My Favorite Drinks At Starbucks Continued

In no particular order.

  • tall iced black tea with 10 pumps of classic

I recommend this if you want a sugar rush to go along with your caffeine rush.

  • venti espresso frappuccino with 2 shots of espresso

This is the good stuff.  Nothing beats the ice-cold refreshment that you get out of a frappuccino.  I recommend 2 shots of espresso so you can really get that strong coffee taste.

  • tall iced coffee with 1 shot of peppermint and 5 shots of vanilla

Peppermint is strong so you only need one shot of it.  And this drink only tastes good for a few sips before it gets old so I recommend just a tall.  But if you get a bigger size, still only get just one shot of peppermint.

  • grande double-chocolatey-chip frappuccino

No caffeine.  I also recommend this for Mormons.

  • venti iced coffee with 4 pumps hazelnut and 4 pumps vanilla
  • venti iced coffee with 3 pumps cinnamon dolce and 5 pumps vanilla

These 2 are my absolute favorite iced coffee drinks.


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