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I’m the / Laman / -ite / Laman / -ite magic / ician that you / could be / me is what you / niggas be wish / -in’


How To Watch Formula 1

Motor sport can be defined in one word.  Race.  It’s a race!  The goal is to cross the finish line first, before everybody else.

Memorize that booty

Have you ever seen a hot girl and wanted to memorize her booty so you could think about it later?  That’s how you have to feel about the race track.  You have to memorize every turn so you know where the cars are at any given moment.  Imagine if you didn’t know what shape the football field was or what shape the basketball court was.  In these sports, it’s easy to memorize that booty.  It’s just a big rectangle.  But in motor sport, it gets tricky trying to memorize every turn.  It amazes me how many people try to watch motor sport without memorizing that booty.

Watch the qualifying session primarily to memorize the race course.  Of course qualifying session gets exciting when you keep track of what times the drivers are setting.  But the main purpose of qualifying is to memorize that booty.

Watch the start of the race many times

Watch it in slow motion even.  The most exciting part of the race is the very beginning when it is very easy for cars to pass just on the speed of the car.  At first, just keep your eyes on the race leader.  Watch the car in pole position (the car that starts off at first place) and see if they stay in the lead or if they fall behind.  Once you made it to the first turn and have an idea of what the race leader did, rewind and start paying attention to the next few cars.  If this is hard just focus on one car at a time.  By the time you’ve watched the start of the race enough, they will show replays of the start from different angles.  Watch these over and over too.

You’ve completed this step when you can visualize every single car coming into the first turn and what place they’re in.  This, of course, means that you’ve made yourself familiar with all the cars and drivers.

Watch the passes

A pass in Formula 1 is equivalent to a touchdown in football.  Most people rewind on their DVRs to get a second look in slow motion.  Enjoy these!

If it gets boring, fast forward

If you don’t see the point of following the cars as they get closer and closer to the car in front of them then just fast forward and stop when you see a pass.

Additional tip

Imagine trying to watch a basketball game without ever knowing the score.  Make sure you look at the score in motor sport!  They will list the cars in the order of the place they’re in and they will show how many seconds a certain car is behind another car.  Pay attention to these times and places!  This is the score in motor sport.

Proud to be schizophrenic…

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2012.  I see a psychiatrist once every 3 months.  I get an injection of Halodol every month.  I take Zoloft orally everyday.  I go to an activities clinic called Recovery Innovations almost everyday.  They try to convince me that I am not my diagnosis.  I am a person, not a schizophrenic.

But I am proud to be schizophrenic.  I think my brain has evolved to allow for telepathic communication with spirits.  That is why I hear voices in my head and see people in my head.  This is something that makes me feel special.

I’m trying every day to not be delusional.  But the most delusional thought I can have is that the voices in my head aren’t real.  They are definitely real.  They are real beings.  They have their own personalities.  They say things I never would’ve thought of.  It’s not just my own brain working too hard.  They are separate beings.  Not me.

In reality, I am a magician.  I sense personages and their thought energy through magick.  My shortcut to acquiring magickal powers was smoking meth.  It’s not meth-induced schizophrenia per se.  But rather, it is opening my soul to the magickal realm.

But go ahead and call it schizophrenia.  I am proud to be a schizophrenic.

Saved Sinners

An excellent poem about God, the Flood, and the coming of Jesus Christ.  He makes an excellent connection between God’s motives in causing the Great Flood to happen and sending His Son, who is a part of the Godhead, to the Earth to die for our sins.

Must read!

Saved Sinners.

A Blogger Evolution

Interesting read. Ate it up as if it was a big bowl of pasta with plenty of butter, but parts with little butter so as to catch the flavor of the pure pasta too. Delicious. His magical ability to write exhaustively on a topic seems to be rubbing off on me with my comments. Here is the comment on his blog entry that I made in response to another reply by Abigail Patricia “Patty” Doyle, where she said, “Many bloggers want to be the TD Jakes or Jimmy Swaggart of blogging. They expect that people are going to follow them like they are the Gods of some new religion.”
I replied:
“I am the god of a new religion. Sike! JK But I do have a blog that talks a lot about religion, magick, and being psychic. I don’t think I’m going to be the Jimmy Swaggart of blogging, though. I mostly do it because I know there are psychics watching me. I care more about the psychics watching me than the people who actually hit up my blog on their computer. But I do appreciate the few hits. I only get a handful a day. I just know there are more psychic people watching me. I don’t know why they are watching me. In fact, my shrink says I’m schizophrenic and the voices in my head are just figments of my imagination. Who knows. But I love blogging about it! I was originally going to just keep a journal. And psychics watched me do that for a while. But then I was lured by the idea of random people who aren’t psychic reading about the things these psychics were telling me. The psychics tell me that psychic knowledge or psychic information is only for psychics. Some people feel I am sinning by writing about these things online, where non-psychics can read them.
For that reason, I do sorta feel like I’m the god of a new religion!”

“No porn in December”

I ask all my readers to pray for this man! He has set a simple but necessary goal for his salvation. Keep him in your prayers.

Deviant Christian Report

OK, I have slightly increased my accountability and it’s a new month. About one year ago, I started this blog. 2014 has started well and then my accomplishments seemed to have plateau-ed with my current efforts and current conclusions. With my new accountability, I want to say “no porn in December”. I know from past experience that this “new accountability” by itself is NOT enough and I’m going to include it with my other efforts and emphasis.

We’ll see if this can work. It’s very possible that in that predictable three, four or five weeks, I might just fail and look at porn again.

“No porn in December.” Simple and hopefully effective enough with the changes I’ve made. I’m also not fooling myself to think that this month will be easy. I’ve changed, but not really broken any habits, just changed their behavior. We’ll see IF I can manage this…

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