Special Permission

If you try to talk to most people about being psychic they will look at you like you’re crazy or something.  This doesn’t mean they don’t believe you, though.  It’s that most people have been told by some psychic that the only way you should talk about psychic things is telepathically.  Many people feel that psychic information only pertains to people who are psychic.

When I first smoked meth and the Mormons were wishing death on me (like they do to everyone who smokes meth) I got mad and vowed to write a book about what really happens when you smoke meth.  But then the death wishing got more powerful, my heart started pumping harder and faster than it ever has before, and I felt like I was about to die.  So I didn’t do it.

This was years ago.  Now, I’ve been tortured by the Mormons AND the Catholics.  They equally believe that, in order to be psychic, you have to be tortured to some degree.  They do all sorts of things to you.  The Mormons mostly go into your head and give you unbelievable headaches.  The Catholics make you feel like standing in place all day until your feet are killing you.  They make you want to eat until you’re stuffed.  But they teach you to do things with your brain with all that food inside of you.

In my Catholic series of torture, I learned that I am the real race car baby.  I have special permission to talk about psychic things however I like — not just telepathically.  I understand that most people don’t have this luxury.  Believe me, I’ve had death wished on me for wanting to write about psychic things.  But now, even the Mormons tell me that I can feel better and talk about psychic things.  You probably won’t find another blog like this anywhere online.

Furthermore, I come across the thought that perhaps one of the reasons God was so angry with the Lamanites was because they talked outloud about psychic things.  I know I am a Lamanite and wish to follow this tradition.

Just know that I have special permission to do this.  If you try talking to people about anything in this blog they might start acting like you’re crazy.  But it might just be that they know the things I’m talking about are true.



Let me tell you about a night where I experienced what many psychics call a ‘situation.’

One night, I smoked meth.  But I also drank half a bottle of cough syrup.  I even drank a sip of beer and smoked a hit of bud.  I was mostly feeling the cough syrup.  It’s a dissociative in large amounts (like the super-dose I took).  It messes with your sensory perception and you feel disconnected from everything.  Things feel far away and small.  You might think you’re hearing something from far away when, in fact, it’s very close to you.  I’m convinced that many psychics thought I was a ‘priest’ (someone who is not so smart) and let me delve into a different psychic state.  (For more information on prophets and priests read my blog on it.)

I started sensing the psychic effects of the meth later into the night.  I was so sped up that the ‘slow-down’ of the cough syrup wasn’t bothering me like it does other times.  But my brain was still operating like that of a priest’s.  (I’m a prophet.)

First of all, I could sense other planets.  Parallel universes.  It seemed like there were people from other planets almost exactly like ours connected with me.  There were many people thinking Buddhist thoughts that made me consider parallel universes.  There were parallel versions of me walking up and down the street.  At times, it felt like we were all doing the same thing.  But I could choose to walk in a slightly different direction.  Yet, every movement still felt calculated like how God numbers the hairs on your head.

People gave me ideas of what to do.  I went for a walk to the park.  I was sick at the time.  But while I was high I felt like all the energy from my flu was gathering into one final cough.  I coughed it all out, sickness and all, and it felt like I was immediately better.  I was no longer sick.  This parallels the way Jesus drove sicknesses out of people in the Bible.

I felt like I could remember my entire existence from the time I was some sort of spiritual blob.  Just a building block of life.  And this was my life now.  And it paralleled the life of many — perhaps hundred — of people just like me who were experiencing this same ‘situation.’  I would walk down the street and every step seemed to change the situation.  But every move I could possible make was already calculated by some greater force.  It felt like I was in a very fluid version of “Plinko” from “The Price Is Right.”

I thought to call a friend who I thought was in another state.  It seemed like magic when she appeared outside my house a few minutes later.  I know it was just coincidence that I thought she was far away but was actually in town.  Yet, it felt like the forces that be magickally summoned her.  I had known her for years and had never been psychic with her.  But I had recently crossed the point-of-no-return and acted like I had always been psychic.  She was reluctant to have a psychic conversation with me but I knew her thoughts and knew she could read mine.

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was ‘feeling better’ with the Mormons.  Feeling better with the Mormons is having some sort of sex with someone you wouldn’t expect to in order to ‘feel better’ about them having tortured you.  I asked my friend if she would knock on the door of a Mormon neighbor with a ‘little girl’ daughter.  My friend was white and I thought this was the best way to go.  But she refused as she knew what I was up to.  She thought to me that there was no way she was going to do that.

