An emergency is something that emerges — usually a situation (as  in a sticky affair).

Someone who completely and successfully manages their life does not do anything unless he previously contemplated it and passed on the idea of acting on such doing.  That is unless there is an emergency.

An emergency is an event that prompts immediate reaction.  The contemplation and approval of the response must be instantaneous.  The situation elicits this by emerging outside the normal pattern of affairs.  An emergence.  Or something unexpected that emerges.

When we say in step one that our life is unmanageable we mean that we do things without intending to do them.  And in the case of emergencies, we make bad decisions.  For example, we may plan to only smoke a teener but end up smoking a ball.  And in response to the emergency of addiction, we allow the product — methamphetamine — to undermine our actions.

Instead of trying to manage our drug use we should be trying to manage our recovery.  Complete abstinence from illegal street meth is the only way to have a manageable life.  You are not doing Higher Power’s will if you don’t manage your life for His glory.  Ask yourself, are you smoking meth for the glory of God?  This is a sin!  For Holy Spirit to esteem dirty meth use contradicts his perfect nature!

The prophet says to give up all other religious principles and believe in the legalization of Desoxyn — not illegal street meth.

How to Quit Smoking

First, you need a resolve.  Don’t worry if this resolve doesn’t last more than 5 minutes.  You just need about a minute to tell yourself in your head that you are going to quit smoking.  So tell yourself that you’re going to quit smoking.

Next, look at a clock.  I recommend one that measures seconds as well as hours and minutes.  Write down the time.  Celebrate 10 seconds of sobriety.  Then 30 seconds.  Then a minute.  Then 5 minutes.  Then 15 minutes.  Then 30 minutes.  Then, celebrate every hour.

For every craving you get you need certain tools to make it through the craving.  You need physical protection, mental protection, and emotional protection.  For physical protection,  you can pace a certain way every time you get a craving.  Or you can sit in a favorite chair every time you get a craving.  For mental protection say in your head, “I’m not going to.,” every time you get a craving.  For emotional protection you need to pick a feeling that you can make yourself feel that will conquer the empty feeling of misery of not being able to smoke.  For example, you can feel proud that you are a non-smoker.  Or you can feel angry at the Big Tobacco companies for brainwashing you with nicotine.  Maybe you can feel happy that your family and friends are gonna be proud of you.

If you relapse, PAY ATTENTION.  Realize the force of compulsion making you smoke again and again.  Notice how there’s physical, mental, and emotional preparation every time you smoke.  Pay attention to the pattern.

Just by knowing the pattern, you can plan to change the pattern to your own liking — namely, not smoking.

If your body automatically starts making movements towards the smoking just try to remember that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.  Until you stick it in your mouth with a lighter on it and you start sucking, the battle is not over.  You can still decide to quit.

This is the biggest secret to quitting smoking.  Even if you relapse after your quit date, DON’T CHANGE THE QUIT DATE!  Once you’ve made your resolve to quit why should you have to make it again?  Don’t look at it as you fell and are trying to get back up.  Look at it as experimenting with smoking as a non-smoker AFTER quitting smoking.  Basically, you made a complete 180 degree turn and are walking or running in the opposite direction, but you looked back for a second at the original direction of movement.  When you’re done, start facing the right direction again and KEEP RUNNING!!

The Prophet’s Personal Battle: 12-Step Program of Recovery from Addiction to Illegal Street Meth

The prophet, yours truly, has done it again.  I have gained upward mobility in my recovery from crystal meth addiction.  And this is the last time.  Holy Spirit has answered my prayers and I am now on the path to living the Health Code of the Church of Meth exactly as outlined on the Church of Meth website.  Amen my brothers and sisters!!  And thank you for your prayers!

When I left the psychiatric hospital a couple of weeks ago, as I exited the doors, I got a panic attack.  But it was not torture.  It was a panic attack of pleasure.  The breath of fresh air.  A whole world before me.  And I was completely sober!  Oh how beautiful sober life is.

Soon after, though, I smoked my first cigarette.  And then the force of compulsion kicked in.  I soon after smoked some pot.  Oh how far down the hole I fell from grace!

But I am clean once again from all mind-altering substances.  And I recognize now that even nicotine is an insidious beast — cunning, baffling, powerful.  This monster will not rest until I am dead.

So I have quit smoking and vaping.  I will not use dipping or chewing tobacco, nor will I use nicotine-infused medications.  Not the gum.  Not even the patch.  The prophet hereby declares that it is acceptable for a Church of Meth member to use nicotine-replacement medications as long as it contains NO NICOTINE!!  I have chosen Chantix to aid me in my recovery from nicotine addiction.  I have used it before to great success and I highly recommend it.

