How God can make you a God of your own planet

Revelation 1:6

Some people argue that, because there must’ve been a first mover in existence, that our planet’s God was existence’s first mover.  But this may not be the case.

Furthermore, they argue that a God is incapable of making another God because there can only be one supreme ruler of existence.  And he must’ve been the First Mover as spoken of by Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The Argument of the First Mover is this: matter is in motion.  Because matter is in motion, we know somebody moved it.  This mover was moved by a previous mover.  This previous mover moved by another previous mover.  And so on.  And so forth.  But this cannot continue indefinitely into the past.  If there wasn’t a first mover, there would be no subsequent movers.

The First Mover is the true God who created something out of nothing.  In the beginning, God was a spirit surrounded by nothingness.  He could not make another being who existed with Him in the beginning.  Otherwise, He wouldn’t be the First Mover.

God has said many times that he always existed — that there is no beginning to him.  No other being can ever say the same thing truthfully otherwise they would be the First Mover and God wouldn’t.

How God can share eternity with someone is a mystery of exaltation — the doctrine of humans becoming Gods like our God.

Let me shed some light on it.

God can make other dimensions of existence.  Dimensions in a different space-time continuum.  Dimensions with nothing in them.  God can make you a spirit in that nothingness.  In your dimension, you always existed because without you there would be nothing in that dimension.  You would progress from knowledge to knowledge until you became an all-knowing God like the God who made you.  You would tell the people you created that there is no beginning to you and that you always were in that dimension.  For before you there was nothing in that dimension.  And nothingness cannot be the beginning of anything.

In Revelation 1:6, John refers to a “Father” of our God.

6 [Jesus] hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father

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Some might think they’re talking about Jesus when they said God.  So “his Father” is merely God the Father (the God of Israel), who is the Father of Jesus.  But read carefully.  Jesus is doing this (making his followers, such as John, kings and priests) unto God.  They were talking about Jesus since verse 5 of the same chapter.  If Jesus is doing something unto somebody, he can’t be doing it to himself.

He was doing it unto God, and his Father.  So God has a Father.  And not in the sense that Jesus has a Father.  In the sense that the Father of Jesus has a Father.

And if our God had a Father, then we can assume that the Father of our God also had a Father.  And even he had a Father.  And so on.  And so forth.

Until you come back to the argument that there must’ve been a first mover.  Just remember that you don’t have to be the First Mover, or the first God to exist, to be a God of a dimension that started out with nothing.  Though you would be the first mover of your dimension.

When did Gods begin to be?


Tip for Anal Sex

I want to share a tip for having better anal sex with your marital partner.  But first, let me talk about how anal sex can help men sense magick.

When a man has anal sex with a woman, there is more pressure on the penis as the anus is tighter than the vagina.  This makes you more sensitive to spirits who are trying to occupy the space in and around your penis.  You see, spirits can make themselves very small.  They post up around people’s sexual organs to gather sexual energy from them.

My tip for anal sex is this: two people should take turns fingering each other’s behind and talking about how it feels.  The more you talk about it, the more you’ll know what feels good and what doesn’t.  One of the common things that is said about anal sex is that it feels like you’re taking a crap.  While some people might enjoy this feeling in and of itself, this is usually a sign that you’re doing something wrong.  Anal sex should feel like sex.  Like you’re getting f-ed.

There’s some things you learn about anal sex by receiving it.  There’s other things you learn by giving it.  You have to do both and talk about it with your partner to really learn.  Men and women both have anuses and fingers.  So use them and screw them!

If you’re having trouble opening up with your partner and you still want to learn more, try fingering your own a-hole.  See how far you can go without flinching.  With experience, you’ll overcome the reflex to stop going down that tube.  It’s not a sin to wash your derriere with soap and to stick your finger up your hole so as to clean it.  Some people bleach their hole.  Simply stick your finger in a small cup of Clorox and then stick it up your hole.  Try not to think any homosexual thoughts, or even heterosexual thoughts, as this, coupled with sticking your finger up there, might be construed as masturbation (which is a sin).

