We live on a spider planet

Everyone born on the planet this blog is published in was a spider in a past life.  You see, Minerva, the spider goddess, rules over our planet as does Jehovah, the Christian god and Krishna, the Hindu god and Buddha, the Buddhist god.  She sends the souls of spiders into humans when they are conceived.

We are literally in hell.  As evidence of this, Jesus did not return promptly after his death and resurrection.  On planets where Minerva doesn’t rule, Jesus returns within the generation.  The longer it takes the Second Coming to happen, the more likely we live on a hell planet where the spider goddess undermines the souls of humans.

We are all eventually going to die forever.  Jehovah, the Christian god, only allows humans to live 5 lives.  Then you have to be a scratch or you have to die forever.  You will cease to exist.  If you want to be a scratch, you will be tortured your whole life.  A scratch is someone who gets cosmetic surgery which results in a scar on the face.  Minerva is okay with this.  Eventually, Minerva will die too and she will be replaced by another spider god or goddess.  Or she will become a scratch.

If you use meth in your current life, you will probably use meth in your other 4 lives.  But most scratches don’t get to use meth.

Our preexistence was the life of a spider.  Our decisions we made when we were spiders determine what type of life we will live as humans.

Jesus also had a preexistent life as a spider.  But, on this planet, Jesus actually dies.  The resurrected Jesus on this planet was just a visual hallucination.  You see, we’re on a hell planet where everyone eventually dies.  So Jesus had to actually die so we could live 4 more lives.

You should try to know what life you’re on.  If you’re on your first life, you have 4 more lives to live.  But if you’re on your 5th life, you’re either going to die or become a scratch.

Some people want to be reincarnated as spiders.  Minerva favors these people and lets them live as spiders.  Holy people on this planet will be reincarnated as an intelligent spider that lives on Kolob with Heavenly Father (Jehovah).  The thousands of religious people who are faithful, mostly Catholics and Mormons, will become one spider who lives with God.  God doesn’t mind spiders.  But they’re not his favorite animal.


Prison is literally hell

Jesus told psychics that going to prison in this life is going to hell.  Hell is not a real place.  Going to hell is actually going to prison.

God would never put you in a lake of fire, which many people thought hell was.  A loving father doesn’t punish a bad kid by putting him or her in the oven.  But he will make him stand in a corner on a time-out for misbehaving.  God is the same way.  He will put you in a holding cell or prison.

The Damned Are Set To Break The Law

First of all, if God thought your sins were too great in your first life to be allowed into heaven, you will never go.  But you won’t burn for all eternity either.  Instead, you will keep being reincarnated as people inclined to break the law.

Spirits can set you to do things.  They set you by going inside of you and making you do things.  If God wants someone to go to jail, He will command angels to set you to break a law.  Perhaps it’s a law you’ve broken before.  Spirits who listen to God will drive someone to call the cops to make sure you get caught this time.

You’ll definitely be predisposed to commit crimes if God wants you to go to jail.  When someone is damned, their actual punishment is reincarnation as someone inclined to break the law.

Jesus said that once somebody goes to prison they can’t go to heaven (unless they went to prison for being a Christian).  Even if your crime for which you were arrested for was not that great a sin to be barring you from going to heaven, the fact that you went to prison is evidence that you sinned in a past life.  Jesus said, telepathically, that everyone who goes to prison sinned in a past life.  They are the damned.

A Just Sentence For Every Sin

So how long do you have to be in prison?  God wants you to do time for every sin you ever committed — even venial sins.  Some people who serve life in prison are actually serving a sentence of God that spans several of their lives.  They keep being reincarnated as people inclined to kill who will serve life sentences.  They will keep being reborn in such a pattern until every sin has been paid for.  Not everyone has to spend that much time in jail, though.

Waiting Lobby In-Between Lives

When you die, you will go to a spiritual lobby where you think about your lives in between lives.  There, you will tell God if you want to serve all your time in prison in one life or if you want to serve it over the course of several lives.  The more you sinned, the more time you have to serve.  Wanting to spread out your sentence over the course of several lives will increase the overall time you’re gonna have to spend.  You will negotiate until your next several lives are determined.  Most people who smoke meth illegally, for example, agreed to do it in the spiritual lobby before they were even born in their current life.

In this life, Catholic priests who are psychic will tell you, if you go to prison and you’re psychic, what sins you’re paying for and how much you still have to serve.  This drives some people to break laws to serve more time in prison to get credit for their sentence from God.  God does not punish you for doing this.  It really does take time off your sentence.  And when you die again, you’ll go to the spiritual lobby again to re-negotiate your next lives.

