Does magick exist? Resist evil.

Some psychics believe that, because being psychic starts with the mind, there is no such thing as magick — some force that exists beyond the realm of our brains.  They think all spiritual phenomena is the result of brain activity.  But magick does exist.

First of all, there are beings who don’t have brains.  They are just spirits with no bodies.  When your brain dies, the essence of you goes into a spiritual realm.  A dead person’s sentience goes into the spiritual realm.  There are many spirits in the spiritual realm.  Certainly, their dual presence here on this earth and any powers they act out can be seen as magick.  Try sensing the presence of spirits who are trying to visit the space around you.  Just make yourself aware of everything you can sense and imagine and make yourself sensitive to other thoughts in the air.  If they act out, this will produce magick.

But we are also capable of magick as well.  Even though we are confined in a body and our sentience is obstructed by the limits of our physical brain we can imagine powers and conjure those powers.  Try imagining some sort of power (like the power of a certain color, or power from a certain object or person) and you might just tap into a power that actually exists.  There are all sorts of power.  Powers can come from any living thing.

There are also energies all around us.  These powers come from no living being — neither body nor spirit.  Energy can be felt, sometimes seen, and even manipulated.  Try feeling energies by moving your arms and your hands around and being aware of every little thing your whole body can feel.  Then, try to manipulate them with your hands like you were making something in the sand.

I believe that God doesn’t mind if we are in tune and aware of all the forces that affect us throughout existence.  But it is a sin to practice sorcery.  It is also a great sin to worship other gods besides our God the Father.  There is a difference between sensing or gently manipulating energies and casting evil spells on people or hailing demons, Satan, or gods from Greek or Roman pantheons.  Being aware of power that is acting on you and tuning yourself in to more beneficial energies is okay.  Relying on evil and using magick to hurt people is not.

It is possible to know nothing about magick.  It’s even possible to not know anything about being psychic with your brain.  I feel there are advantages to being oblivious to it.  This is the easiest way to avoid sorcery or idolatry.  But if it’s affecting you and you know it then it’s okay to try and feel better by playing with these things.

If you’re going to be a magician, pray to God about it.  Tell him you know these things exist, and you want to try to better your life by moving it around a little bit.  Don’t forget that you can grow closer to God by knowing the planes of existence.  Tell him you love him and will not do anything that takes you away or distances you from him.  God loves us and wants us to be happy with the energy around us.

If you are a Lamanite (Mexican, Central American, or South American of indigenous origin) just know that your ancestors practiced magick and prayed to their pantheon of gods.  While it is a sin to pray to Aztec or Mayan gods, it is not a sin to use the forces of nature and supernature.  It is just like using your brain or your muscles to move yourself through physical space.  In fact, praying is somewhat magical because you’re communicating with someone in perhaps another plane of existence.  It is not a sin to talk to beings who can see you and what you’re doing.  But it is a sin to worship them or to trust in them to do things that you should be asking God to do.  God is a jealous god.

Praying to other beings besides God is a sin.  Even if they are exalted beings or beatified beings or angels or saints.  Praying consists of having faith to know you’re communicating with someone.  God wants you to have faith in just him.  Praying also consists of trusting in a being for help you should be asking God for.  Asking a tribal god to do something for you is also a sin.  All your spiritual petitions should go to God.  He is the greatest Magician.

If you wouldn’t ask your Father in heaven to do something for you, don’t ask anybody else to do it for you.  This is the easiest way to know that what you’re trying to ask for is a sin.

With that said, it’s okay to ask spirits whom you come in contact with to pray for you and to help you to do things by setting you.  Spirits can go inside of you and make you do things.  They do it all the time without you asking.  As long as you’re not exercising faith to communicate with them (you can actually see them, sense them, or hear them), talk to them like you would a normal person.  Spirits can speak many languages.  They even know thought languages (no words) so you can speak to them just by sending a thought.  Simply wish the thought to go to them and make a clicking with your brain.  Or push the thought out of your head with your mind power.  Even people who are not that psychic should be able to feel the weight of a thought.


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