So, anyway, my situation was a lot crazier as it was happening to me.  Nothing too crazy happened.  No feeling better or anything like that.  Many psychics tell me that it doesn’t really count as a situation if there was no feeling better.  But I was in some sort of ‘situation.’

By situation I mean that my reality was situated differently than normal.  Like I said, the Mormons were letting me be more psychic because my brain was operating like that of a priest’s.  There were definitely a lot of Buddhist thoughts about parallel universes.  Every moment I made was in this situation.  Psychics tell me now that there are always Buddhists and those who practice magick creating these thoughts of multiple planets just like ours and feeling like we’re in a situation.

I eventually ended up in an ambulance.  I don’t know who called for emergency services.  But, while I was in the ambulance, it felt like the Mormons were wishing death on me.  But no one claimed to be wishing death on me.  Interestingly enough, every time I said the word ‘blue,’ it felt like the death-wishing would subside.  I had to keep saying ‘blue’ to be able to breathe.  At one point, I got smart and started saying ‘red’ but the death-wishing felt worse so I stopped.  Telepathically, I could hear them saying to themselves that I could see brains.  Someone explained to me that the reason why I had to keep saying ‘blue’ was that there was a brain whose function it was to think of the color blue and I had merged with it or something and they were trying to keep it functional.  I remember laying on the floor at one point before they put me in the ambulance and I could see brains buried in the neighbor’s backyard.  They acted as mirrors to the parallel universes.

While I was in the ambulance, I felt a sharp pain in my anus and someone took over me and made me scream, “Please, no pain!”  But I remember not really caring about the pain and even feeling brave enough to take the pain.  But someone in my set (someone who felt like me who perhaps was dreaming) didn’t want to feel the pain and made me jump up.  At one point, I felt like the whole universe was just the space inside the ambulance.  But a psychic told me that the experience was just the feeling of merging with a brain inside the ambulance.  They informed me that all ambulances had functional brains inside of them.

Eventually, I was at a drug rehab.  The meth had worn off so I was completely dumbfounded by the effects of the cough syrup.  I could barely function.  All the psychicness from the situation eventually went away.  Now, I’m trying to find some of the states of being that I existed in during the situation.

How to use a St. Jude Green Scapular

Green scapulars are mostly for converting people to Christianity or for helping someone overcome an addiction.  It’s something you wear under your shirt.  It’s a cotton necklace with strings longer than the chains of a necklace.  You can use it to pray for yourself or for someone else.

First, before you buy the green scapular, consider why it is you need it.  In the case of an addiction, think strongly about giving up the addiction.  Imagine yourself wearing the scapular without the addiction.

If you are trying to convert someone to the faith think about what good it would do if they followed Christ.

Next, buy the green scapular and get it blessed.

Remember that the St. Jude version of the scapular has a picture of Saint Jude on it.  He is seen as the “good apostle” (whereas Judas is seen as the “bad apostle”).  He wears a gold medallion with the countenance of Christ.  He keeps an image of the most sacred face of Jesus close to his heart because he, as a good apostle, kept Jesus himself close to his heart.

Just remember that if you are a faithful Christian you will eventually gaze at the countenance of Jesus.  Pray to St. Jude that he will intercede for you to help you stay on the path to stand next to Jesus and see him face-to-face.

St. Jude is also depicted on the scapular and on most depictions of him with a flame over his head.  This is because he was present at Pentecost (when the Holy Ghost descended upon the early church).  The Holy Spirit is often symbolized with fire.  St. Jude was one of the first Christians to be blessed with gifts of the Holy Ghost.  Know that the Holy Spirit will guide you to overcome your addiction or will soften the heart of the person you are trying to convert.

Finally, wear the scapular.  Be the person you want to be.  Wearing a devotional garment under your clothes helps to perfect your faith.  It will remind you to not let your addiction get a hold of you.  To truly live a life of perfect faith, you must overcome desires of the flesh.  Even venial sins can stop you from gazing at the face of our Lord.

