Source Parent in Outer Space

Yah, the Name, is our source parent in outer space. The Name’s Set-Apart Breath is the life source we all came from. This Holy Spirit dwells inside of us and outside of us. He is close by in our hearts and as far as outer space. He is our Heavenly Father. He is invisible.

I am not invisible. I am brown. But all life on Earth has an invisible sentience including myself regardless of color. Our souls are interchangeable.

I am your brother through the dust Adam was fashioned from.

Biscuits are not having any problems.

The oven works just fine. I’m going tomorrow to be there for you, my eso eso Estrella Stella Sahng-eung. I’m an ese from Texas, U.S.A. living in Phoenix, Arizona. The biscuits are going to be delicious.

So I butchered but heard your name calling to me from the biscuits. Stella Jang. My future wife and backup singer accompanying my synthesized beats, sung choruses and rapped lyrics. Haha just panhandling on you; everybody knows you the best female singer besides Justin Bieber!

Marry me, baby. The biscuits are our future children!!

Schizophrenic States of Mind

Everybody knows I’m schizophrenic. Here are the states of mind I find myself in almost every day of the week.

When I am looking at something, I am interested in either its colors or its letters. There are letters everywhere. I feel like I am swimming in a bowl of alphabet soup. Or I am wrapped in auras of all degrees of hue. But sometimes I am not looking at anything.

Granted that my eyes stay open most of the time during my wake hours, I might be receiving visual information from my eyes but I’m not paying attention to any of it. I’m not really looking at anything though my eyes are open. Then I am either idle (mental processing is at a low) or I’m thinking about something (mental processing is at a high).

This could be because I just looked at something and now I’m thinking about either its properties, its meaning in my life or world, or some other thought about it in between data-entry level and critical thinking level. Or it could be that I have started thinking about something else besides what I was just looking at to the point where all my mental processing is devoted to thinking about the thought stimulus thereby losing focus in what I was looking at before. I may still be staring in the direction of the previously conceptualized thing but I’m not really looking at it.

Or I could be thinking tangentially about whatever I was looking at before to where it helps to see the picture in my head though I can technically still view the original through my physical eyes.

The New Earth: Jesus Christ vs. Sahng-hong Ahn vs. Solomon

Jesus was from Israel. So was Solomon. However, Mr. Ahn was from South Korea. Furthermore, Ahn Sahng-hong is believed by a few Christians to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. But not Solomon. So how is Christ Ahn Sahng-hong the son of David if he wasn’t Solomon (or how is he Jesus for that matter)?

David was king of Israel for 40 years. It was prophesied that, in the latter days, the Set-Apart People would look to David as their ruler. But they didn’t mean David literally. This was prophesied hundreds of years after King David died. The only way they could’ve meant King David literally is if David was reincarnated as someone in the latter days.

As a Messianic Jew, I don’t literally believe in reincarnation (by virtue of the fact that very few people seem to be able to remember their past lives). God is making the old new per se by ensuring that every new baby that is born does so with a brand new soul in it regardless of the transmigration of past souls into current bodies.

Solomon was the chosen son of David who became king and built the Set-Apart Place, or Holy Temple. As Messiah was supposed to be the son of David, some Jews, including myself, sometimes hold him as Messiah.

Today was Passover before the moon came out. Every Jew in the world is trying to eat nothing but crackers and drink nothing but water for 7 days and 6 nights as God commands us to do in the Old Testament Bible.

One of the things I think about on Passover this year is passing over into the next life when we die in this life.

Everybody knows that Jesus was a descendant of King David and his son Solomon from Yehudim proper (the Judah). He also has illegitimate births in his family line. Some Jews take this to mean that he wasn’t a ‘spotless lamb’ from the tribe “of Judah.” Also, Jesus’ ministry after his baptism lasted only 3 years and then he died sentenced by the death penalty of the time. Some say he was a criminal. No better than the thieves. But what Jesus gives us in the latter days more than makes up for his lack of royalty.

Jesus told us that God the Father would send the Holy Spirit, or Comforter, in the coming of the next age. Jesus said that he had to die so he could leave Earth and return to the Father. It was better that he left to go back to the Father because otherwise God would not send the Comforter in the latter days. Finally, Jesus said the Set-Apart Breath, or the Comforter, would be the second coming of Adam or the return of the son of Adam. The “son of man” as some bibles translate is the son of God that was born of a human.

