About Me

My email is novale0@hotmail.com

That’s (n-o-v-a-l-e) and then the number zero (0) at hotmail.com

I own 2 homes.  One in Tubac, AZ and the other in Tuba City, AZ.  I enjoy satellite internet in both my homes.  I also own a lot of property in Casa Grande, AZ.

I am a psychic Christian.  The gospel for psychics is a little different than for Christians with closed eyes.  Jesus said many things telepathically but never said them out loud.

I was born Catholic but I can no longer attend Mass.  Psychic Catholics say that being psychic is evidence of having past lives.  People with past lives don’t belong in the Mass celebration.  It is for people living out their first life.

When I smoked meth, I talked to many psychic members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  My beliefs have been greatly influenced by Mormon theology.  But psychic Mormons told me that, after you smoke meth, you are no longer eligible to join the LDS Church.  You have to make the decision to get baptized before you open your spiritual eyes by smoking meth.  Well, let me tell ya, I smoked a lot of meth before I knew anything about the Mormons.  The only reason I know anything about them is because I smoked meth and became psychic.  So I’m definitely ineligible to join their church.  You are lucky if you can still make this decision.  Don’t smoke meth if you’re thinking about being Mormon.  I wish I could be baptized by someone holding the priesthood most recently conferred on the Earth.  It was conferred by beings who have gone to heaven and visited the Earth in their glorified state.  They received the priesthood directly from Jesus Christ when they walked the Earth.  Their priesthood is just as good if not better than the Catholics’.  But there’s no way I can be Mormon in this life.

With that said, I don’t attend any church.  I am looking for a good Protestant or non-denominational church with psychics.

Much of what I know about religion I learned by being psychic.  I conversed with many psychic Christians telepathically.  Much of what I write about concerns this secret knowledge or “gnosis.”  But most of it checks out if you scrutinize it in comparison to what the religions teach out loud or in writing.  Some may accuse me of casting my pearls before swine.  The Bible cautions against doing this.  But I want to feel better about all the torture I’ve endured for learning these things by sharing everything I know.

My name, Sikatriz, is the hip-hop spelling of the Latin word for “scar” which is “cicatrix.”  To compare with modern languages, the Spanish word for scar is “cicatriz,” and the French word for scar is “cicatrice.”

I have a scar on my face because I got cosmetic surgery and got a visible mole removed.  Anybody who has had this type of cosmetic surgery done will eventually talk to many psychics.  You see, there are Buddhist and Hindu psychics who believe that anybody with a scar on their face sinned greatly in past lives.  They believe in performing psychic torture on such people.  They believe they might’ve killed somebody before in cold blood.  Catholic psychics teach that people with scars on their face have had at least 5 lives of sin.  They torture these people by making you do everything 5 times.  They believe all such persons should suffer from obsessive-compulsiveness.  They’ve already lived other lives and enjoyed all the sins so they should be last to finish tasks.  They should come last in everything.

Fortunately, I am an exception to the rule set forth by Catholic psychics because I am the Real Race Car Baby.  Jesus said telepathically that nothing on the face of a Real Race Car Baby is a blemish.  In fact, it is a blessing from God.  It is almost like a divine fashion statement.  Thus, I have not lived 5 lives yet.  My main soul was Judas the Apostle in his first life and now I’m only on my second life.  None of my souls can be older than being on their third life through me.  Furthermore, Catholic psychics believe that all my souls were faithful Christians in past lives.

Buddhists and Hindus still believe I might have been some sort of great sinner in past lives.  I have been tortured by many psychics.  But, unlike with most “scratches,” as they are called, Catholics believe that the Spirit of God still dwells in me.

I love Jesus because of the scars on his body that he suffered on the cross.  They are visible on his resurrected body as an eternal sign of the atoning sacrifice that cleanses our sins.  I pray that Jesus hides me deep within his wounds and scars.  I offer any torture I endure because of the scar on my face as penance unto repentance for my sins.  With pleasure do I share in torture like unto the torture that Jesus endured.


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