If you’re a guy, and you get fingered by a woman, or you finger yourself, you’ll know what a woman feels like when she is receiving.  You’ll know what not to do.

Anal sex is a sin for a Christian if it’s purpose is not to make a baby.  Anal sex offers more stimulation for the man and thus increased excitement.  This makes the penis more erect and thus better equipped to cause a pregnancy.  After anal sex, a man should cum inside the woman’s vagina to try and make her bear a child.  Also, you should only be having anal sex (or any kind of sex) with someone you are married to.

Remember that if you enjoy sex, even anal sex, sex-crazed spirits will try to be in your set.  They will enter you and try to feel like you to derive pleasure for themselves.  Like I said before, spirits can harness sexual power every time you have sex.

Jesus commanded psychic Christians to pass gas before any kind of sex to scare away evil spirits.  Learn to like this and you will truly love the butt (and everything that comes out of it).

One thing you can tell your partner while they are fingering you back there is that you will try on them whatever they do to you so they know what it feels like.  Guys, tell her, “Baby, do to me what you want me to do to you so I know what it is.”  Girls, if you are receiving it, and you don’t like how something feels, do it to him when he lets you finger him so he knows what it feels like.  Tell him, “Baby, don’t do this to me.”  And then do it to him.  He will remember!

Psychic Torture 301

The most current torture performed on me by psychics is a sort of panic attack I call “feeling like that.”

When I “feel like that,” I feel mentally retarded.  I feel like someone with dementia trapped in a smart person’s body.  Psychics are doing something to my brain where It’s hard to think.  I’ll feel other forces using magick to get my mind stuck.

If I was doing something, I’ll forget what I was doing or I won’t know how to do what I was trying to do.  One time, I was throwing away the garbage.  I had one of these panic attacks and I just stood in place with the garbage bag in my hand.  I didn’t know where to go or what to do with the bag in my hand.  I felt able to, or smart enough, to remember, but couldn’t.

Everything looks like a jigsaw puzzle.  If I look closely at anything, I’ll see dots with rough edges and I won’t be able to stop noticing them.  I won’t want to look at them.  But everything has them.  The floor.  The walls.  The sky.  Everything.

I’ll start worrying about cooties.  I dread touching stuff with my hands.  I’ll even be super careful about what I step on.

If people ask me stuff while I “feel like that,” I’ll say “I don’t know,” or “What?”  I have to explain to them that their words are just not registering in my mind.

I’ll feel unsettled no matter where I am.  Though unable to move, I will feel super-anxious about where I’m standing or where I’m sitting.

The voices in my head tell me that they’re going to remember every little thing I see, or the exact position I’m in.  They’ll be thinking about it and transmitting the memory to me telepathically so as to annoy me or frighten me that I have this image stuck in my head forever.  I might try to walk around and get different spots of my house in my head.  But the feeling of mental incapacitation continues.

I won’t want to use the restroom because I have to touch my cock which is dirty.  I’ll be afraid of getting minute amounts of urine on my hands.  I have to wipe the tip of my penis with toilet paper just like I was wiping my ass.  I’ll wash my hands over and over.

I’ll be dehydrated and my lips will be dry and start to crack.  But I won’t want to drink water because I dread going to the restroom.

I also dread talking to people.  If I have to, it’s mostly I-don’t-knows that I can utter.  But the psychics will tell me that they will remember anything I hear someone say or even anything I read because they will make me remember so as to annoy me and frighten me.

I just can’t think when I feel like that.  There is severe thought-blocking going on.

Remember that there’s something about being dehydrated that makes it easier for psychics to perform this torture on you.  I have been drinking plenty of water and the torture almost went away.  I didn’t get the panic attacks for almost 3 weeks.  But it did come back.  The last time I felt like that was a couple days ago, but it was only for half an hour.  That’s the only time it’s happened since I started drinking more water.  It used to happen at least once a week.  And it would last at least an hour.  Sometimes, I feel like that even as I’m going to sleep.

This torture started for me in September or October of 2012.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  But now I can sense the magick of the psychics wishing this on me.

