Special Permission

If you try to talk to most people about being psychic they will look at you like you’re crazy or something.  This doesn’t mean they don’t believe you, though.  It’s that most people have been told by some psychic that the only way you should talk about psychic things is telepathically.  Many people feel that psychic information only pertains to people who are psychic.

When I first smoked meth and the Mormons were wishing death on me (like they do to everyone who smokes meth) I got mad and vowed to write a book about what really happens when you smoke meth.  But then the death wishing got more powerful, my heart started pumping harder and faster than it ever has before, and I felt like I was about to die.  So I didn’t do it.

This was years ago.  Now, I’ve been tortured by the Mormons AND the Catholics.  They equally believe that, in order to be psychic, you have to be tortured to some degree.  They do all sorts of things to you.  The Mormons mostly go into your head and give you unbelievable headaches.  The Catholics make you feel like standing in place all day until your feet are killing you.  They make you want to eat until you’re stuffed.  But they teach you to do things with your brain with all that food inside of you.

In my Catholic series of torture, I learned that I am the real race car baby.  I have special permission to talk about psychic things however I like — not just telepathically.  I understand that most people don’t have this luxury.  Believe me, I’ve had death wished on me for wanting to write about psychic things.  But now, even the Mormons tell me that I can feel better and talk about psychic things.  You probably won’t find another blog like this anywhere online.

Furthermore, I come across the thought that perhaps one of the reasons God was so angry with the Lamanites was because they talked outloud about psychic things.  I know I am a Lamanite and wish to follow this tradition.

Just know that I have special permission to do this.  If you try talking to people about anything in this blog they might start acting like you’re crazy.  But it might just be that they know the things I’m talking about are true.


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