How to cast your first spell

The 2 keys of successful magical spells are knowledge of the magick involved and rituals that conjure the magick.

A common first spell that many magicians cast is one that makes you more attractive.  Everyone can feel good-looking by doing this.  I’m going to teach you how to cast such a spell that will make people of the opposite sex become enchanted for you.

First, you need to know that there is attraction in the air.  All over the universe, people are falling in love at first sight (at all hours of the day).  These feelings of desire for someone of the opposite sex create magick.  Such energies of attraction are everywhere in the world.  What you want to do is summon these powers so that girls or guys become bewitched and start liking you.

You want to perform this incantation in front of a mirror.  You want to look at yourself, notice everything attractive about you, and imagine in your head that people are falling head over heels for you because of your physical attributes that you can see in the mirror.

Next, you want to light a candle.  This rouses spirits who see the flame of the candle and are drawn to it.  Tell the spirits that you want to use their power to help you attract people of the opposite sex.  Also, move your hands over the candlelight and begin to manipulate the energies by moving them around.  If you sense no energy, conjure it.  Imagine energy flowing all around you and the candle.  Ask the spirits whom you have summoned to help you build energy.  The more energy you find yourself working with the more successful your spell will be.

Finally, think about all the energy of attraction being put off in the universe by people falling for others.  Make yourself a receptor for such power.  Turn all the energy you have worked up into attraction energy.

To do all these things you must say things out loud such as:

“May the women (or men) who see me find me pleasant to look at.  Let me be easy on their eyes unto love.”

“Spirits who are with me, help me with your power and energy to become more attractive to others.”

“May the power that I draw from this candle flow forth.”

“Energies of attraction, come to me.  Lovers all over the universe, send your powers to me.”

Say some of these things many times over and over, like a chant.

The next day, when you go to work or school or to the grocery store, remember the spell that you cast and feel the energy still inside of you and all around you.  Send thoughts to people of the opposite sex by willing thoughts of attraction that you are thinking to come out of your head.  You should be able to feel the weight of thoughts in your brain.  They are a tangible thing to psychics.  Imagine everybody in a circle of power that you have drawn from casting the spell the previous day.  You should feel the power and energy emanate from you.

You should observe people looking at you and taking notice of you.  Enjoy the love!


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