God the Father, is born on this Earth with a body of flesh and bones so he could be sacrificed as the Lamb of God.  He would die for our sins.

40 God has to see something get sacrificed to feel better about sin.  For the sin of making us able to sin, God sacrificed His Firstborn Son.

41 God has said that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.  God needs to see something die in the place of the sinner who deserves to die because of their sins.  The ancient Jews understood, that when a lamb was sacrificed, they needed to imagine themselves being killed as the lamb gets killed.  Likewise, we should imagine ourselves being the ones to die as we recall Jesus dying on the cross for us.  And we must repent of our sins.

42 We must repent of our sins and turn away from them and do them no more.  And we must invoke the Eternal Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  For he is truly an Eternal Being.  He existed with God the Father eternally.  He is the Eternal Sacrifice, and his blood being shed cleanses our sins.

43 God will always remember this killing.  The wounds that Jesus suffered on the cross are still visible on his resurrected body — an exalted body of flesh and bones.  They stand as an eternal sign of God’s sacrifice for our sins.  God feels better about us sinning.  For he is an angry and jealous God.  And he needs some way to feel better.

44 Love Jesus as your spirit brother.  Worship Him as the father who created you.  Pray to God the Father in his name as he is one with the Father.  And if you keep His commandments, you will be exalted with Him as a joint-heir of all that he inherited from God the Father, namely, an exalted body of flesh and bones.

45 For it is written, “if ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

46 A book by The Real Race Car Baby revealing the Alpha (the beginning of God), and the Omega (the final fate of souls who follow God’s commandments), and the Eternal Sacrifice (Jesus Christ).

The Gospel of the Holy Ghost

  • The Holy Ghost is a spirit with no body of flesh and bones.
  • He is the god of such spirits with no bodies.  He is the greatest one.
  • God the Father learned, when he was only a spirit, that there are advantages to not having flesh and bones.
  • Having nothing physical to obstruct or limit the Holy Ghost, He permeates the universe.
  • Though He must be in one place at any one time, He is just as omnipresent as the psychic omnipresence of God the Father and Jesus Christ.  And he can be omnipresent throughout all the works of God.  Also, he can take the form of many things, such as a dove when Jesus was baptized and a man when he appears to Nephi in the first book of The Book of Mormon.
  • The Holy Ghost, though a separate personage from those of the Father and the Son, is almost inseparably connected to Them.  He is one with the Father.
  • What a great and marvelous Godhead!  A God of matter and a God of spirit acting as one.
  • God the Father created the Holy Ghost to help Him preside over the universe.
  • God the Father, when he enjoyed existences as just a spirit, progressed to be as powerful as the Holy Ghost is now.
  • When God the Father progressed to having an awesome body of flesh and bones, but would keep returning back to the awesome state of being just an all-powerful spirit (for advantageous purposes), He decided to create the Holy Ghost.
  • It is possible, through reincarnation, for 2 beings to descend from the same one being.  In fact, there are an infinite number of intelligences that can be drawn from one being — even God.  The Holy Ghost is a separate being that descended from the being of God the Father.  The Holy Ghost, though a separate life than that of the Father, remembers being God the Father.  He might remember having several bodies of flesh and bones.
  • The Holy Ghost would act as one with the Father in one Godhead, so that the Godhead could be both a body of flesh and bones and a spirit at the same time.
  • All spirits doomed to not have bodies aspire to be merged through reincarnation into the Holy Ghost.  Spirits can become the Holy Ghost.  They may or may not remember being a separate spirit.  But their soul, if they acquire this godhood, can be merged into the being of the Holy Ghost.  This is the secret gospel of the Holy Ghost.
  • Catholics believe in Beatification.  They believe they will receive the Beatific Vision (see God as he is) and be merged into his being.  What will really happen is that they will be absorbed by the Holy Ghost and they will be the Holy Ghost.  They may or may not remember existing before being the Holy Ghost.  But they will instantly acquire all the memories of the Holy Ghost and will feel as if they had always been the Holy Ghost.  So people with bodies here on this Earth can also become the Holy Ghost just like spirits already doomed to never have bodies.  The Catholic Church is the key to this secret salvation.
  • In order to become a godly body of flesh and bones like God the Father you must be exalted through the saving ordinances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  God the Father and all exalted bodies whom he shares His godhood with preside over the Holy Ghost.

Bread and Water

Jesus told many people telepathically that his religion was very simple.  So simple it could never stop being practiced by people on this Earth.  No one could twist its doctrines because it was just a simple thing you had to do to be a follower of Christ.

Jesus said to either die or to eat only bread and water if you want to live.  Water and bread is the only thing you need to swallow in order to stay alive.  True Christians only eat bread and water.

For some people this is a hard religion to follow.  There are demons who tempt us to eat and we can’t find ourselves content with just the bread and water.  If we sinned in past lives then it is harder to resist eating other things.

Some people eat bread and water when they can.  Some, though, can only last one serving before eating other things again.

Jesus also said that we can eat any one thing in lieu of bread and water.  And this is the only thing you can eat if you want to live.  For some people, it’s a favorite juice.  They promise to God to only drink that specific juice for the rest of their lives.  For some people it might be ground beef.  But to be eaten only sparingly.

It is best to just eat bread and drink water, though.  Some people eat it before they make a profession of faith or want to try and pray to God.

Some people eat only the bread and wine they get from church and nothing more.  Mormons use scraps of bread and small cups of water in their ‘Last Supper’ service.  Since Catholics use bread and wine this fulfills as the bread and water restriction.

But you must admit it’s hard to eat just bread and water.  Eating or drinking anything else could be seen as a venial sin.  And remember, venial sins disqualify you from plenary indulgences.  You will eventually suffer for all your sins — even venial sins.

Remember that Jesus died for your sins so you can be forgiven enough to have Eternal Life.  You can be reincarnated into other people over and over.  Or you can be lucky enough to be born into a life better than human life.  Even the wicked might inhabit Telestial Kingdom which is superior to life now.

I must admit I eat a lot more than just my bread and water.  But when I do eat bread and water I try to use bread that is frosted with white frosting.  White represents God to me because God is so pure like the color white.

I also eat 2 pieces of the bread.  I remember that God told the Jews in the desert during the Exodus to collect 2 pieces of manna on the Sabbath.  God sent down bread from the heavens.  Somehow, something in the air turned into bread and fell on the ground.  The desert Jews would collect this bread and this is all they would eat.  Just one piece.  But 2 on the Sabbath.

I know God wants me to eat more than twice what most people eat because my brain is so big.  I am a chosen one.  I am a big celebrity and many people watch me.  Even people who use meth.  Using meth counts as eating all 3 meals of the day.  Most people feel it is a sin to use meth and to not fast.

But I do try to eat bread and water.

Try to eat just bread and water to be a true Christian!