David Blaine: Street Magic

I write plenty about ritualistic magick, but I wanted to devote a blog entry to my favorite “fake” magician — David Blaine.

Fake magic, or stage magic, is all about illusion.  The “magician” misdirects the audience and leads them to believe that something magical has happened.  David Blaine is an expert at such “magic” tricks (though he doesn’t necessarily perform on an actual stage).  His ultra-popular video, called “Street Magic,” shows some pretty amazing tricks that I am a fan of.

In one segment, Blaine reads people’s minds by asking them to think of a number, then revealing the number.  One person thought that it was demonic how he was able to guess the number!  But I think Blaine’s powers are actually more benign.

David Blaine is also able to levitate.  He does this on-camera in front of several eye witnesses.  One of the observers even runs his hand under Blaine’s feet, which have risen inches above the ground.

In my favorite trick, he tells a man to go inside a convenience store and buy a scratch-off, lottery ticket.  The man scratches away at the ticket to reveal a grand prize winner!  The man, now thousands of dollars richer, praises David Blaine as a man of God.  He believed that it was a divine miracle.  Blaine gets a little flushed and looks somewhat embarrassed.  I would guess he’s probably not a man of faith.

There are explanations to his tricks.  He could’ve asked a lot of people to buy lottery tickets and of course most of them scratched to reveal a losing ticket.  But he only showed the one where someone actually won.  As far as reading minds, this is possible my smoking meth.  Meth speeds up the brain and makes users psychic.  They can put thoughts in people’s minds and make them think of a number.  Or they can read the thoughts that come out of someone’s brain to allow for a guessing of the number one is thinking.

Blaine mentions in his video that he believes that Jesus was a magician.  Is stage magic his way of imitating the Son of God?  Like Jesus, this magician also does feats of endurance where he goes without food and minimal water.  For example, he was encased in a block of ice for over 63 hours in a trick he called “Frozen In Time.”  This is obviously in reverse-imitation of Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days before he began his ministry.  Is Blaine looking to begin his own ministry?  After “Buried Alive,” where he was entombed in an underground, plastic box for 7 days, he said, “I saw something very prophetic…a vision of every race, every religion, every age group banding together.”

I would challenge him to reproduce the greatest magic trick of all — rising from the dead.  One can only participate in this magic trick by having faith in Jesus Christ.


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