How to use a St. Jude Green Scapular

Green scapulars are mostly for converting people to Christianity or for helping someone overcome an addiction.  It’s something you wear under your shirt.  It’s a cotton necklace with strings longer than the chains of a necklace.  You can use it to pray for yourself or for someone else.

First, before you buy the green scapular, consider why it is you need it.  In the case of an addiction, think strongly about giving up the addiction.  Imagine yourself wearing the scapular without the addiction.

If you are trying to convert someone to the faith think about what good it would do if they followed Christ.

Next, buy the green scapular and get it blessed.

Remember that the St. Jude version of the scapular has a picture of Saint Jude on it.  He is seen as the “good apostle” (whereas Judas is seen as the “bad apostle”).  He wears a gold medallion with the countenance of Christ.  He keeps an image of the most sacred face of Jesus close to his heart because he, as a good apostle, kept Jesus himself close to his heart.

Just remember that if you are a faithful Christian you will eventually gaze at the countenance of Jesus.  Pray to St. Jude that he will intercede for you to help you stay on the path to stand next to Jesus and see him face-to-face.

St. Jude is also depicted on the scapular and on most depictions of him with a flame over his head.  This is because he was present at Pentecost (when the Holy Ghost descended upon the early church).  The Holy Spirit is often symbolized with fire.  St. Jude was one of the first Christians to be blessed with gifts of the Holy Ghost.  Know that the Holy Spirit will guide you to overcome your addiction or will soften the heart of the person you are trying to convert.

Finally, wear the scapular.  Be the person you want to be.  Wearing a devotional garment under your clothes helps to perfect your faith.  It will remind you to not let your addiction get a hold of you.  To truly live a life of perfect faith, you must overcome desires of the flesh.  Even venial sins can stop you from gazing at the face of our Lord.

You don’t have to wear it all the time.  You can take it off to go to sleep.  If the scapular is for someone else you can leave it somewhere in their room (if you can) or you can just leave it in a safe place.Image


6 thoughts on “How to use a St. Jude Green Scapular

  1. Your posting is utter blasphemy, and idolatry…your scapular is simply a pagan talisman, and has no basis in the scriptures…
    I would suggest that you get hold of a bible, and re-examine the validity of what you are talking about.
    When I refer to a bible I obviously do not mean the Catholic catechism, as this is not of God either.
    Try a King James Bible

    • I have read much of the Holy Bible, in many translations, including the Latin Vulgate. When you grow in the ways of J-sus you will want to learn the Bible in the same language that he spoke (Hebrew).

      There is nothing pagan about a scapular. It is a prayer tool that shows faith in the communion of saints (the fact that Christians can go to heaven and be with G-d, thus being everywhere like G-d is everywhere).

      A Catholic Catechism is of G-d as it was put together by a group of people holding the same offices as the group of men who compiled the books of the New Testament. Any Christian should know this.

      The King James Bible is inspired by G-d as England ruled the world at the time it was translated and divine intervention flowed through England. The 23rd Psalm is good in King James English. But the Dhouey-Rheims bible is equally good.

      In the Old Testament, the people of G-d are commanded to kiss a bronze serpent to be healed from an illness. This is no different than wearing a scapular to be healed from an addiction. (Numberes 21:4-9)

      Sorry to refute your harsh statements so easily. How dare you question the validity of what I am saying. I am the real race car baby. Who are you?

      If you are truly Christian pray this prayer that J-sus taught us to pray in Hebrew.

      Aveenu, sheh-ba-shamayim (Father, who is in heaven)
      itkadesh, shimkah (blessed is, your name)
      tavo malkutehah (Thy kingdom come)
      ye’aseh retzonehah (Thy will be done)
      ba’arets (on earth)
      kasher nasah va-shamayim (like it is in heaven)
      ten lanu haiyom lechem hukeinu (give us this day our daily bread)
      usalah lanu (forgive us)
      et-ashma-tainu (our sins)
      kasher solahim anahnu lacher ashma lanu (like forgive we do those who sin against us)
      veh’al tivianu lidey massah (lead us not into temptation)
      ki’im hatzilanu min hara (but deliver us from evil)

      • I dare question it, and will continue to do so.
        the scapular is a contrivance of satan,..there is no necessity of a scapular…its childish, and an heresy.

      • It is a contrivance of monks — people devoted to the service of G-d. Where did you get this information that it is a contrivance of the evil one? To argue that there is no necessity for it is just a hindrance to devotion to G-d. There is no necessity to kiss the feet of J-sus my Master, but I will. There is no no necessity to thank the L-RD for all of creation, but I will. There is no necessity to ask for a saint’s intercession, but if I will be closer to G-d by being closer to one of his saints then I definitely will. Arguing that it is childish is just barking up the wrong tree. J-sus said to come unto the L-RD as little children. It’s not a heresy. It’s a devotion to G-d through St. Jude, an apostle of J-sus who was close to Him.

        Please defend or explain your unfounded yet harsh statements.

        Much Christian love.

      • it is obvious that further conversation with you would be fruitless…

        Like most roman catholic dogma’s, you cannot illustrate their validity from the scriptures,…

      • I have given you much fruit to consider. I did indeed illustrate the validity of the scapular from the scriptures. Read everything I type.

        Numbers 21:4-9

        Kissing a bronze serpent to be healed from an illness is similar to wearing a green scapular to be healed from an addiction.

        And you? Can you use Scripture to argue against the practice of wearing a scapular? Too bad you can’t. Maybe you should listen and you will grow as a Christian.

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