It is easy to stop smoking, drinking, and using drugs when you give up your civil rights.  Free and guaranteed physical sobriety is one of the perks to hospitalization.  Again, hospitalization is required for the addict who is still jittery and befogged.  One can only apply the program of complete abstinence from addictive substances and work the 12 steps of recovery with a clear mind and body.  This is the only way to begin to clear the spirit.

But recovery from addiction while keeping your civil rights intact requires a little bit of medical help.  I have taken half a milligram of Chantix in the morning for 3 days, then taking half a milligram in the morning and in the evening for 4 days, then taking an entire milligram in the morning and in the evening for 2 weeks.  I am on my fourth week of Chantix — taking one milligram in the morning and in the evening.  All as prescribed by my doctor.

I will see the doctor tomorrow to determine whether I need to continue the medication as the starter pack only contains a 4-week supply.

I have slowly switched from smoking to vaping.  With the help of this Chantix, I am cutting back everyday.  Tonight, after much precontemplation and even more tedious contemplation, I make the decision to quit using nicotine for good.  I had my last puff of nicotine-infused vape juice at 9:10 p.m. with 59 seconds.  Yes, I suffer from mild OCD and wanted to quit using nicotine at exactly 9:11 p.m. since 911 is the universal code for emergency.  I will share with you some spiritual insight on emergencies and the unmanageability of life for an addict in a future post.

So as of tonight, Monday, August 19, 2019, at 9:11 p.m., I will begin a 40-day abstinence from eating (a water-only fast).  The prophet, yours truly, is ready to begin living the Health Code of the Church of Meth.  To my knowledge, I am the first person to do so!  I want to thank you all for your prayers.  Without your divine intervention, I could not have committed to doing this.

I am going to copy and paste the latest entry from my personal journal for all ya’lls enjoyment.  Remember, my AA name is Heaven 7 and my sponsor is Mastermind for the sake of anonymity.

Amen and amen!