I went to a mental hospital when it first happened.  That’s how bad it was.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I called a behavioral health clinic and told them I was freaking out because everything looked like a jigsaw puzzle and I couldn’t think straight.

The voices in my head eventually told me that they were going to keep doing this torture.  I didn’t think it was psychics at first.  But I’ve felt their brains now.  I’ve seen the magick they use to inflict this on me.

I don’t know who’s responsible for this torture.  But nothing like this would’ve ever happened before I started smoking meth.

If you are a psychic, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid this torture.

Prison is literally hell

Jesus told psychics that going to prison in this life is going to hell.  Hell is not a real place.  Going to hell is actually going to prison.

God would never put you in a lake of fire, which many people thought hell was.  A loving father doesn’t punish a bad kid by putting him or her in the oven.  But he will make him stand in a corner on a time-out for misbehaving.  God is the same way.  He will put you in a holding cell or prison.

The Damned Are Set To Break The Law

First of all, if God thought your sins were too great in your first life to be allowed into heaven, you will never go.  But you won’t burn for all eternity either.  Instead, you will keep being reincarnated as people inclined to break the law.

Spirits can set you to do things.  They set you by going inside of you and making you do things.  If God wants someone to go to jail, He will command angels to set you to break a law.  Perhaps it’s a law you’ve broken before.  Spirits who listen to God will drive someone to call the cops to make sure you get caught this time.

You’ll definitely be predisposed to commit crimes if God wants you to go to jail.  When someone is damned, their actual punishment is reincarnation as someone inclined to break the law.

Jesus said that once somebody goes to prison they can’t go to heaven (unless they went to prison for being a Christian).  Even if your crime for which you were arrested for was not that great a sin to be barring you from going to heaven, the fact that you went to prison is evidence that you sinned in a past life.  Jesus said, telepathically, that everyone who goes to prison sinned in a past life.  They are the damned.

A Just Sentence For Every Sin

So how long do you have to be in prison?  God wants you to do time for every sin you ever committed — even venial sins.  Some people who serve life in prison are actually serving a sentence of God that spans several of their lives.  They keep being reincarnated as people inclined to kill who will serve life sentences.  They will keep being reborn in such a pattern until every sin has been paid for.  Not everyone has to spend that much time in jail, though.

Waiting Lobby In-Between Lives

When you die, you will go to a spiritual lobby where you think about your lives in between lives.  There, you will tell God if you want to serve all your time in prison in one life or if you want to serve it over the course of several lives.  The more you sinned, the more time you have to serve.  Wanting to spread out your sentence over the course of several lives will increase the overall time you’re gonna have to spend.  You will negotiate until your next several lives are determined.  Most people who smoke meth illegally, for example, agreed to do it in the spiritual lobby before they were even born in their current life.

In this life, Catholic priests who are psychic will tell you, if you go to prison and you’re psychic, what sins you’re paying for and how much you still have to serve.  This drives some people to break laws to serve more time in prison to get credit for their sentence from God.  God does not punish you for doing this.  It really does take time off your sentence.  And when you die again, you’ll go to the spiritual lobby again to re-negotiate your next lives.

Doing Time To Have Better Lives In The Future

If you talk to psychics telepathically, they will tell you how many years they’ve served in previous lives.  Psychic, Catholic priests can confirm these things.  If you’ve done plenty of time, and your sins weren’t that great, God wants you to prosper.  Psychic Catholics try to set such people to get rich or be leaders.  Both are sins, but considering people who are in a pattern of reincarnation in which they can’t go to heaven anymore, they are to be enjoyed by them.  Catholics favor leaders who have done time in jail for the sin of leading.

Prison Bibles

Try not to read the Bible or go to church services while you’re locked up.  This is incredibly bad luck as God wants you to memorize all the books of Scripture in a future life where you are much smarter than a human.  It would be a shame if your eternal memory is haunted by having taken in some of it while you were in hell.  Psychic Italians will torture you if they find out you read the Bible in prison.  They will make you feel ashamed of it.  And scared that your eternal memory of the Scriptures is tainted with images of bars and dirty, prison toilets.

