My Favorite Drinks At Starbucks

In no particular order.

  • one shot of espresso in a tall cup with almond milk

This is the absolute cheapest drink you can buy.  At some Starbuck’s you can get it for less than a dollar!  And Starbuck’s now serves almond milk so enjoy.

  • venti iced green tea with 8 pumps of classic

Normally they only give you 6 pumps if you ask for classic but I like my tea sweeter than normal.  And the price is sweet too.  Less than 3 dollars.

  • venti iced caramel macchiato upside-down with whole milk

This is the good stuff.  By asking for the caramel on the bottom you make sure it’s easier to suck up with your straw.  And whole milk tastes better than the 2 percent they normally put in there.  But be careful: this drink will cost you more than 5 dollars.

  • tall medium-roast hot coffee with soy milk and 10 pumps of sugar-free vanilla

For some reason, the sugar-free vanilla tastes the same as normal vanilla in hot coffee so go crazy with it.

  • trenta iced passion tea with 7 pumps of raspberry

This is an herbal tea so there’s no caffeine.  I recommend this for Mormons.  They normally put 8 pumps of sweetener in a trenta but you honestly don’t need that much.




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