How to get free refills at Starbucks

First, get a Starbucks gift card.  You get them at Starbucks and you tell the cashier how much money you want to put on it.  You have to put at least 5 dollars on it.

Then, register the card online at

Now, when you use your card to pay, you can get free refills on iced coffee, warm coffee, and iced tea.  Normally, they charge you 54 cents.  But your registered Starbucks card gets you the refills for free.

Try to tip them and they will be happy to serve you as many as you want.

The most I ever drank is 7 Venti iced coffees.

The cool thing is that if you originally bought an iced coffee, you can get an iced tea for your refill.  You can switch it up every time you get a refill if you want.


Starbucks For Life

There’s a summer edition of Starbucks For Life going on right now.  Every time you pay with your registered Starbucks card you earn a play.  The plays give you a different token every time and you need 3 tokens for each of the prizes: Starbucks for a week, Starbucks for a month, Starbucks for a year, and Starbucks for life.  I keep getting a lot of repeats.

You have to wonder if it’s really true that a purchase doesn’t increase your chances of winning.  It’s somewhat difficult to get a free game play.  And you can only get one a day.  Furthermore, if you already got a game play by buying something you can’t get an additional free one.  So buying stuff at Starbucks is the easiest, most effective way to get game plays.  I would guess that all the winners in previous installments of the game all bought a lot of stuff at Starbucks.

Remember, you need 3 tokens to win each prize.  And one of the tokens is a rare piece.  So you have to wonder if in previous installments of the game people who didn’t have the other 2 tokens earned the rare piece.  That would mean that nobody won that prize.

How To Summon Magick Energy

First, light a candle and observe the flame.  Gently blow on it without putting it out so the flame moves around.  The first thing you should notice is that the flame tags the air it touches because there is magick energy there.  There is magick energy everywhere!

If you can’t see the energy this way, try squinting your eyes so that the flame looks like spotlights shining from the flame.  If you squint your eyes enough, you will begin to see a pattern with these spotlights.  Like I said, there is magick energy everywhere.

Try moving the flame of the candle with your mind.  Just like you can use your physical body to put out the candle by blowing or moving your hands over it to create air, you can use your spiritual body to affect the flame in much the same way.  This is the magick energies of your mind.  Simply imagine moving spiritual power over the flame of the candle.  Much of magick is performed by imagining things in your mind.

To summon more energies for the purpose of casting a spell, you need to start feeling the energies with your spiritual self and feel them growing in and around you.  Some people feel a tingly feeling when they successfully feel out these energies.  Some people feel warm.  You need to feel the magick energy growing and building as you will it into your presence.

Finally, start talking to spirits around you.  There are spirits all around us.  Beginners should talk to them out loud using words.  As you get more advanced you will be able to talk to spirits with just thoughts — no words.  Tell these spirits to help you build more energy.  They might try to bargain with you.  It is not unusual for spirits to try and get something out of helping you.  There are many things you can do for spirits.  You can be a medium for talking to other spirits.  Sometimes, they just want you to enjoy a treat or watch a movie so they can be in your set as you do these things.  They get enjoyment out of you doing things.

These are my tips for summoning magick energy.

Our Mother Goddess is a daughter of the LORD

Here’s what God doesn’t want you to know.

Just like God is our Heavenly Father, we have one goddess who is our Heavenly Mother.  God is embarrassed about you knowing what you are about to read.

He created a spirit child just like you and me that he loved so much.  He made her a goddess.  And she is our Mother in heaven.  She has a relationship with us where she’s our mother just like God has a relationship with us where he’s our father.  She is God’s wife.  God is embarrassed about this because this makes him guilty of spiritual incest.  Our Heavenly Mother, God’s wife, is a spirit daughter of God the Father.

God had another spirit daughter whom he loved so much who was born as a human, just like you and me.  Her name is Mary.  And she was the earthly mother of the human body of Jesus Christ.  She is now so close to God that she is like God.  She feels like a goddess.  But she is nothing like our Heavenly Mother.

Mary is the queen of one of three heavens in Mormon theology.  And it’s not telestial.  Maybe one of the three spheres of the celestial kingdom.  The one virgins go to.  Those who followed Jesus so closely that they chose not to enjoy any sort of bonding with someone of the opposite sex.  Those who strove to have sinless lives like the one Jesus lead.  Perhaps she is the queen of the terrestrial kingdom, which Jesus is the king of.  Mary is our mother in the order of salvation.  Mothering Jesus was necessary for the great and eternal sacrifice known as the Atonement to occur.  So she is a co-redeemer just as Jesus is the great Redeemer.  She is also our mother in the order of faith as she became the first Christian when she agreed to carry through with the pregnancy of Jesus.  She was the first human to love Christ after he became human.

