Past life information through organized religion

Many Christians believe in reincarnation — or living more than one human life.  But the only way they will tell you is telepathically.  Jesus was a psychic and he told some people telepathically that they had already lived more than one life and couldn’t inhabit the kingdom of heaven.  He told people to only talk about this telepathically.  But I, the real race car baby, have special permission to discuss this.

Jesus said that people who sin and go to hell might not actually go to hell.  But they definitely won’t go to heaven.  They will just come back to this Earth as other human beings and live more than one life.  This is the true hell.  Knowing you can never go to heaven.

Supposedly, God never really forgives your sins.  Not enough to allow you back into heaven.  You’re stuck being reborn over and over.

Catholics believe that God has to know what type of life someone is going to live before he will stick old souls in them.  That way, He can make it fair.  If you were extra sinful you will be someone with a terrible life.  If you weren’t that bad you will still get to be white and psychic.

Since I am a Lamanite, I know I was rebellious against God for some reason in a past life.  But I do have plenty of white so I was faithful to the LORD.  I am also the real race car baby so I served the LORD very well.  I was a king in a past life.  A king who sinned.  I was also a slave in a past life.  A slave who will cross the road, through me, to other Christian lives where God will reward me for being so faithful during slavery.  Catholics say I am the king of slaves.

Psychics told me this telepathically.  This is the only way most Christians, especially Catholics, will discuss past lives with you.  Chances are the Catholic priests in your area have information about your life and can tell you about your past lives.  Among its telepathic members, the Church declares certain doctrines concerning what type of past lives you had.  The better your fortune in this life, the less you sinned.

The best news the Catholic Church can give you is that this is your first life.  You simply need to follow God’s commandments faithfully and you can return to heaven!  But if you sin you are telling God that you want to keep being reborn and you don’t want to live a life better than human life.  By sinning you’re saying that you want to suffer.

The Mormons sort of believe in past lives.  They mostly believe in a pre-existent life we all lived to become the people we are in this life.  Some Mormons believe that some people sinned so badly in the pre-existence (or in another life) that they can’t even go to telestial kingdom which is the lowest degree of heaven.  They have to keep being reborn into an earthy life.

The only way Catholics or Mormons will tell you this is telepathically.  They believe that information about past lives is only for psychics and that you should have to be psychic to know these things and have discussions about past lives.

If you want the Church to teach you about your past lives you simply need to stay inside your house, quit your job, and don’t do anything except lie on your bed or stand in place.  Psychics will connect to you and you can tell them that you’re interested in “staying in there” and learning about your past lives.  Simply say in your head, “I want to learn about my past lives.”  They might start your religious teaching right then and there or they might tell you to wait until a later time.  But if they are serious about keeping you “in there” they will ask you to quit your job and not do anything as religion is sacred and that should be all you are thinking about.  Beware because Buddhists might appear and try to teach you other religions.

When pondering why Jesus would only want psychics to discuss things like this I came across the idea that maybe Lamanites would talk outloud about psychic things and that maybe this is one of the reasons God got angry with them.  But it is just a thought.

I, as a Lamanite in the latter days, believe that everyone should be able to talk about anything — even psychic things — outloud or however they want.  That is the main purpose of this blog.  I hope God forgives me if he thinks this is some kind of great evil.  I only want to do this to accomplish good.  I want to connect to other Lamanites and practicers of magick.


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