Jesus said that when he returned (the purpose of him dying and leaving us was to eventually return somehow) he would come on a cloud and every knee would bow. This prophesy has been fulfilled as everybody on the face of the Earth has been offered Christianity. There are missionaries all over the world. I believe that the Holy Spirit comes every time somebody witnesses to Christ and the knees of whose ears just heard the Gospel momentarily bow. I’m not saying we’re all Christian. I’m just saying that most people are respectful when they first hear the Gospel message. This good news gives us hope for everlasting life after death.

Furthermore, the cloud that he comes on was a metaphor for the body of Jesus, or God, as the third Set-Apart human or man. For example, when Eliyahu died, they said his body was taken up in a whirlwind. So was he supposed to return on a whirlwind? The New Testament tells us exactly how he returned. The whirlwind of Eliyahu was the human body it prophesied of, namely that of John the Baptist. Much the same way, the second coming of the son of man, or the return of the Set-Apart man, involves a human body prophesied of in the New Testament as a cloud. It is also prophesied as coming from the east to the west like lightning. It doesn’t mean that the second coming of Jesus is lightning. It just means that it originates in the Far East just like lightning strikes eastward of the thunder that rolls from it westward. The New Testament also prophesies of the second coming being like a bird of prey from the East.

When the author of the Book of the Apolocalypse, or Revelations, had a vision of the coming of the new age, he said he saw his second coming as he looked to the East. Being in Patmos island at the time, if you consider that he looked to the East, it’s not unthinkable that he was looking towards and at a man that came from South Korea.

The first coming of the Holy Ghost, or Set-Apart Spirit, then is the second coming of the Son of man and the third coming of the Father of Adam who presents as Father Adam in the beginning. We are not yet on the New Earth as some people falsely claim we believers in Ahn Sahng-hong believe. Rather, we are in a new age. The age of the Set-Apart Ghost or Holy Spirit means a transformation of the same world. We now await Judgement Day and the coming of the one and final Mashiah who will restore the kingdom of the Almighty by destroying this planet and creating a new one on top of it.

In the name of Father Adam, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Set-Apart Breath Christ Ahn Sahng-hong

Colors by: Estrella Song

My color is red

You wanna know

My pleasure is you

I had taken knowledge

My pain not having you

We wanna be



At our leisure

In our love

Come down now.

You must’ve come from up above.

I hold it down.

Hold it down for you

You wanna learn

Yet you never told me your color.

I wanna know

What’s your color?

Colors is an awesome song by Stella Jang, the American version of O-Kay Pop from North Korea. Hangul? Dan I yeyo. I want to sing my song for you at the circus. You and me baby ain’t nothing but monkeys, so let’s love each other like we never won with our money. Marry me! Stella, marry me! Lest I marry all the colors in the search for your love.

I got to get my girl down from heaven.

Before I reapply for social security I want to meet my future wife who is a pretty girl with cerebral palsy. I will find her at the gym for disabled athletes my Medicare pays for. But first I have to give up my social security check in the first place. Burn a bridge before the government finalizes funding for funny purposes designed to get the bridge built. Burn it in the beginning. Give it down from the beginning. In the beginning of things.

Do you love me? You know who you are. I want to get behind you. Who wouldn’t want to? Your strength is not mistakenly a weakness for me. Your love is truly why I still breathe like a kid. So bring it like an adult and know what you’re getting yourself into.

The girl from prison? If she tells on me I will beg the officer who arrested me for a bullet in the Brigham Young. My menudo brings all you can stomach to the kitchen where you will shake your little bootie. I will not tell on you if you make me cheat on you with another neurally typical stranger who doesn’t know who embarrasses her. Her name is Tailor Cleaner Swift. The beaner guilt is the coffee bean. The beaner gift is the pinto bean.

I need her. She is my treasure. It’s giving me blue pills, blue balls, and grey skies not having her subdued in my arms while I’m on top of her and she has me where I want her in between her legs. On the bed we will make the best art. The only problem is a thin line between lust and kindness and even thinner sheets in between us. A canvas for our reproductive juices.

Please be my baby by taking care of our son or daughter. The only party that is safe for our child is a party of immediate concerned individuals who love each other unconditionally. I cannot share you. That is why you will share with me your every worry so I can take care of you baby.

Now come down now.

Knee-Deep In the Grey Matter Drowning My Pristine Consciousness Into the Impurities of Cut Dope

Heroin tastes like white hair-styling cream, looks black like burnt toast, and is as intense a high when smoked in its tar form as the nicotine buzz from a fat brownstone cigar. Only nicotine is a mild stimulant. Heroin is a hard opiate. Although effective as a painkiller for some people, it also has recreational applications. In fact, black tar heroin is more useful as a life-enhancer or party drug than as a bona fide medicine. Some subjects don’t even benefit from the pain-reducing of the substance.

