There is no denying the magical power of candles.

The use of candles goes way back.  The ancient Jews used candles not only to light their homes in the night but also to pray to God.  Even Jews today light a candle every Saturday, for this is the holy day of Shabbat.  They also light candles on other religious holidays.  Romans always lighted candles for their gods.  Catholics today still light candles in devotion to dead people and saints.

You see, things we do here on this earth affect the spirits in other planes of existence but who exist dually here on earth as well as whatever plane of existence they’re from.  Candles do this very well.

The spirits see the fire and come closer to the physical area that the light is cast on.  They add their power to the power of the people near the candle.  So praying for something while you have a candle lit ensures angels are going to help you acquire the thing for which you are praying for.  Remember that you should be praying to God the Father for things.  The God of Israel is the monotheistic god that truly created and rules over the whole universe.

Angels love candles.  Know that angels are all around you when you light candles.

The flame of the candle is also a magnet for energies and powers.  If you glare at the firelight you will see outlines of circulating energies around the candle.  You can manipulate these by moving them around with your mind and eyes.  Every time you blink they will flicker or dance around.  God doesn’t mind if you see these things.  After all, they exist.


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