Doing Time To Have Better Lives In The Future

If you talk to psychics telepathically, they will tell you how many years they’ve served in previous lives.  Psychic, Catholic priests can confirm these things.  If you’ve done plenty of time, and your sins weren’t that great, God wants you to prosper.  Psychic Catholics try to set such people to get rich or be leaders.  Both are sins, but considering people who are in a pattern of reincarnation in which they can’t go to heaven anymore, they are to be enjoyed by them.  Catholics favor leaders who have done time in jail for the sin of leading.

Prison Bibles

Try not to read the Bible or go to church services while you’re locked up.  This is incredibly bad luck as God wants you to memorize all the books of Scripture in a future life where you are much smarter than a human.  It would be a shame if your eternal memory is haunted by having taken in some of it while you were in hell.  Psychic Italians will torture you if they find out you read the Bible in prison.  They will make you feel ashamed of it.  And scared that your eternal memory of the Scriptures is tainted with images of bars and dirty, prison toilets.

The only excuse for reading the Bible in prison is if you went to jail for being a Christian.  This will actually improve your eternal memory as you will have memories of suffering for Christ.  Pray for martyrdom if you are locked away for religious purposes.

Prison Torture for Psychics

Just like “The L” and “The Italian” (read my entry titled Mormon Torture, Catholic Torture), “commendations,” are a series of tortures performed by many psychics on one psychic.  Commendations are tortures related to you having to go to prison in a past life or your current life.  Every time you see the colors you wore in prison, you will feel a great feeling of fear and shame.  You will feel super-anxious.  Your blood will pump hard and fast (almost like they are wishing death) every time you hear the name of a prison you went to.  They will make you feel like everything you did in prison is ruined.  If you read the Bible in prison, they’ll make you feel like it is ruined and you can’t read the Bible anymore.  Anything that reminds you of jail will stir you with anxiety.  Psychics will make you feel like it is better luck to die than to live in commendations.

Spirit Prison

When you die, your soul goes to a spirit world and you feel like a spirit.  Some of the spirit realm is paradise.  But if you’re guilty of sins you haven’t suffered for, you will go to a spirit prison.  The only people who go to the spirit paradise are the righteous who have venial (minor) sins they need to suffer for.  This “Spirit Paradise” is Purgatory.  Spirit Paradise is actually joyful because you know you’re going to heaven eventually.  But  the “spirit prison” is painful because you know you’re going to hell.  And hell is prison back on Earth.  The waiting lobby where you negotiate your lives with the angels is in Spirit Prison.

Spirit Prison also consists of literal prison cells where your soul will be forced to live in.  Your spirit body, though able to exist in a plane greater than matter, will be confined to a small room.  I had a vision of one of these rooms in a dream.  There was some sort of electrical current in the air.  They make you take the form of a man, and they make you swallow some liquid that attracts the electricity and it shocks you.  They shock you spiritually for every sin you ever committed.

Durango and Estrella

Jesus told psychics that the worst prison colors are black and white.  Prisons that make their inmates wear black and white stripes are actually super-prisons that God created especially to punish people for their sins.  By super-prison, I mean that you get more credit for time spent in one of these prisons.  The reason being is that to have the colors black and white ruined is incredibly bad luck.  You can’t play chess.  You can’t dance on a black and white dance floor.  You can’t play dominoes.  The list goes on.

Black symbolizes evil.  This color will stain your soul if you go to a super-prison.  And to have white be one of your prison colors spoils the white robe you could’ve worn had you not gone to prison.  The white robe that you wear in heaven.  It is supposed to symbolize purity and godliness.  But now it’s just memories of confinement among the nastiest people there are.

I was arrested for meth charges twice.  I served at Durango and Estrella, in Arizona, where they make you wear black and white.  My sin was betraying Jesus by kissing him on the cheek to identify him as the one the guards were looking for.  Yes, I found out that I was Judas the Apostle in a past life.  The betrayer.  But I’ve been told that it was the will of God for Jesus to die and that I was a co-redemptrix in the plan of salvation.  Once I’ve paid for this super-crime, I can go to heaven.  I have served some time for being a co-redeemer by virtue of causing the Eternal Sacrifice to happen.  But I have to spend a little more time in super-prisons.  I just don’t want to do any more time in this life!