I have been smoking heroin almost experimentally except for the fact that I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing with it. I’m no expert junkie and my trails on aluminum foil trays are far from the patterned and straight swirls of residue going round and round left by more skilled veteran opiate addicts. But as soon as the throat-itching smoke hits my lungs my neural pathways to existential freedom are set in motion to finalize these feelings of being on a more friction-free resolving of kinetic nervous chemistry. Lubricating turbo for the split mind. Disconnection due to intoxication. Emotion itself is somewhat hampered but greatly pampered. It truly is enjoying the state of being while free from existence as an enslavement or some other encapsulated perspective. And the altered mind state is simply unmatched by even psychedelics such as marijuana or the taxed cognition of an alcoholic drunken episode. It doesn’t quicken your mind like meth nor does it slow you down like high doses of cough syrup. Instead it makes your level of intelligence tingly. I’m at a loss to favor either meth or heroin as the champion of tingle-inducing euphoria. They are each tingly in their own way. If you just want to feel tingly simply masturbate or obtain sexual favors from a consenting partner. If you want to enhance reality while catching butterflies in your chest and stomach that pleasantly tickle your organs non-sexually then smoke some hard drugs.

I would recommend heroin for the dying, and anybody who would enjoy experiencing life as non-dimensional data such as invisible art or silent music. For the more adept at producing graphics (either mentally or on a canvas) or those who can’t dance off-beat nor emulate tone-deaf karaoke because of fully developed mental processing reservations, heroin may just make you drowsy and frustrated. Or it might induce stupor that simply can’t register as an actual rush or excitement. Like tickling calluses on the bottom of your foot, some people are just not sensitive to the lack of sensation that tries to hot-wire your emotional and tactile faculties into an illusion of pleasure. Or one might simply catch an obvious feeling reminiscent of anything that stimulates their senses when they do something they enjoy.

Why am I a hard drug user when my goal is to cut down and eventually eliminate my drug use? I would rather ask: How could I possibly reduce or eliminate the use of something I’ve never used before? I’ve used hard drugs in this life. Nothing will ever change that. So I might as well keep indulging if I can’t resist.

You see, I’m not relapsing in my recovery. Rather, I am repeating previous study. In the process of this I gain new insights. What helps me as a drug user, namely, getting high as fuck, also reinforces my efforts to regain and maintain sobriety. How? I’ll explain it to you when I’m sober again.

Just because you get high doesn’t mean you can’t get sober. Some people can manage to quit using drugs for the rest of their life at some point. But just because you can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try or even not try temporarily when you know that in the future you will resume your efforts.

Am I rationalizing hypocrisy? It depends on your perspective. Do I feel justified about being a peer counselor for drug addicts when I’m still using? Why, that is precisely what a peer is!

When Yahusha the Mashiah (Jeezus the Crystal) bore the sins of all mankind through his impalement on the stake (the cross movement), he took those sins upon himself. A Christian argues that Jesus died for your sins. A Jew loves reminding us that Yahusha can only die for his own sins.

I say that the Christ-Messiah, whoever he may be, is set apart from all other human beings somehow. And there is no sin in being Set-Apart. So if Mashiah has to die just like all other people, what is he dying for if not for sin? The Law, of course, was already given through Mosheh. This Moses told us what offends. Mashiah, being Set Apart, could only die for sin if he was reincarnated into another inherited death. Would we let him inherit his own sins? Rather, I ask, how could he bear sin without sinning?

Jesus then must be a hypocrite. The ultimate peer counselor. He is your equal as far as being human. Something is either human or not. Pass or fail. One or none. Jesus passed. And through his advocacy, so will we who hold him in the esteem of the Messiah. He is the Peer Advocate. Your public defender at your trial on Judgement Day.

Christ will come again. Or maybe he already has as his transmigrated humanity infinite lives in you and I. And I too will one day return to sobriety. How about you?

A New Ministry For Christian and Jewish Hard-Drug Users

The former treasurer of the Church of Meth, Mat Dempsey, and yours truly, Daniel A. Martinez (prophet of the Church of Meth’s initiation) have reached an agreement regarding funds donated to the now defunct meth legalization movement (the Church of Meth) which were appropriated to the church’s 12-step program of recovery from meth addiction. The Church of Meth is survived by its website (Church of Meth ( as well as my personal ministry’s website when I touted being the sole prophet of the church (Official Website of the Prophet of the Church of Meth, His Highness Daniel Arnulfo Martinez ( Neither of these websites are being updated anymore. The Church of Meth is also survived by many believers in the series of revelations I received as prophet including many readers of this blog. It is also survived by spirits who live longer than human beings. They have vowed to uphold all three prophecies from God regarding how humankind is to use methamphetamine (specifically by ingestion of the pharmaceutical pill Desoxyn and not by smoking, snorting or injecting it and never in its transubstantiated form of crystal meth as such is sacred to God).