You don’t have to wear it all the time.  You can take it off to go to sleep.  If the scapular is for someone else you can leave it somewhere in their room (if you can) or you can just leave it in a safe place.Image

The difference between a prophet and a priest

After you smoke meth, the Mormons will test you to see if you are a prophet or a priest.  This has nothing to do with the actual definitions of a prophet and a priest.  These are just things they call people after they smoke meth.

A prophet is someone who is very smart.  They torture you more if you are a prophet.  Read my blog entry titled ‘Mormon Torture’ for more information on how they torture you.

If you are smart, the only way to not be a prophet is to agree to a lobotomy for religious purposes.  Don’t smoke meth if you know you’re smart unless you want to be tortured royally for being a prophet.

Priests are not that smart and are very obedient.  When first approached by psychic Mormons they act obedient and don’t pretend to know everything.  If you are a priest you will be tortured less and the Mormons will allow you to be more psychic.  You might even get to smoke more meth.

Furthermore, there are businessmen.  They are somewhere in between a prophet and priest.  But I hear it’s more difficult to be a businessman.  Most people are either priests or prophets.

Furthermore, there are different types of prophets.  If when you smoke meth and discover that everyone is psychic you just want to talk to them about religion, the Mormons will refer to you as a prophet-of-God.  Supposedly, people who were prophets-of-God in previous times were the people like Moses and Buddha.  If you talk a lot about sex when you smoke meth they will call you a prophet-of-love.  They get tortured a little less than the other prophets.  If you try to organize people or speak about changing society when you smoke meth you will be a prophet-of-destruction.  They get tortured more than prophets-of-love.  But prophets-of-God get tortured the most.  The Mormons want to make it very clear that they want only the Mormon prophet to speak about religion to other psychics.

Priests get tortured the least.  They get to be the most psychic.  If you can try to be a priest.  Just obey all the psychic Mormons, don’t argue, and DON’T talk about religion!  If you hear a religious term don’t assume they’re talking about religion.  Ask what everything means even if you think you know.  If you’re too smart they’ll tell you to get a lobotomy.  But if you agree they might only make you smoke some of the chemical that’s in your meth.  That slight bit of impairment to your brain might be all they need to be able to call you a priest!

Using meth will make you psychic

Methamphetamines are an illegal drug.  One big reason being that it makes you psychic.

Meth speeds up the brain.  It increases your heart rate so more blood flows to the brain.  It is a stimulant so it makes your head work harder and faster.  This is how it makes you psychic.

Being psychic begins in the mind.  Some people can become psychic by maximizing their thoughts or through magick.  But using meth is a shortcut.  It mechanically speeds up your brain so you can accomplish the same psychicness that magicians do.

I have smoked meth.  It made me hear things.  I later realized that it was other psychics watching me who were talking about me.

One time, I knew I had really good meth so I ate it.  I know by smoking it that it was clean and didn’t need to be cleaned further in the pipe.  So I simply put it in my mouth and swallowed.  I had the best results from this experience with the drug.

I could see thoughts.  They looked like blue fireballs.  (Like the ones Ryu and Ken hurl in the video-game Street Fighter).  I could sense that a girl was thinking something.  It felt like I was going to think something.  But it wasn’t me.  It was the girl.  When she thought it, a blue thought popped out of her head and I could see it flying through the air until it was gone.

I could hear people talking to themselves.  There’s definitely a lot of people who know about being psychic and communicate with each other using telepathy.

One time, I was real high on meth and had visions of people I know driving.  They looked drawn but not too cartoony.  The movement in the visions was very fluid.  The only thing I could compare it to it watching something moving in high definition.


The Lamanites

Most Native Americans descended from an ancient peoples known as the Lamanites.  A long time ago, the Indians who inhabited the Americas were both white and brown.  Just like with Europeans, their was a great variance among their skin color.  So I guess you could say there were white Indians as well as the more brown-colored ones we now see.

There was a family of Jews who travelled the Atlantic Ocean long ago and settled in the Americas.  They were all white.  2 of them were named Nephi and Laman.  The whiter Indians descended from Nephi and were called Nephites.  The ones who were more angry with God descended from Laman and are called Lamanites.

The Book of Mormon said a skin of blackness came upon the Lamanites.  This is the brown skin we see on Native Americans today.

But the truth is that many Lamanites still had white on their bodies.  Much like many mestizos from Latin America, they are a combination of the brown and white skin colors.  In fact, many Lamanites had parts of their body white as a Caucasian and parts of their body brown like an Indian (just like mestizos of today).

