Using meth will make you psychic

Methamphetamines are an illegal drug.  One big reason being that it makes you psychic.

Meth speeds up the brain.  It increases your heart rate so more blood flows to the brain.  It is a stimulant so it makes your head work harder and faster.  This is how it makes you psychic.

Being psychic begins in the mind.  Some people can become psychic by maximizing their thoughts or through magick.  But using meth is a shortcut.  It mechanically speeds up your brain so you can accomplish the same psychicness that magicians do.

I have smoked meth.  It made me hear things.  I later realized that it was other psychics watching me who were talking about me.

One time, I knew I had really good meth so I ate it.  I know by smoking it that it was clean and didn’t need to be cleaned further in the pipe.  So I simply put it in my mouth and swallowed.  I had the best results from this experience with the drug.

I could see thoughts.  They looked like blue fireballs.  (Like the ones Ryu and Ken hurl in the video-game Street Fighter).  I could sense that a girl was thinking something.  It felt like I was going to think something.  But it wasn’t me.  It was the girl.  When she thought it, a blue thought popped out of her head and I could see it flying through the air until it was gone.

I could hear people talking to themselves.  There’s definitely a lot of people who know about being psychic and communicate with each other using telepathy.

One time, I was real high on meth and had visions of people I know driving.  They looked drawn but not too cartoony.  The movement in the visions was very fluid.  The only thing I could compare it to it watching something moving in high definition.



2 thoughts on “Using meth will make you psychic

  1. Wow! mind blowing. I am glad to understand your experience as a former meth user. I am very clairvoyant. I hate the term psychic so I will say this; I am super sensitive. Regarding the blue balls; well when I tapped this man’s (meth user) mind, he had a blue/navy blue zigzagged background. I found myself in a wedding gown and him in a tuxedo with cummerbund. It was so real with music playing in the background that he had a red rose in his tuxedo jacket pocket. We were married and consummated. There was happiness and extreme joy (coming from the spiritual world), during this spiritual ceremony as if to tell me that his earthly/flesh marriage was not blessed by the spiritual world and was an earth bondage.

    At another time, his mother appeared out of his crown chakra. I spoke to her for a very long time. During this time thousands of entities came out of him they were ’empty seaters’ or ‘walk-ins needing flesh for residency. I have been seeing entities on this functioning meth addict for over 10 years. I have stopped count. This year 2016, I decided I had enough of this because I am upholding the mother’s desire to get her son clean spiritually. His mother thinks I can can deliver his spirit up to a higher dimension. But all he is to me is an empty shell of a spirit with no vibration. She thinks I am sort of a Healer. She is right about me. I can send him. But what I chose to do is take on the addictive, bondage spirits that encompass him on a dalily basis. I have quelled the outburst and the anger. I put a spell on the angry entities and sent the addictive, bondage energy back into the lithosphere (that is where I witnessed them emanating).

    I can hear this man (meth user) thoughts and I know when he is near me even if I cannot see him.
    I can remote into his head and see his home and when he is riding his motocycle. Since his mother has transcended), she continuously ask for my help. I am continually praying over him. He knows I have had a girl talk with his mom. He smiles and laughs about it. But I know it is seriously needed because his spirit is on its deathbed. I have been spiritually connected to this man for over 20yrs I will never leave him spiritually. He yearns for love and those “Empty seaters”, “walk-ins” or his flesh wife (empy seater lithospheric vibration) cannot render a minut nano second of Love for spiritual strength.

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