I read the Bible the first time I went to prison, but only because psychics told me it would get me out of jail faster.  You see, the first time I went to jail, I fought the charge.  No one had money to bail me out.  And at every court date, which was every couple of weeks or so, they would extend it to a future court date.  So they were keeping me in jail without having been found guilty.  Psychics told me they controlled the judges, and I would get out with no charges if I read the Bible.  You see, this makes it easier for them to torture you when they’re giving you commendations (prison torture).  Some of the commendations involve ruining the Bible.  I don’t know why psychics call them commendations.  It has nothing to do with the actual definition of the word.

The second time I went to prison, after having been tortured for reading the Bible, I chose not to even look at a Bible much less read it.  I felt like everything I read before was ruined.  And I didn’t want to ruin any more.

It was hard to start reading the Bible again.  I started flipping through pages I know I didn’t flip through in prison.  But now, I can read anything.  Sometimes I forget that I read something in prison even as I’m reading it!  This is incredible luck.

Many psychics believe that I can still go to heaven even though I’ve been to prison for a sin.  After all, that sin caused the Atonement of Jesus Christ to come to pass.

I don’t know if I’m the only one to have white ruined that can go to heaven.  I don’t know if there are Christians who were sentenced to do time in a super-prison because of their beliefs.  But I would guess not because God controls who goes to prisons that use black and white garb.  There are no other super-prisons.


Past life information through organized religion

Many Christians believe in reincarnation — or living more than one human life.  But the only way they will tell you is telepathically.  Jesus was a psychic and he told some people telepathically that they had already lived more than one life and couldn’t inhabit the kingdom of heaven.  He told people to only talk about this telepathically.  But I, the real race car baby, have special permission to discuss this.

Jesus said that people who sin and go to hell might not actually go to hell.  But they definitely won’t go to heaven.  They will just come back to this Earth as other human beings and live more than one life.  This is the true hell.  Knowing you can never go to heaven.

Supposedly, God never really forgives your sins.  Not enough to allow you back into heaven.  You’re stuck being reborn over and over.

Catholics believe that God has to know what type of life someone is going to live before he will stick old souls in them.  That way, He can make it fair.  If you were extra sinful you will be someone with a terrible life.  If you weren’t that bad you will still get to be white and psychic.

Since I am a Lamanite, I know I was rebellious against God for some reason in a past life.  But I do have plenty of white so I was faithful to the LORD.  I am also the real race car baby so I served the LORD very well.  I was a king in a past life.  A king who sinned.  I was also a slave in a past life.  A slave who will cross the road, through me, to other Christian lives where God will reward me for being so faithful during slavery.  Catholics say I am the king of slaves.

Psychics told me this telepathically.  This is the only way most Christians, especially Catholics, will discuss past lives with you.  Chances are the Catholic priests in your area have information about your life and can tell you about your past lives.  Among its telepathic members, the Church declares certain doctrines concerning what type of past lives you had.  The better your fortune in this life, the less you sinned.

The best news the Catholic Church can give you is that this is your first life.  You simply need to follow God’s commandments faithfully and you can return to heaven!  But if you sin you are telling God that you want to keep being reborn and you don’t want to live a life better than human life.  By sinning you’re saying that you want to suffer.

The Mormons sort of believe in past lives.  They mostly believe in a pre-existent life we all lived to become the people we are in this life.  Some Mormons believe that some people sinned so badly in the pre-existence (or in another life) that they can’t even go to telestial kingdom which is the lowest degree of heaven.  They have to keep being reborn into an earthy life.

The only way Catholics or Mormons will tell you this is telepathically.  They believe that information about past lives is only for psychics and that you should have to be psychic to know these things and have discussions about past lives.

If you want the Church to teach you about your past lives you simply need to stay inside your house, quit your job, and don’t do anything except lie on your bed or stand in place.  Psychics will connect to you and you can tell them that you’re interested in “staying in there” and learning about your past lives.  Simply say in your head, “I want to learn about my past lives.”  They might start your religious teaching right then and there or they might tell you to wait until a later time.  But if they are serious about keeping you “in there” they will ask you to quit your job and not do anything as religion is sacred and that should be all you are thinking about.  Beware because Buddhists might appear and try to teach you other religions.

When pondering why Jesus would only want psychics to discuss things like this I came across the idea that maybe Lamanites would talk outloud about psychic things and that maybe this is one of the reasons God got angry with them.  But it is just a thought.

I, as a Lamanite in the latter days, believe that everyone should be able to talk about anything — even psychic things — outloud or however they want.  That is the main purpose of this blog.  I hope God forgives me if he thinks this is some kind of great evil.  I only want to do this to accomplish good.  I want to connect to other Lamanites and practicers of magick.