The only excuse for reading the Bible in prison is if you went to jail for being a Christian.  This will actually improve your eternal memory as you will have memories of suffering for Christ.  Pray for martyrdom if you are locked away for religious purposes.

Prison Torture for Psychics

Just like “The L” and “The Italian” (read my entry titled Mormon Torture, Catholic Torture), “commendations,” are a series of tortures performed by many psychics on one psychic.  Commendations are tortures related to you having to go to prison in a past life or your current life.  Every time you see the colors you wore in prison, you will feel a great feeling of fear and shame.  You will feel super-anxious.  Your blood will pump hard and fast (almost like they are wishing death) every time you hear the name of a prison you went to.  They will make you feel like everything you did in prison is ruined.  If you read the Bible in prison, they’ll make you feel like it is ruined and you can’t read the Bible anymore.  Anything that reminds you of jail will stir you with anxiety.  Psychics will make you feel like it is better luck to die than to live in commendations.

Spirit Prison

When you die, your soul goes to a spirit world and you feel like a spirit.  Some of the spirit realm is paradise.  But if you’re guilty of sins you haven’t suffered for, you will go to a spirit prison.  The only people who go to the spirit paradise are the righteous who have venial (minor) sins they need to suffer for.  This “Spirit Paradise” is Purgatory.  Spirit Paradise is actually joyful because you know you’re going to heaven eventually.  But  the “spirit prison” is painful because you know you’re going to hell.  And hell is prison back on Earth.  The waiting lobby where you negotiate your lives with the angels is in Spirit Prison.

Spirit Prison also consists of literal prison cells where your soul will be forced to live in.  Your spirit body, though able to exist in a plane greater than matter, will be confined to a small room.  I had a vision of one of these rooms in a dream.  There was some sort of electrical current in the air.  They make you take the form of a man, and they make you swallow some liquid that attracts the electricity and it shocks you.  They shock you spiritually for every sin you ever committed.

Durango and Estrella

Jesus told psychics that the worst prison colors are black and white.  Prisons that make their inmates wear black and white stripes are actually super-prisons that God created especially to punish people for their sins.  By super-prison, I mean that you get more credit for time spent in one of these prisons.  The reason being is that to have the colors black and white ruined is incredibly bad luck.  You can’t play chess.  You can’t dance on a black and white dance floor.  You can’t play dominoes.  The list goes on.

Black symbolizes evil.  This color will stain your soul if you go to a super-prison.  And to have white be one of your prison colors spoils the white robe you could’ve worn had you not gone to prison.  The white robe that you wear in heaven.  It is supposed to symbolize purity and godliness.  But now it’s just memories of confinement among the nastiest people there are.

I was arrested for meth charges twice.  I served at Durango and Estrella, in Arizona, where they make you wear black and white.  My sin was betraying Jesus by kissing him on the cheek to identify him as the one the guards were looking for.  Yes, I found out that I was Judas the Apostle in a past life.  The betrayer.  But I’ve been told that it was the will of God for Jesus to die and that I was a co-redemptrix in the plan of salvation.  Once I’ve paid for this super-crime, I can go to heaven.  I have served some time for being a co-redeemer by virtue of causing the Eternal Sacrifice to happen.  But I have to spend a little more time in super-prisons.  I just don’t want to do any more time in this life!

I read the Bible the first time I went to prison, but only because psychics told me it would get me out of jail faster.  You see, the first time I went to jail, I fought the charge.  No one had money to bail me out.  And at every court date, which was every couple of weeks or so, they would extend it to a future court date.  So they were keeping me in jail without having been found guilty.  Psychics told me they controlled the judges, and I would get out with no charges if I read the Bible.  You see, this makes it easier for them to torture you when they’re giving you commendations (prison torture).  Some of the commendations involve ruining the Bible.  I don’t know why psychics call them commendations.  It has nothing to do with the actual definition of the word.