I have mostly white skin.  But the part of my arms that are exposed to the sun, as well as my face, are brown.  This is why I know I am a Lamanite.  I descended from the Aztec Indians who who branched off from the original Lamanites.

So what happened to all these white Indians called Nephites?  The Lamanites killed them all.

But not all Lamanites are wicked.  In the Book of Helaman, there is a Lamanite prophet of God named Samuel.  He prophesied concerning natural events that were to happen at the time of Jesus’ birth and death.  He came about at a time when the Lamanites were more godly than the Nephites.  Samuel the Lamanite prophesied that the Nephites would eventually die off because of their wickedness.

There may have been other prophecies concerning the greatness of the Lamanites in their war victories over the Nephites and the greatness of all the races that descended from the Lamanites.  Just like the Lamanites during the time of Samuel the Prophet, brown-skinned people today can find God’s favor.

Past life information through organized religion

Many Christians believe in reincarnation — or living more than one human life.  But the only way they will tell you is telepathically.  Jesus was a psychic and he told some people telepathically that they had already lived more than one life and couldn’t inhabit the kingdom of heaven.  He told people to only talk about this telepathically.  But I, the real race car baby, have special permission to discuss this.

Jesus said that people who sin and go to hell might not actually go to hell.  But they definitely won’t go to heaven.  They will just come back to this Earth as other human beings and live more than one life.  This is the true hell.  Knowing you can never go to heaven.

Supposedly, God never really forgives your sins.  Not enough to allow you back into heaven.  You’re stuck being reborn over and over.

Catholics believe that God has to know what type of life someone is going to live before he will stick old souls in them.  That way, He can make it fair.  If you were extra sinful you will be someone with a terrible life.  If you weren’t that bad you will still get to be white and psychic.

Since I am a Lamanite, I know I was rebellious against God for some reason in a past life.  But I do have plenty of white so I was faithful to the LORD.  I am also the real race car baby so I served the LORD very well.  I was a king in a past life.  A king who sinned.  I was also a slave in a past life.  A slave who will cross the road, through me, to other Christian lives where God will reward me for being so faithful during slavery.  Catholics say I am the king of slaves.

Psychics told me this telepathically.  This is the only way most Christians, especially Catholics, will discuss past lives with you.  Chances are the Catholic priests in your area have information about your life and can tell you about your past lives.  Among its telepathic members, the Church declares certain doctrines concerning what type of past lives you had.  The better your fortune in this life, the less you sinned.

The best news the Catholic Church can give you is that this is your first life.  You simply need to follow God’s commandments faithfully and you can return to heaven!  But if you sin you are telling God that you want to keep being reborn and you don’t want to live a life better than human life.  By sinning you’re saying that you want to suffer.

The Mormons sort of believe in past lives.  They mostly believe in a pre-existent life we all lived to become the people we are in this life.  Some Mormons believe that some people sinned so badly in the pre-existence (or in another life) that they can’t even go to telestial kingdom which is the lowest degree of heaven.  They have to keep being reborn into an earthy life.

The only way Catholics or Mormons will tell you this is telepathically.  They believe that information about past lives is only for psychics and that you should have to be psychic to know these things and have discussions about past lives.

If you want the Church to teach you about your past lives you simply need to stay inside your house, quit your job, and don’t do anything except lie on your bed or stand in place.  Psychics will connect to you and you can tell them that you’re interested in “staying in there” and learning about your past lives.  Simply say in your head, “I want to learn about my past lives.”  They might start your religious teaching right then and there or they might tell you to wait until a later time.  But if they are serious about keeping you “in there” they will ask you to quit your job and not do anything as religion is sacred and that should be all you are thinking about.  Beware because Buddhists might appear and try to teach you other religions.

When pondering why Jesus would only want psychics to discuss things like this I came across the idea that maybe Lamanites would talk outloud about psychic things and that maybe this is one of the reasons God got angry with them.  But it is just a thought.

I, as a Lamanite in the latter days, believe that everyone should be able to talk about anything — even psychic things — outloud or however they want.  That is the main purpose of this blog.  I hope God forgives me if he thinks this is some kind of great evil.  I only want to do this to accomplish good.  I want to connect to other Lamanites and practicers of magick.