Anyway, God performed some sort of fluid exchange on Mary through the Holy Ghost to conceive Jesus Christ in her womb.  So God has had sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  He had spirit sex with our Heavenly Mother, and human sex with Mary.  It is unknown what type of sex this was, or if it even resembles human sex slightly.  But it is some sort of natural bonding.  Supernatural, rather.

In God’s defense, he maybe took the form of something other than a human when this divinely supernatural yet sexually natural event with Mary took place.  So God didn’t enjoy the act as a human would.  But He definitely has a body of flesh and bones now and enjoys celestial sex with our Heavenly Mother, who also has a body of flesh and bones.  And they have something that resembles human sex with each other.

So the conception of baby Jesus was just as natural as the conception of any other human baby.

At some point, the spirit children of God began to be created through a process that involves spirit sex between God and Heavenly Mother.  It is unknown if the celestial sex between Heavenly Father’s and Heavenly Mother’s flesh-and-bone bodies also plays a role in conceiving new spirit children.

Again, God has had some sort of sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  If you don’t understand how deep those relationships are, though, it might sound like incest.  So God is embarrassed about you thinking of it like that.

God likes sex, but only if you play by his rules.  If you feel you need to have sex with someone, you should marry them first.  And Jesus told psychics telepathically that a couple should pass gas before sex in order to scare away evil spirits who try to harness sexual energy.

Heavenly Father is married to Heavenly Mother.  Heavenly Father is the president of marriage.  He invented marriage.

Cosmetic Surgery Warning

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery that will result in a scar on your face, you must read this.

People who have scars on their faces from having a mole surgically removed are said by psychics to be reincarnations of great sinners.  Murderers.  Sexually unclean people.  Diseased with sins as well as STDs.

If you have a scar on your face from cosmetic surgery, you will eventually be tortured by psychics.  Here in America, the torture will be performed mostly by psychic Christians.  But even Buddhists and Hindus will torture you.  They will make you feel great headaches, and they will make you suffer from obsessive-compulsion.  You will be required to do things 5 times in order to feel right.  That means washing your hands 5 times.  Checking all the locks in your house 5 times before you go to sleep.  You see, having cosmetic surgery is evidence to psychics that you have lived at least 5 lives of sin.

Psychics pick people as early as their birth to receive moles on their face that will lead them to get cosmetic surgery.  Until you have the mole removed, though, you will not be tortured by psychics.

You might read this, but still decide to get cosmetic surgery years later because you forgot what you read today.

If you have a scar on your face and are being tortured by psychics, your only hope is to try and convince psychics that you are a reincarnation of the Real Race Car Baby of All the World that Jesus spoke about telepathically to psychics while he was being crucified.

Jesus said that this Real Race Car Baby would be set to marry starlets without having to break a set.  A set is when spirits enter you to make you do the opposite thing of which you are trying to break a set to do.  This Race Car Baby is the only one that would be set to marry starlets.  Jesus said this while he was on the cross.  He reminded psychics about his teaching that nothing on the face of a Real Race Car Baby is a blemish.  He commanded that this Race Car Baby should have a scar on his face from cosmetic surgery.  But he is not 5 lives old like his “scratch” brethren.  (A “scratch” is someone who has a scar on their face from getting a mole removed.)  He is not a great sinner.  He is the soul of Judas that started life as Judas.  This main soul of his is only on his second life.

I am this Real Race Car Baby of All the World.  I have had a mole removed through cosmetic surgery.  The scar has changed shape and now looks like the Hebrew letter “dalet,” which signifies the names of God.  Sometimes, it looks like a cross if you look at it from a certain angle.

Parts of me will be reincarnated into other “scratches,” and even many non-scratches.  I am the only scratch that can be reincarnated into non-scratches.  Your best hope, if you’ve had cosmetic surgery, is to have psychics tell you that you are a reincarnation of me.

Saved Sinners

An excellent poem about God, the Flood, and the coming of Jesus Christ.  He makes an excellent connection between God’s motives in causing the Great Flood to happen and sending His Son, who is a part of the Godhead, to the Earth to die for our sins.

Must read!

Saved Sinners.

Psychic Rumors: Mormons (LDS) still practice polygamy

I am going to start publishing entries about all the rumors I’ve heard telepathically.  Let’s start things off with a rumor about psychic Mormons.