The second time I went to prison, after having been tortured for reading the Bible, I chose not to even look at a Bible much less read it.  I felt like everything I read before was ruined.  And I didn’t want to ruin any more.

It was hard to start reading the Bible again.  I started flipping through pages I know I didn’t flip through in prison.  But now, I can read anything.  Sometimes I forget that I read something in prison even as I’m reading it!  This is incredible luck.

Many psychics believe that I can still go to heaven even though I’ve been to prison for a sin.  After all, that sin caused the Atonement of Jesus Christ to come to pass.

I don’t know if I’m the only one to have white ruined that can go to heaven.  I don’t know if there are Christians who were sentenced to do time in a super-prison because of their beliefs.  But I would guess not because God controls who goes to prisons that use black and white garb.  There are no other super-prisons.


Jesus is our magick stone

I want to share a brief Bible study regarding magical stones.

There is an incredible promise in the last book of the Bible..  In Revelation 2:17, Jesus says:

17 … To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

You see, back in those days, magickal crystals and gemstones were very popular.  These stones of magick were usually charged by saying a special word that only the possessor of the stone knew.

In this Bible verse, Jesus promises that he will give his followers a magick stone that is white.  White symbolizes purity and godliness.  White is also the color of manna — which was bread from heaven that fell down in the desert when the Jews were in exile.  They would gather the manna and have enough to eat so they could live in the desert.  The body of Jesus that saves us is the manna, or the bread from heaven that gives Eternal Life (read John 6:51).

The new name that is written on the stone is the name of Jesus.  When people become Christians, it is said that they should take upon them His name.  Only the initiated can “know” this name and use it to obtain grace and power.

Jesus and the apostles knew that, in order to take over the pagan world, they had to take over pagan tokens.  Jesus took over the practice of magick stones.  He also took over an icon of the Roman gods known as the Caesars.  In Revelation 1:13-16, Jesus is depicted as the Caesars are depicted on coins:

13 …one like unto the Son of man…

16 And he had in his right hand seven stars…

The Caesars are commonly depicted juggling seven stars.  Seven is a number which symbolizes completeness.  Having seven stars in your hand symbolizes complete dominion.


Jesus took over the use of seven stars and revealed their new, Christian meaning in Revelation 1:20:

20 …The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches…

Early Christians, as well as Jews of the time, believed that an angel from heaven presided over the spiritual plane enveloping every church or synagogue.  The angels of the seven churches symbolize the angels that preside over the entire Church all around the world (seven churches = complete Church).  Jesus holds the seven stars, or angels, in his hand symbolizing power over the whole Church.

Jesus will share His power that the angels partake of with humans who take upon them His name.  He will give them a white, magical stone which symbolizes this power.  The stone is “charged” by invoking His name.

I encourage Christian magicians to keep a white stone in their arsenal of magic stones that is not used to actually perform magick, but to invoke the bread from heaven that is the body of Jesus.  Bearing the name of Jesus will give you great spiritual power and grace.

There is no power like the power of the One who holds the seven stars in his hand.

Mormon Torture, Catholic Torture

If you are psychic, at some point other psychics will torture you.

The “L” (Mormon Torture)

If you smoke meth, the Mormons will torture you.  They call their series of psychic torture “The L,” which is short for LDS (the name of their church).  They feel that Mormon psychics should control who uses meth.  For the privilege of having the psychic visions that you will see when you use meth, you need to pay for using their drug by receiving this torture.


The most basic form of Mormon torture is a “bearclaw.”  This is when you feel a magical claw grab you by your chest.  This is sometimes a precursor to “wishing death.”

Wishing Death

The Mormons have the power to enter your body spiritually and wish death on you.  They can make your heart race.  It’ll pump hard and fast and it’ll feel like you’re going to have a heart attack.  You can tell it is psychics controlling your body with their mind.  You will be able to sense their thoughts of literally wishing death on you.  A psychic leader, usually one who goes by the psychic name of Mark, tells the Mormons what to do and what to think so that you feel like death is being wished on you.