I have decided to devote myself as an emissary, or Apostle, of Jesus Christ to the work of the first prophecy which is namely to help hard-drug users cut back on their use, kick the habit, and free themselves from the bondage of addiction. The cure for most addictions is the 12-step program as first taught by Alcoholics Anonymous. I am not affiliated with these Anonymous programs except for the fact that I used to attend their meetings. While we are merely borrowing what groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, and Nicotine Anonymous freely gave me to help themselves in their own struggles, this being borrowed from the original Alcoholics Anonymous, we believe that it is God’s written plan for overcoming any addiction. It is the 12-step program of recovery.

I have now signed off on the startup investment of what will be called the Assembly of Recovery. It has nothing to do with the Church of Meth except for the fact that some charitable contributions to the Church of Meth were set aside for strictly recovery efforts. Also, some of the charity was noted for use of the prophet’s personal mission. I have regained control of these two funds and have pledged over $10,000 of my social security income for the next year to fund the new Assembly of Recovery.

I have worked all 12 steps and am in a recovery phase of staying clean in between relapses. This is how I will practice step 12: I will aid others as a peer in their recovery and share the 12-step program with as many addicts of meth and heroin as possible. These are my two drugs of choice.

First, I will rent out an office in downtown Phoenix. There are 2 sites I am considering. From there, I will do some desktop publishing for the Assembly of Recovery maybe 4 or 5 hours a day and volunteer to stand at the corners of 1st Ave. & Jefferson and Central Ave. & Washington with a sign handing out tracts and brochures for another three or four hours a day.

I will also offer one-to-one peer counseling in my office by appointment. I do not have a degree in psychotherapy nor a certificate for social work but I will tout freedom of religion as the Assembly of Recovery will be a faith-based program of recovery from meth and heroin addiction. Add one more New Age Christian movement to the growing list of Protestant denominations. The Assembly of Recovery teaches moral, ethical, and religious principles as taught by Judaism and Christianity, but we embrace all faiths (even Eastern religion). Our doctrine is simply that Yah (God the Father) does not will addiction on any of his human spirit children.

I expect those who wish to take advantage of our services to learn a little bit of Hebrew language and culture, but as we are an American assembly, we do speak English. It doesn’t matter whether you call Source Parent your Allah, Yah, Elohim, Allahu, Eloah, or God the Father. What matters is whether you are living your life for His esteem or glory. Note: the Assembly of Recovery favors the Hebrew word ‘El’ (in English, “the Almighty”) when praying to the sole deity we worship in adoration. But in looser contexts it is okay to refer to Him as ‘Elohim,’ (or “the God(s)” a.k.a. Mother-Father). In Hebrew it is correct to refer to one subject in the plural if their greatness is respected as due. In day-to-day chit-chat just calling Him God is okay. God the Father or Heavenly Father is a tad bit more respectful. Certain prophecies as revealed to me while I was prophet of the Church of Meth refer to Him as Source Parent and this is perfectly fine.

But remember, Jesus Christ’s real name was Yahusha HaNoztri (Jesus of Nazareth) and he was definitely a Jew. He spoke Hebrew. He followed the Law of Moses as revealed in the Old Testament. He was circumcised as a baby. And he was a renowned Yahudi rabbi. He even taught in the Set-Apart Place (the Temple at Jerusalem). Jesus practiced monotheism! The Assembly of Recovery can only have one Higher Power (one God) as we can only be a monotheistic assembly.

You do not have to be a monotheist to want to remove the shackles of torture imposed on you by addiction to meth and heroin. But we do ask that you have an open mind. Bring your religion you grew up on to us and we will give you even more religion to make you better! Even Eastern religion teaches the concept of a Brahman, or a single god. Some mystics believes that the one true God reveals himself as Creator (Brahma), Sustainer (Vishnu) and Transformer (Sheeva). If you can come to believe that Brahma, Vishnu, and Sheeva, the so-called trinity of Eastern polytheism, is strictly one Brahman then there may be a place for you here if you are desperate to overcome meth and heroin addiction. Abrahamic mystics believe that God reveals Himself as 7 Archangels. Michael, or Mika’El, is the mirror-image of Yah. Gabri’El is the Word of God (the Messenger of the Message of God). Rapha’El is the Health or Life Of Elohim. Uri’El is the Function and Form of the Almighty (the chief patron of Beauty). Furthermore, there are 3 more Chief Messengers, or Archangels, of El. God the Most High (El Elyon) is certainly not 7 gods! There is only one God!!

