Your Brain Lives After You Die

Many psychics believe that, when you die, your brain continues to live on.  Your mind continues to have dreams.  If you astral-planed when you were alive, you will astral-plane after you die.  No one seems to know how long the brain lives for after you die.

Many dead people with functional brains get used by living people to conjure thoughts, remember things, and do complex processes with their brains.  You may have heard that when you think complex thoughts it is actually not just your brain that is doing the thinking.  Our brains are all connected somehow.  When you are thinking of the answer to a complicated problem, it might be smarter brains doing the thinking for you.  But the thought gets transferred to your brain telepathically.  Dead people’s brains continue to be used for complex thinking of living people, especially if the dead people are smart.

Some psychics believe that there are very powerful people who have died but have found a way to preserve their brain inside a lab and continue to have vivid dreams.  Psychics can have a conversation with them as if they were still alive.

Take care of your brain if you want to experience an after-life.