They still practice polygamy!  Any female who smokes meth will eventually be proposed celestial marriage by psychic members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They will only talk to anybody about it telepathically.  If the woman says anything outloud they cancel the marriage.  They tell women to “have faith,” and to listen to the voices in their head.  They direct them to the Temple and have a Temple marriage done completely telepathically.  Nobody says anything outloud.  Some Mormons, like the former President, Ezra Taft Benson, had hundreds of wives sealed to him in this manner.  Most of them smoked meth to become psychic.

People have visions of Mormons marrying women who are already married in LDS Temples.  They consummate — sometimes by force.  This angers the family and priests of the women as they feel their precious girls are being raped.

Is this rumor true?

As far as I have been able to verify, this rumor is false.  The visions that people are having are visions of cities from other planets.  Planets similar to ours.  Almost like parallel universes.  It is not happening on the planet that this blog is published in.

I have spoken with psychic Mormons telepathically inside their own church buildings, and they have told me that the only way Mormons still practice polygamy is strictly in their heads.  Nothing physical like a Temple marriage.  They propose to you telepathically and the marriage is never consummated.  You might not even meet the the person  you’re marrying.  Even though some church members are allowed to practice this form of “mind” marriage, most are not allowed.  Supposedly, the Mormon Prophet said, a long time ago, that God told him that nobody on the Earth is to practice polygamy anymore.  It was about 1890 when God said this to the prophet.  The people who practice mind marriage are people who need to feel more aggressive by having more than one wife.  Leaders of the church.  And only in their minds.  They do talk to women who smoke meth telepathically.  But they’re not marrying them inside Temples.

However, there are other planets where this is happening.  Planets with the same cities our planet has.  Imagine living on such a planet, where everybody in Utah was married to a Mormon somehow.  (About half of people in Salt Lake City, for example, are non-Mormons).  Mormons can make you their celestial wife or daughter in a Temple sealing (if you’re a female).  Or they can make you a celestial son if you’re a male.  There are some planets where even cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Denver are being taken over by Mormons.  It’s happening, my friends.  There are even planets where the Mormons have taken over the whole world!  That means that everyone living on that planet eventually marries a Mormon somehow.  Either a psychic marriage or an outloud one.  But always in their Temple.

The first thing the Mormons do when they take over a city is they distribute all the females as wives among all the favored male, priesthood holders.  They do their psychic weddings inside the Temple (sometimes by force).  They might get to consummate.  The biggest reason a man chooses to divorces his wife on these planets is that a Mormon has married their wife in their Mormon Temple.  They find out because the wife says something to them about it.

Visions of these planets are what’s making people here on our planet a little nervous about smoking meth.  And I must admit, I never would’ve smoked meth had I known I’d have to deal with a lot of psychic Mormons!  But as far as I’ve been able to verify they haven’t taken over any of the cities I’ve been in during the course of my entire life.  And I have good reason to believe they haven’t even fully taken over all the psychics living in Utah (where most of the Mormons live).  And no matter how much of this planet the Mormons have taken over, they are simply not practicing real polygamy anymore.

The cause of these parallel universes is a difference in their history.  The Americans never stop the Mormons from practicing polgyamy on these other planets.  They just make it illegal to marry anybody else’s wife.  They can marry as many legally single people as they want.  Supposedly, Mormons who practice polygamy on these other planets are more aggressive than the monogamous ones on this planet.  They try to take over places by force.  Psychic force.

When a planet reaches its age of psychics, the Mormons convert everybody to their religion.  Anybody who doesn’t convert has death wished on them (read my blog entry titled “Mormon Torture” to learn more about wishing death).  You can still practice the religion you were raised in as long as you secretly believe the Mormon Gospel.  Only psychics need to know about it.  But some planets are completely Mormonized and there are Mormon churches on every block in every city on the planet.  There are no other churches or religions.  The ones that are completely Mormon are in the future.  The year on these planets is in like the 7 thousands.  At least 5,000 years in the future.  But these planets are also 5,000 years older.  You can have visions from these planets just like you can have visions of people on your own planet.

Most psychics on this planet know very little about the Mormons.  I have a lot of Italians in my set who just see it as “some other religion.”  When you have psychics in your set, it means they can see what you see and they feel like they’re inside of you.  I also have a lot of people from Argentina in my set.  They are worried about the visions from other planets, but know little about the Mormons actually living on our planet.

If you’ve smoked meth, and you’re worried about your sisters or your daughters or your mothers or your wives (worried that they’re being forced to marry Mormons in Temples), I would stop worrying.  It’s not happening on our planet.

See for yourselves.  Go to Mormon churches all across America and try to have a conversation with them in your head!