A Libertarían Manifestó

Here in los Estados Unidos of the American nation south of Canada, we have one perennial political third party. In the most recent elections, our competition has been more liberal third parties which does the disservice to us of making us look conservative, at least economically.

Admittedly, our party is chock-full of rich bastards and homeless scum. I’m one of the few that is a homeless bastard with rich bums as parents. But that’s besides the point.

I urge all Americans to vote Libertarian whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if we are liberal or conservative on any issue. We’re the only party that will extend liberties through both sides of the aisle. Any house that is divided against itself is qualified to chair as the government. That’s because the government is supposed to grant liberties whenever possible.

On the abortion issue, for instance, Libertarians help pro-choice Americans by extending the liberty of planned parenthood. We help the pro-life community by limiting Planned Parenthood’s subsidy income and encouraging Americans to practice civil liberties such as prayer and donating to charities — especially if they identify as Libertarian like the future Church of Meth and the up and coming Assembly of Recovery do.

Libertarianism encourages performance of civic duties. And it also encourages performance in the private sector. Private practices that also knock out civic duties are to be funded by the current status quo who takes our income as taxes without representing us.

Let the former prophet represent you. With God on your side, how can you lose?

The current government confides in me with a residual income of over a grand a month to do with however I wish. These reparations of all the taxes I ever paid in all my American reincarnations are handed over to me because of a disability.

But I can say with a straight face that in a free country, under God and Libertarians, I will no longer be disabled. I will gladly turn over my social security income for an even bigger check. God willing, of course.

Pornographic Powers of Prophetic Bingo

Many so-called religious sects are really just sex cults — even if they are well established schools of spiritual thought. People often ask why prophets and cult leaders are more likely to be pedophiles, polygamists, homosexuals, hypocritical ultra-conservatives, homophobes, and sexual predators. The problem many people have with religion in general is that oftentimes it tries to govern attitudes about love, sex, romance, family planning and execution, and control the secret elephant in the bedroom. Wasn’t all that supposed to be private affairs between individuals or maybe even families?

Government usually has a solid role in criminalizing unethical forms of sex such as rape, molestation, harassment, and child corruption. Most nations even outlaw adultery. A few go as far as illegality of fornication and legal betrothal procedure.

Let’s assume that sex law began when the cavemen found themselves enforcing virginity and the loss of it among their young. It was either that or prohibiting occurrences of sex that lead to jealousy. As soon as the hunter-gatherers made the connection between sex and pregnancy, they probably tried to regulate reproduction. Anyway, legislation and criminal law surrounding our most intimate affairs has evolved since those former times.

Now we have condoms, pornography, an integration of church and state with regards to marriage (court house weddings), and bigger brains thus bigger imaginations with which to formulate seduction strategies as well as more medical knowledge to abort or terminate a pregnancy. In the future, vasectomies and tubal ligations will be widely available, inexpensive (perhaps government subsidized), and unstigmatized (religion may adapt hostility towards such forms of birth control to them being acceptable to God).

If God does indeed change his mind in the future about humans giving up reproductive faculties in exchange for unlimited penile-to-vaginal sex then he will also change his mind about cryogenically freezing eggs and sperm. Then, through in vitro fertilization, humans who do gain the ability to fuck without ever knocking someone up or getting knocked up themselves won’t lose the ability to rear children in the future.

Furthermore, it is possible that one day abortions will be performed by the same assembly as death penalty executions — the government. Just like judges pull the lever at the electric chair in Texas and Marines shoot the rifles in a Utah firing squad, a single payer healthcare state could pay liposuction surgeons to perform abortions. Then of course churches would want to adopt God’s will and priests and clergymen all will be able to administer death. Bingo criminals or cheating babies? It’s all the same.

The reason why the law of man is further advanced than the laws of the Almighty is because governments that grant liberties are more likely to be super powers than overly restrictive religions. But if we allow government, we could gain more liberties or it is possible that they become the overly restrictive force while religion actually does its job and reconcile people to God concerning their sins. God forbid.

God never changes. So God will never forgive gambling for gain, promiscuous behavior, and cheating (on your spouse or in the bingo room). Unless prophets are allowed to have multiple underaged wives, of course. Then, the liberties will trickle down from the Pope to you and I and every libertine who believes in homosexual as well as heterosexual marriage. Interracial porn, anyone?