On Monday, August 19, 2019 at 21:11:00 p.m. I quit smoking.
My NicA sobriety date is 8/19/19 at 9:11 p.m.
As I type this, I have been pushed forward by Holy Spirit by being given an
entire minute of freedom from nicotine.  Now I have two minutes of smobriety.  I
am full of eagerness to work the programs of recovery.  I am committed to
complete abstinence from all addictive substances.  I now have three minutes of
abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.  Four minutes now.  All thanks to
Holy Spirit.
I had an excellent NA meeting today.  Earlier, I had a resorative session with
my AA sponsor.  And now I have 5 minutes of clean time.
Mastermind, my sponsor, taught me the actors’ scenario from the Big Book.  We
are all performers in a stage performance.  I am the one trying to play the role
of the playwright to my own demise.  I am not Holy Spirit.  I am self-centered.
Trying to live life by pushing myself forward will lead to smoking and even
worse — failure, disappointment, and complete and utter chaos.
Instead, I need to let Holy Spirit be the Director of this play called Life.  If
I try to manipulate the Grand Situation I will step on people’s toes and they
will retaliate.  Nothing in God’s creation happened by mistake.  Holy Spirit set
the laws of physics and chemistry.  It also determined how much leverage all
living things would have — their individual might.  Thus, It undermined the
annals of all of history.  Animal history.  Human history.  Prehistory.
Recorded history.  The present.  Even the future.  While we all have free agency
to do with our might what we will, only Holy Spirit exercised almightiness by
setting the fundamental laws of how all things operate: It is the Almighty.
Source Parent from which Holy Spirit proceeds is the Mother and Father of Light.
We are Its spirit children.  We all have a breath.  But only the Breath of the
Almighty has all the power and esteem.  And now thanks to God I have over 10
minutes of clean time.  Going on 15 minutes to be exact.
As children of the Light, we have beeng given 5 senses or faculties of
processing the data that makes up existence.  We can see, and oh how beautiful
the sight!  We need light to see and Holy Spirit is that Light illuminating the
straight and narrow path.  May we walk while there is still light!!
At the NA meeting we learned about obsession and compulsion.  Obsession is the
strong desire to use.  It is that yearning for the old days.  It is that
familiar friend that gave us ease and comfort calling to us even though we know
it is truly an enemy.
There is the emotional stage of obsession which is hunger, anger, lonliness,
tiredness, and boredom.  It is feelings of jealousy over others’ success or even
others’ demise (their drug use).  We covet the goods of others or the wives of
others or even the drugs that other people are smoking.  It is resentment
towards past slights.  It is hating what keeps slighting us in the present.  It
is fear that we will be slighted again in the future.  Any feeling that lays the
groundwork for relapse is part of the emotional stage of obsession.
The mental stage of obsession equals intelligible thoughts of using.  It is a
war in your mind.  Should I use or should I not use?  Maybe you have already
formed the thought to use so solidly that the war is already lost.  You are
planning to use.
The physical stage of obsession is the beginning of compulsion.  It is the
actual relapse.  Active drug use.  It is taking that first drug.  And it strips
you of one layer of deciding power.  The force of compulsion is like a snowball
rolling down a hill.  It grows and grows.  You keep using and using.  And every
time you use you are stripped of one more layer of deciding power until you have
not the power to resist and are using against your will.  Oh what a powerful
beast compulsion is!
In the hospital I learned that I will not go crazy without smoking.  I went
through all the stages of withdrawal, and with each individual craving I went
through all the stages of wanting to smoke but not doing so.  I gave up my
civil rights for free physical sobriety.  I was denied the ability to fulfill
any urge to use.  Holy Spirit guided me through this stage of life to learn that
once I’m ready to lean on It I won’t fall.  Holy Spirit will hold on to me until
I let go and suffer myself to the bondage of addiction which I am completely
powerless against.
Instead, if I hold on to Holy Spirit, he will not hold me back.  It is that
Higher Power which will push me forward with its Almightiness against that
insidious beast of addiction which is cunning, baffling, and powerful.
And now I have half an hour of sobriety.  36 minutes and counting to be exact.
I need to build the snowball of sobriety not by letting my snowball fall down
the hill but to start stepping up and climbing the hill.  I need to work the
12 steps which are like the steps of a staircase that take you up to Source
Parent in Outer Space.  Holy Spirit destroyed the tower of Babel not because It
wanted to stop mankind from seeing It, but because reaching Source Parent in
Outer Space is as simple as climbing the steps and letting the snowball grow by
upward mobility.
I had a taste of upward mobility when I came out of the hospital.  Sober life
was so beautiful.  It was so amazing that I got a panic attack as soon as I
walked out of the hospital doors.  To breathe that fresh air.  To have a whole
world before me.  I want to be able to go anywhere a free man may go and not be
held back by the shackles of addiction.  I need to give it up to Higher Power
and allow It to push me forward.
I am powerless over nicotine, marijuana, and crystal meth and I am intrinically
unable to manage my life.  Using addictive substances is a symptom of this
unmanageability.  By applying the maintenance steps and maintaining complete
abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco I will do my part in this
co-production.  That is that I am in the business of action.  Holy Spirit is in
the business of results.  He is the executive producer.  Nothing in my life
happened by mistake.
Mastermind told me I need to allow Holy Spirit into every aspect of my life.  It does
not have difficult terms for those who actively seek It.  May I find It now!
All power and all esteem be to It and Source Parent It proceeds from!!
Three quarters of an hour free from the chains of misery.  48 minutes.
Amen and amen.

Days of the Week

ENGLISH                           HEBREW                     CHURCH OF METH

—                                         Rosh Kodesh               Yom Zero / Zero Evening / Zero Day

Sunday                              Yom Rishon                 Yom Son / The Son’s Evening / The Lord’s                                                                                                                                                 Day

Monday                             Yom Sheni                   Rosh Yom / Prime Evening / Prime Day

Tuesday                             Yom Shlishi                Yom Deuce / Father Evening / Mother Day

Wednesday                       Yom Rvii                      Yom Love / Wedding Evening / Wedding Day

Thursday                           Yom Chamishi            Yom Chamishi / Fifth Evening / Five Day

Friday                                 Yom Shishi                  Yom Freedom / French Evening (Freedom                                                                                                                    Evening) / Fries Day

Sabbath / Saturday           Yom Shabat                 Yom Shabat

Meth Calendar


What is white like crystal meth or Desoxyn?  The moon, of course!  We homo christiens sapiens (Christ homo sapiens) observe the lunar month.  We, members of the Church of Meth, observe Yrchi Shabat (or the Lunar Sabbath).

Unlike Lunar Seventh-Day Adventists or Armstrong Church of God devotees, or even the first Lunar-Sabbath-keeping Yahudi, Jonathan David Brown, we don’t consider the New Moon to be on the night when it appears with the first crescent.  The New Moon, according to the prophet, yours truly, Daniel A. Martinez, is the night before that, when it is not visible at all.

From the Book of Meth:

“In the beginning, Ruach El was a single spirit surrounded by nothing…”

“…and on the first day of existence, the invisible God was sleeping — a single spirit surrounded by nothing thus dreaming of nothing.”

