Let me tell you about a night where I experienced what many psychics call a ‘situation.’

One night, I smoked meth.  But I also drank half a bottle of cough syrup.  I even drank a sip of beer and smoked a hit of bud.  I was mostly feeling the cough syrup.  It’s a dissociative in large amounts (like the super-dose I took).  It messes with your sensory perception and you feel disconnected from everything.  Things feel far away and small.  You might think you’re hearing something from far away when, in fact, it’s very close to you.  I’m convinced that many psychics thought I was a ‘priest’ (someone who is not so smart) and let me delve into a different psychic state.  (For more information on prophets and priests read my blog on it.)

I started sensing the psychic effects of the meth later into the night.  I was so sped up that the ‘slow-down’ of the cough syrup wasn’t bothering me like it does other times.  But my brain was still operating like that of a priest’s.  (I’m a prophet.)

First of all, I could sense other planets.  Parallel universes.  It seemed like there were people from other planets almost exactly like ours connected with me.  There were many people thinking Buddhist thoughts that made me consider parallel universes.  There were parallel versions of me walking up and down the street.  At times, it felt like we were all doing the same thing.  But I could choose to walk in a slightly different direction.  Yet, every movement still felt calculated like how God numbers the hairs on your head.

People gave me ideas of what to do.  I went for a walk to the park.  I was sick at the time.  But while I was high I felt like all the energy from my flu was gathering into one final cough.  I coughed it all out, sickness and all, and it felt like I was immediately better.  I was no longer sick.  This parallels the way Jesus drove sicknesses out of people in the Bible.

I felt like I could remember my entire existence from the time I was some sort of spiritual blob.  Just a building block of life.  And this was my life now.  And it paralleled the life of many — perhaps hundred — of people just like me who were experiencing this same ‘situation.’  I would walk down the street and every step seemed to change the situation.  But every move I could possible make was already calculated by some greater force.  It felt like I was in a very fluid version of “Plinko” from “The Price Is Right.”

I thought to call a friend who I thought was in another state.  It seemed like magic when she appeared outside my house a few minutes later.  I know it was just coincidence that I thought she was far away but was actually in town.  Yet, it felt like the forces that be magickally summoned her.  I had known her for years and had never been psychic with her.  But I had recently crossed the point-of-no-return and acted like I had always been psychic.  She was reluctant to have a psychic conversation with me but I knew her thoughts and knew she could read mine.

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was ‘feeling better’ with the Mormons.  Feeling better with the Mormons is having some sort of sex with someone you wouldn’t expect to in order to ‘feel better’ about them having tortured you.  I asked my friend if she would knock on the door of a Mormon neighbor with a ‘little girl’ daughter.  My friend was white and I thought this was the best way to go.  But she refused as she knew what I was up to.  She thought to me that there was no way she was going to do that.

So, anyway, my situation was a lot crazier as it was happening to me.  Nothing too crazy happened.  No feeling better or anything like that.  Many psychics tell me that it doesn’t really count as a situation if there was no feeling better.  But I was in some sort of ‘situation.’

By situation I mean that my reality was situated differently than normal.  Like I said, the Mormons were letting me be more psychic because my brain was operating like that of a priest’s.  There were definitely a lot of Buddhist thoughts about parallel universes.  Every moment I made was in this situation.  Psychics tell me now that there are always Buddhists and those who practice magick creating these thoughts of multiple planets just like ours and feeling like we’re in a situation.

I eventually ended up in an ambulance.  I don’t know who called for emergency services.  But, while I was in the ambulance, it felt like the Mormons were wishing death on me.  But no one claimed to be wishing death on me.  Interestingly enough, every time I said the word ‘blue,’ it felt like the death-wishing would subside.  I had to keep saying ‘blue’ to be able to breathe.  At one point, I got smart and started saying ‘red’ but the death-wishing felt worse so I stopped.  Telepathically, I could hear them saying to themselves that I could see brains.  Someone explained to me that the reason why I had to keep saying ‘blue’ was that there was a brain whose function it was to think of the color blue and I had merged with it or something and they were trying to keep it functional.  I remember laying on the floor at one point before they put me in the ambulance and I could see brains buried in the neighbor’s backyard.  They acted as mirrors to the parallel universes.

While I was in the ambulance, I felt a sharp pain in my anus and someone took over me and made me scream, “Please, no pain!”  But I remember not really caring about the pain and even feeling brave enough to take the pain.  But someone in my set (someone who felt like me who perhaps was dreaming) didn’t want to feel the pain and made me jump up.  At one point, I felt like the whole universe was just the space inside the ambulance.  But a psychic told me that the experience was just the feeling of merging with a brain inside the ambulance.  They informed me that all ambulances had functional brains inside of them.

Eventually, I was at a drug rehab.  The meth had worn off so I was completely dumbfounded by the effects of the cough syrup.  I could barely function.  All the psychicness from the situation eventually went away.  Now, I’m trying to find some of the states of being that I existed in during the situation.


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