Homosexuality in America

Homosexuality is a sin.  But people should be free to engage in it here in America.  Homosexual couples should be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples.  But there should be no marriages between them.  How can we grant them their rights without violating the sanctity of marriage?

God had a hand in the founding of The United States of America.  It was the first democracy, and it serves as a model for the world which has been well followed.  God wanted there to be a land where people were free — even to sin.  He wanted Christians born in the dispensation of democracy to freely choose to follow God’s will in the face of legal temptations.

Unfortunately, some people are going to deny God’s law allowing only for heterosexual relations (or deny that God exists at all).  Such sinners fall for lust of the flesh, and give in to desires of intimacy with people of the same sex.

Their rights should be upheld by the law of the land.  Homosexual couples should have a right to a civil union.  This is a legal binding of 2 people.  Such couples should have the same rights as a heterosexual, married couple.  They should be able to fill out a joint tax return, for example.

They should also be able to adopt kids.  Homosexuals have some of the same heterosexual desires that married couples have, namely, having kids.  There is no reason why 2 people of the same sex can’t be the parents of children who are unwanted or were unplanned by their natural parents.  This would decrease abortion as there would be a greater demand for adopting kids.

But why do homosexuals want to call such a legal union a marriage?

A marriage should only be between one man and one woman.  God has declared this through modern-day prophets as well as in times of old.  Church invented marriage, and it has a legal right to its practice.  It’s almost like a trademark.  Just like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have the exclusive right to sell products under their brand names (like Big Mac and Sprite), religion has a traditional claim to the use of the term “marriage.”  It is not necessary to soak this term in the impurities of business law.  They don’t actually need to seek out such a “trademark.”  They already own the right and privilege to use it exclusively.  After all, God is the one who commanded us to marry.  There is no ancient civilization that practiced marriage that was Atheist.

The Church will keep defending the sanctity of marriage.  The fight against homosexual marriage isn’t going to go away no matter how many homosexuals cry for the right to use this religious term.

But they do have rights that need to be defended based on the values of American freedom.  God wants responsible homosexual couples to take a civil union, if they desire one (and it is legal for them to do so), and to adopt as many kids as possible.  These are kids who would otherwise be aborted.

In the name of Jesus Christ, unto Him in prayer to end the killing of abortion, and to uphold the sanctity of marriage, and to allow those born in this dispensation to be free in their respective democratic nations; let freedom prevail.


Abortion in America

Abortion is an evil we need to do away with, but we also need to protect the rights of women who don’t feel it immoral to terminate their pregnancy.  How can we do both?

Let me take a minute to talk about the divine mandate of The United States of America.  It is a country built upon the concept of freedom.  The will of the majority sets its course but the rights of the minority are defended in the process.  God wanted there to be a U.S.A.  We are free to do things even if they are a sin unto God.

In the Old Testament, when God ruled the nation of the Israelites, even breaking the Sabbath could be punishable by death.  But this is not God’s will for America.  We are not in a theocracy.  Even Satan has power in America.  We will not punish people for doing things that don’t hurt others, like stealing from them.  And we are free to do things that don’t hurt ourselves, like drugs.  One might argue that abortion hurts an innocent baby.  But others argue that, a fetus, when it gets aborted, is only as smart as an earthworm.  They see it as morally significant as killing an earthworm.  Their rights need to be defended as we set the course to do away with having to terminate pregnancies.

If everyone uses their American freedom, we can come up with a solution to the abortion problem.

First of all, abortion is murder.  It stops a beating heart.  The creature inside the womb that is killed is a human being.  Furthermore, it is one of the most innocent creatures that can be killed.  The most important thing we need to do as Christians is to not participate in abortions — even if they’re legal.  We know it’s a grievous sin and should not be abortion doctors, women who go in to have abortion, nor people who fund abortions.  For this reason, our taxes should not go to support clinics that perform abortions on women.  No federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  This angers God, as well as tax-paying Christians who don’t want blood on their hands.

