Our Mother Goddess is a daughter of the LORD

Here’s what God doesn’t want you to know.

Just like God is our Heavenly Father, we have one goddess who is our Heavenly Mother.  God is embarrassed about you knowing what you are about to read.

He created a spirit child just like you and me that he loved so much.  He made her a goddess.  And she is our Mother in heaven.  She has a relationship with us where she’s our mother just like God has a relationship with us where he’s our father.  She is God’s wife.  God is embarrassed about this because this makes him guilty of spiritual incest.  Our Heavenly Mother, God’s wife, is a spirit daughter of God the Father.

God had another spirit daughter whom he loved so much who was born as a human, just like you and me.  Her name is Mary.  And she was the earthly mother of the human body of Jesus Christ.  She is now so close to God that she is like God.  She feels like a goddess.  But she is nothing like our Heavenly Mother.

Mary is the queen of one of three heavens in Mormon theology.  And it’s not telestial.  Maybe one of the three spheres of the celestial kingdom.  The one virgins go to.  Those who followed Jesus so closely that they chose not to enjoy any sort of bonding with someone of the opposite sex.  Those who strove to have sinless lives like the one Jesus lead.  Perhaps she is the queen of the terrestrial kingdom, which Jesus is the king of.  Mary is our mother in the order of salvation.  Mothering Jesus was necessary for the great and eternal sacrifice known as the Atonement to occur.  So she is a co-redeemer just as Jesus is the great Redeemer.  She is also our mother in the order of faith as she became the first Christian when she agreed to carry through with the pregnancy of Jesus.  She was the first human to love Christ after he became human.

Anyway, God performed some sort of fluid exchange on Mary through the Holy Ghost to conceive Jesus Christ in her womb.  So God has had sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  He had spirit sex with our Heavenly Mother, and human sex with Mary.  It is unknown what type of sex this was, or if it even resembles human sex slightly.  But it is some sort of natural bonding.  Supernatural, rather.

In God’s defense, he maybe took the form of something other than a human when this divinely supernatural yet sexually natural event with Mary took place.  So God didn’t enjoy the act as a human would.  But He definitely has a body of flesh and bones now and enjoys celestial sex with our Heavenly Mother, who also has a body of flesh and bones.  And they have something that resembles human sex with each other.

So the conception of baby Jesus was just as natural as the conception of any other human baby.

At some point, the spirit children of God began to be created through a process that involves spirit sex between God and Heavenly Mother.  It is unknown if the celestial sex between Heavenly Father’s and Heavenly Mother’s flesh-and-bone bodies also plays a role in conceiving new spirit children.

Again, God has had some sort of sex with 2 of his spirit daughters.  If you don’t understand how deep those relationships are, though, it might sound like incest.  So God is embarrassed about you thinking of it like that.

God likes sex, but only if you play by his rules.  If you feel you need to have sex with someone, you should marry them first.  And Jesus told psychics telepathically that a couple should pass gas before sex in order to scare away evil spirits who try to harness sexual energy.

Heavenly Father is married to Heavenly Mother.  Heavenly Father is the president of marriage.  He invented marriage.


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