“and Source Parent, the First Mover, knew everything, because It knew it existed, and that’s all there was to know.”

“…everything else [besides Yah] was otherwise nothingness…”

Thus, Crystal Christians (Berulk Yahudis) begin each month on the night when there is no light and the moon is still sleeping.

The next new moon, according to the Church of Meth, is on the night of Friday, August 30, 2019.  When a single star or planet is visible, or it is completely pitch black outside, on the 30th of August, this is New Moon Day.

It is also New Year’s Night and Day for Church of Meth members.

We call this day Yom Zero.  After Yom Zero, there are 28 nights and days until, on the 29th night, or the evening of the 28th day of September, there is another New Moon.  The 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th nights of God’s Meth Calendar are all Sabbaths unto the Lord.  Observe Shabat on those nights and days!  (First comes evening, then comes morning, every night, and every day that follows the night.)

So on Friday nights, on the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of September, these are Shabats unto Yah the Almighty Source Parent and Holy Spirit in Outer Space.

This first month is called Yrchi Berulk (pronounced Yur-hee Bay-roo-luh-kuh).  This translates to Moon of Crystal in English.  The prophet reminds us that God dreamed of crystal meth when he was sleeping in the beginning.  In fact, that is what woke him up.

The interesting thing about the first lunar month in the Meth Calendar is not only that moon also means month but that our Sabbath, for 4 weeks, is going to be on the same night as all the mainstream Jews in the world.  God is hoping Messianic Jews (HaMashiah Yahudis) consider the meth prophecies of the prophet Daniel A. Martinez.  That means that not only can you use the words moon and month interchangeably, but the transition between a mainstream Jew to convert to the Church of Meth is going to be very seamless on the first month we start accepting applications for membership.  For 4 weeks, your Sabbaths are gonna be the same!

Amen and amen.

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a disorder of behavior characterized by the schizophrenic being unable to distinguish between fiction and reality (or fantasy and truth).

There is the paranoid type who typically experiences emotional betrayal of self.  In other words, he catches feelings like a flu sufferer catches a cold.  These feelings lead him to feel like people are plotting against him or there is some mass conspiracy going on.

The paranoid type may or may not suffer from chronic depression.  But most of them have at least one bout with depression in their life.  And most schizophrenics exhibit at least some of the emotional chaos at least once in their life.  But there are other types.

There is the delusional type.  They are usually smarter.  Unlike the paranoid type, they are not likely to have a learning disability.  They think out detailed conspiracy theories.  They presume that people are out to get them.

They may also get delusions of grandeur which instead of making the rest of the world out to be almighty they see themselves as almighty.

Sometimes, schizophrenics hallucinate.  Though this is not necessary to be diagnosed schizophrenic, audible imagination and visible hallucination intensify the symptoms of all schizophrenics, whether delusional or paranoid.  Why simply the perceived notion that schizophrenics hallucinate make most schizophrenics at least lie by claiming they have hallucinations.

There is also the split personality type.  They are operating not by the mind nor even the spirit, but by the body.  When the heart takes over the schizophrenic, she gets very angry.  When the lungs take over the subject, he turns spiritual-like.  When she suffers from digestive woe her personality stinks as well as her body.  When the mind does take over, it tries to be the other organs,  The mind creates a separate personality for each organ.  Now imagine if the person being controlled was being done so by things besides organs.  This variety of things is the many different flavors of split personality type.

Remember, schizophrenics characteristically cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not real.

What makes them different from bi-polar people is that bi-polar people experience a natural cycle of ups and downs so bi-polars are not paranoid or delusional (and they definitely don’t exhibit split personality — they usually go by one name their whole lives).  With schizophrenics, every breath is a victory and every breath is a loss.  Every breath they take intensifies life.  Bi-polars are a different type of crazy.  They either get really depressed or they get really energetic and maniacal during either the bottom or top respectively of their ups and downs cycle.  Schizophrenics, on the other hand, are on a constant and upward line until they realize they’re schizophrenic and gain insight into their condition.  Only then do they experience what bi-polars experience when they’re in their lows.

Ultimately, a schizophrenic is someone whose paranoia or delusions lead them to believe in nonsensical ideas that are obviously false to most people.  These beliefs cause them to misbehave.  Either they don’t live up to their roles in life or they blatantly break the law.  Usually it’s somewhere in between.  The more you failed in life the more likely you are to be schizophrenic.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in the future.