The second most important thing we can do as Christians is to pray.  Many anti-life women argue that it is none of your business what a woman does with her body.  To the pro-choice I say that it is also none of your business how we choose to pray.  It should not be illegal to pray to our Lord in public to stop abortions and to soften the hearts of women who are considering having one.  Of course, we do hope that people will hear our prayers and decide to take actions that prevent abortion, not encourage it.

With that said, it should be legal to get an abortion.  A significant amount of Americans feel that it is not the same thing as killing someone who has already been born.  Their rights should be guaranteed by the law of the land.  We can’t force them to have the same moral views that we as Christians have.  This is contrary to freedom of religion which the U.S. Constitution affords.

However, the nation has the legal precedence to tax abortion.  Such sin taxes, as as they are called, already exist.  We tax many things we feel we should curb, such as smoking.  Abortion should be taxed.  And it should be a progressive tax.  The more money you make, the more you should have to pay to get an abortion.  If you’re a millionaire, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get one.  There is no legitimate reason to stop such a tax.  One of the biggest reasons people have abortions is for financial reasons.  So, if you can afford it, you should have to pay the government if you want access to this decision that betters your finances.  Poor women, however, should not have to pay to have an abortion.

Instead, women in poverty should receive money if they are pregnant and can’t afford to have a child.  We should increase welfare for such women.  Money received from the abortion tax should fund this welfare.

If you tax it, you get less of it.  If you fund it, you get more of it.  If we tax abortions, they will decrease.  If we reward pregnant women in poverty by giving them welfare, they will carry out their pregnancy.

I want to bring up politics (an important angle for this issue).  It is a sin for a Christian to vote for somebody who is going to make it easier to have an abortion without reducing its occurrence.  Most of the time, this means a Christian should not vote for a Democrat for president as they always do things like raise funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood.  The only way it is okay to vote for a Democrat is if you feel they might reduce abortion.  Former president Bill Clinton, for example, campaigned with the slogan of “safe, legal, and rare” abortions.  Abortions really did get rare under President Bill Clinton.  Abortion rates dropped during his presidency.  For this reason, it is okay to vote for candidates like Hillary Clinton who might use the same slogan in her campaign.  Obama, on the other hand, had terrible views on abortion.  Before he became president, he used his power to deny medical access to fetuses who survived an abortion.  They are no longer inside the woman’s body and have their own rights.  Obama decided to shelve them and let them die.  I don’t know of any other way of knowing that a candidate is going to be pro-life than to see if they are Republican or not.  Former president George W. Bush signed a bill that made partial-birth abortion illegal.  (Partial-birth abortion is when a baby has been inside the womb for the full 9 months.  The baby is partially born before its skull is crushed.)  Even Mitt Romney, who was against changing abortion laws before he ran for president, would’ve done what the Republican Party demanded as far as fighting against abortion (had he been president).  He might not have changed any laws, but he at least would’ve resurrected Bush policies regarding the cessation of government funding of abortion clinics.  Policies that Obama did away with.

You see, pro-lifers are a base demographic for Republicans.  People can vote however they want.  We can vote our way out of this pattern of killing innocent babies.  We must use this American freedom to shape our country.

In conclusion, abortion should be legal but it should be taxed.  Welfare should be offered generously to women considering having an abortion because they can’t afford a child.  We should vote for Presidents and other government officials who will not use our tax money to fund this murder.  We, as Christians, should never participate in an abortion.  Pro-choice means women can choose to have the baby — even if they are underage and their parents are trying to force them to terminate the fetus.  Be wise in this decision.  Spiritually wise.  It is a decision that affects your soul and standing before God.  If you have had an abortion, repent, and offer the money you would’ve spent on the baby as tithing, almsgiving or offering to a church or pro-life organization.  Finally, pray as much as you can that God will end this bloody practice in America.

In the name of Jesus Christ, for the preservation of American freedom and our sense of morals and the sanctity of life.