How To Summon Magick Energy

First, light a candle and observe the flame.  Gently blow on it without putting it out so the flame moves around.  The first thing you should notice is that the flame tags the air it touches because there is magick energy there.  There is magick energy everywhere!

If you can’t see the energy this way, try squinting your eyes so that the flame looks like spotlights shining from the flame.  If you squint your eyes enough, you will begin to see a pattern with these spotlights.  Like I said, there is magick energy everywhere.

Try moving the flame of the candle with your mind.  Just like you can use your physical body to put out the candle by blowing or moving your hands over it to create air, you can use your spiritual body to affect the flame in much the same way.  This is the magick energies of your mind.  Simply imagine moving spiritual power over the flame of the candle.  Much of magick is performed by imagining things in your mind.

To summon more energies for the purpose of casting a spell, you need to start feeling the energies with your spiritual self and feel them growing in and around you.  Some people feel a tingly feeling when they successfully feel out these energies.  Some people feel warm.  You need to feel the magick energy growing and building as you will it into your presence.

Finally, start talking to spirits around you.  There are spirits all around us.  Beginners should talk to them out loud using words.  As you get more advanced you will be able to talk to spirits with just thoughts — no words.  Tell these spirits to help you build more energy.  They might try to bargain with you.  It is not unusual for spirits to try and get something out of helping you.  There are many things you can do for spirits.  You can be a medium for talking to other spirits.  Sometimes, they just want you to enjoy a treat or watch a movie so they can be in your set as you do these things.  They get enjoyment out of you doing things.

These are my tips for summoning magick energy.


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