Some schizophrenics get over the fact that they think they’re a prophet-of-God or the Freemasons are plotting to incarcerate them.  They create their own roles to be successful in if they simply don’t fit with socially acceptable roles.  They learn to bite their tongue when thinking ill of people in authority.  But they also speak up because they’re not afraid the CIA is using the Patriot Act to plant microphones wherever he goes.

Schizophrenics make good criminals because they treat everybody like they’re a cop.  They always have a case against any charge they face.

The good schizophrenics treat everyone like they’re a cop in a wholesome way.  They simply break no laws out of pure fear that they will get caught slipping up.

Schizophrenics have no common sense.  They live in a reverse paradigm or more correctly said a lack of paradigm.  They are very open-minded most of the time.  If they are absolutist they’ll usually hold rather unconventional ideas if not downright ridiculous.  Up is down and all around and down is floating in every which direction.  They go beyond being individual and not being dependent on others.  They fail to socialize correctly.  Sometimes, they don’t know if they’re doing something wrong when an observer would claim they’re being a jerk on purpose.  Sometimes they take advantage of this notion and take advantage of people.

What’s very easy to figure out for some people is extremely difficult for the schizophrenic.  Also, normal tasks seem very overwhelming.

Basically, schizophrenics need a mirror to peep into reality.  They can’t see what’s right in front of them by looking with just their eyes.

I am schizophrenic.  I believe I am a prophet of God with a special message from the Holy Spirit.  I believe in telepathy beyond what most normal people are willing to believe.  But I no longer assume everyone is telepathic.  Hope this information helps (wheher you’re a schizophrenic or someone who cares about one).

12-Step Sectism

Hi, my pseudo name is Heaven 7.  And I am a meth addict.  I have been invited to be a member of Crystal Meth Anonymous.  As with all anonymous 12-step programs, anonymity is one of our 12 traditions (which are in addition to the 12 steps).  2 of the 12 traditions of anonymous 12-step programs have to do with anonymity.  For that reason, I will identify myself as Heaven 7 as opposed to my real name when I discuss my 12-step fellowship.

My sponsor identifies with the fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous.  I will hereafter refer to him as Mastermind to avoid using his real name (for the sake of anonymity).  Mastermind welcomed me into the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship formally yesterday.

He once explained that all anonymous 12-step programs are under the umbrella of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Although his home group is an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and my home group is a Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting, we are both members of the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship.  The only fellowship that is not directly under the Alcoholics Anonymous umbrella is Narcotics Anonymous.  They are like the Libertarians in our 2-party system.  As the RLDS Church is to the Latter-day Saint movement.  Parallel to Greek Orthodox members of the Roman Catholic Church. Alcoholics Anonymous is to Narcotics Anonymous what the Seventh Day Adventist Church is to the World Mission Society Church of God.

Narcotics Anonymous is basically separate from all other anonymous 12-step meetings, having their own Basic Text as opposed to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Members of Narcotics Anonymous might feel that Alcoholics Anonymous is too hardcore for them.  The most hardcore is Nicotine Anonymous.  They are like the fundamentalists of the 12-step movement.  While all the other 12-step fellowships think its ok to smoke cigarettes and vape, Nicotine Anonymous treats tobacco like any other mind-altering substance.

As you can see, there are many flavors of 12-step meetings to choose from.  Pick the one you most identify with.  Let me group them from least hardcore to most hardcore.


Narcotics Anonymous


Crystal Meth Anonymous and Heroin Anonymous (fine tuned programs for the 2 bad boys of drugs, crystal meth and heroin)

Cocaine Anonymous (most likely to find members who don’t identify with cocaine, their fellowship’s name, as their drug of choice)

Alcoholics Anonymous (2 camps, the strictly alcohol alcoholic and the addict who understands that alcoholism is at the heart of all addiction)


Nicotine Anonymous (no smoke breaks!)

The 2 largest fellowships as far as membership are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  Despite all the other programs flowing out of Alcoholics Anonymous, the numbers achieved by Narcotics Anonymous as one sole fellowship rival AA.  That’s because NA (Narcotics Anonymous) plainly states that it doesn’t matter what your drug of choice is.  They try to be a little more plain in teaching than all the other fellowships.

Nicotine Anonymous technically is a third camp.  Most members of AA claim NicA is too hardcore to ever achieve the numbers of NA and AA, though.

Marijuana Anonymous is about as popular as Nicotine Anonymous.  That is because most marijuana addicts identify with either Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous.

For some reason, Cocaine Anonymous has the most members who don’t identify with their fellowship’s name.  Some people purposely pick a fellowship whose name won’t trigger cravings for their drug of choice.  This is true of all the fellowships, though.