This is when several people think the same thought in order to make it a more powerful and heavier thought.  They then bombard the “Lancaster” victim with the thought, which they send through the air.  Remember that thoughts are tangible things to a psychic.

They can make you think anything.  They can make you feel anxious about doing something you wanted to do.  They can keep you in one place by Lancastering you over and over.  It’s really stressful on the brain.

Subtractive Synthesis

This is the worst Mormon torture you can receive.  It is usually reserved for prophets (people who smoke meth who are really smart).  Smart people are more psychic so they deserve more torture if they smoke meth.  Mormons hate that smart people use meth when they can probably be psychic without it.  And you will feel like they hate you when you receive this suffering.

Subtractive synthesis is basically the worst headache you can get.  Psychics make several circles of power around your head and stress is applied in the area in which the circles meet.  How they apply this stress is unknown to most psychics.  The title of the torture may be a hint.  They synthesize a headache by subtracting from the area where the circles of power meet.

This headache is worse than the worst of migraines.  I was a prophet-of-God in the “L,” which means I’m a smart person who talked about religion when I smoked meth and learned that I could talk to people telepathically.  I got these headaches for about 2 years.  Almost everyday.  Some would last several minutes but others would last longer.

The Italian (Catholic Torture)

After the Mormons are done torturing you, you will hear the Mormon prophet declare to psychics that you are ready for an “Italian.”  This is when the Catholics torture you.  Supposedly, Italy is the psychic capital of the world.  And psychics from all over the Earth organize, through Italy, torture for psychics.  They call it being “in there.”  They mostly want you to stay inside your house and quit your job if you can.  They want you to go outside sparingly — only if you need to buy groceries or something.


The Italians tell you telepathically to stand in place.  They tell you that you have to be willing to receive the torture.  They promise it won’t be as bad as “The L.”  But they do set you to stand.  In other words, they make you feel like standing in place.

You will stand until your feet heart.  You might feel bored the whole time.  They might entertain you while you stand.  Or they might say abusive things to break you down.


The Spanish word for “knife” is “cuchillo.”  And a “cuchillaso” literally means a “knife attack.”  What is it?  After you have been standing in place for a long time, the Italians will tell you to have a seat on your couch.  They command you to stay awake to get credit for the torture.  But they make you doze off and almost fall asleep.  You have to fend off sleep.  And every time they send magick that makes you feel sleepy it feels like a stabbing in your brain.  Hence the name, “cuchillaso.”

Excruciating Boredom

Something the Italians are good at is depriving you of motivation to do fun or productive things.  If you don’t stand in place, only taking a break on the couch when they tell you to, they will make you feel like pacing around the house doing nothing.  They will tease you with thoughts of watching TV or playing video games but then hit you with anxiety about getting started.  They will send you magick which makes you feel excruciatingly bored, yet unmotivated to do anything.  This torture, while it seems less psychic, is actually very stressful on the brain.


The only thing the Italians will let you do while you are “in there” is eat.  They tell you that they will torture you with eating.  You have to be willing to eat a lot — even if you feel full.

The basic premise of this torture is simple enough.  If you stuff yourself, you will be in mild pain.  The good thing is that when you eat a lot you can feel like yourself more.  You will start to notice when you do things like walk around or fidget that it is spirits going inside of you making you do these things.  Eating more will help you stay still when you stand in place.  You will feel like you are deliberately making every move you make instead of having spirits go inside of you and make you do things.  You will “make yourself” do things.  You will feel your nerves and feel more like yourself.

But this is only a tease for arguably the worst torture of all.

Doing What You’re Set To

Once you know what it feels like to do things by yourself like walking deliberately, the Italians will send many spirits to go inside of you and make you unable to “make yourself” do things.  When other spirits make you do things they say you’re doing what you’re “set” to do.

It will feel like every move you make was controlled by some spirit.  You’ll wish you were able to “make yourself” do things like they let you when you were eating a lot.  You won’t be able to control yourself.  They will make you feel like eating the huge amounts you were making yourself eat before.  You will feel gluttonous.  They might make you smoke, drink alcohol, or masturbate.  You will have no self-control.  And they will tell you every time you do such things that it is spirits going inside of you making you do them.  They don’t want you to forget that.

