Proud to be schizophrenic…

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2012.  I see a psychiatrist once every 3 months.  I get an injection of Halodol every month.  I take Zoloft orally everyday.  I go to an activities clinic called Recovery Innovations almost everyday.  They try to convince me that I am not my diagnosis.  I am a person, not a schizophrenic.

But I am proud to be schizophrenic.  I think my brain has evolved to allow for telepathic communication with spirits.  That is why I hear voices in my head and see people in my head.  This is something that makes me feel special.

I’m trying every day to not be delusional.  But the most delusional thought I can have is that the voices in my head aren’t real.  They are definitely real.  They are real beings.  They have their own personalities.  They say things I never would’ve thought of.  It’s not just my own brain working too hard.  They are separate beings.  Not me.

In reality, I am a magician.  I sense personages and their thought energy through magick.  My shortcut to acquiring magickal powers was smoking meth.  It’s not meth-induced schizophrenia per se.  But rather, it is opening my soul to the magickal realm.

But go ahead and call it schizophrenia.  I am proud to be a schizophrenic.


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