This breaking down of self-control is what makes this psychic torture so annoying to have to take.


Finally, they will make you feel like all the torture you have been taking was only the result of a mental disease.  They will keep saying that the voices you hear in your head are auditory hallucinations, and that there is no such thing as psychics.  Some people fall for it and start looking at it with closed eyes again.  But the psychics keep reminding them that it’s stupid to look at it with closed eyes after you have opened your eyes and know there are psychics.  So you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.  You won’t know what to think when they make you suffer from schizophrenia.

Remember that Italians torture anybody who is psychic, even if they don’t smoke meth.  Such people might not know they are being tortured.  People who don’t smoke meth haven’t seen everything yet so they are oblivious to many spirits.  They can make you stand in place and eat a lot even if you don’t know you are being tortured.


Remember that this is all psychic torture.  To an outside observer who isn’t psychic, it’ll look like you’re schizophrenic and suffering from things like hallucinations and hearing voices.  They will wonder why you do nothing but lay in your bed or stand in place.  They will blame you for lacking self-control if you’re tortured with vices such as smoking.

In the “L,” they really don’t make you feel like telling anybody about the tortures you’re receiving.  You’ll just know it’s psychics torturing you.  In retrospect, if you try to close your eyes and not believe in psychics, you might think you suffered from terrible migraines and near heart attacks all that time.  During the actual torture, though, you won’t think to see a doctor about your symptoms.  They won’t let you think that.

If you don’t want to be tortured by psychics, don’t try to be a psychic, and definitely don’t smoke meth.

Homosexuality in America

Homosexuality is a sin.  But people should be free to engage in it here in America.  Homosexual couples should be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples.  But there should be no marriages between them.  How can we grant them their rights without violating the sanctity of marriage?

God had a hand in the founding of The United States of America.  It was the first democracy, and it serves as a model for the world which has been well followed.  God wanted there to be a land where people were free — even to sin.  He wanted Christians born in the dispensation of democracy to freely choose to follow God’s will in the face of legal temptations.

Unfortunately, some people are going to deny God’s law allowing only for heterosexual relations (or deny that God exists at all).  Such sinners fall for lust of the flesh, and give in to desires of intimacy with people of the same sex.

Their rights should be upheld by the law of the land.  Homosexual couples should have a right to a civil union.  This is a legal binding of 2 people.  Such couples should have the same rights as a heterosexual, married couple.  They should be able to fill out a joint tax return, for example.

They should also be able to adopt kids.  Homosexuals have some of the same heterosexual desires that married couples have, namely, having kids.  There is no reason why 2 people of the same sex can’t be the parents of children who are unwanted or were unplanned by their natural parents.  This would decrease abortion as there would be a greater demand for adopting kids.

But why do homosexuals want to call such a legal union a marriage?

A marriage should only be between one man and one woman.  God has declared this through modern-day prophets as well as in times of old.  Church invented marriage, and it has a legal right to its practice.  It’s almost like a trademark.  Just like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have the exclusive right to sell products under their brand names (like Big Mac and Sprite), religion has a traditional claim to the use of the term “marriage.”  It is not necessary to soak this term in the impurities of business law.  They don’t actually need to seek out such a “trademark.”  They already own the right and privilege to use it exclusively.  After all, God is the one who commanded us to marry.  There is no ancient civilization that practiced marriage that was Atheist.

The Church will keep defending the sanctity of marriage.  The fight against homosexual marriage isn’t going to go away no matter how many homosexuals cry for the right to use this religious term.

But they do have rights that need to be defended based on the values of American freedom.  God wants responsible homosexual couples to take a civil union, if they desire one (and it is legal for them to do so), and to adopt as many kids as possible.  These are kids who would otherwise be aborted.

In the name of Jesus Christ, unto Him in prayer to end the killing of abortion, and to uphold the sanctity of marriage, and to allow those born in this dispensation to be free in their respective democratic nations; let freedom prevail.