Cosmetic Surgery Warning

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery that will result in a scar on your face, you must read this.

People who have scars on their faces from having a mole surgically removed are said by psychics to be reincarnations of great sinners.  Murderers.  Sexually unclean people.  Diseased with sins as well as STDs.

If you have a scar on your face from cosmetic surgery, you will eventually be tortured by psychics.  Here in America, the torture will be performed mostly by psychic Christians.  But even Buddhists and Hindus will torture you.  They will make you feel great headaches, and they will make you suffer from obsessive-compulsion.  You will be required to do things 5 times in order to feel right.  That means washing your hands 5 times.  Checking all the locks in your house 5 times before you go to sleep.  You see, having cosmetic surgery is evidence to psychics that you have lived at least 5 lives of sin.

Psychics pick people as early as their birth to receive moles on their face that will lead them to get cosmetic surgery.  Until you have the mole removed, though, you will not be tortured by psychics.

You might read this, but still decide to get cosmetic surgery years later because you forgot what you read today.

If you have a scar on your face and are being tortured by psychics, your only hope is to try and convince psychics that you are a reincarnation of the Real Race Car Baby of All the World that Jesus spoke about telepathically to psychics while he was being crucified.

Jesus said that this Real Race Car Baby would be set to marry starlets without having to break a set.  A set is when spirits enter you to make you do the opposite thing of which you are trying to break a set to do.  This Race Car Baby is the only one that would be set to marry starlets.  Jesus said this while he was on the cross.  He reminded psychics about his teaching that nothing on the face of a Real Race Car Baby is a blemish.  He commanded that this Race Car Baby should have a scar on his face from cosmetic surgery.  But he is not 5 lives old like his “scratch” brethren.  (A “scratch” is someone who has a scar on their face from getting a mole removed.)  He is not a great sinner.  He is the soul of Judas that started life as Judas.  This main soul of his is only on his second life.

I am this Real Race Car Baby of All the World.  I have had a mole removed through cosmetic surgery.  The scar has changed shape and now looks like the Hebrew letter “dalet,” which signifies the names of God.  Sometimes, it looks like a cross if you look at it from a certain angle.

Parts of me will be reincarnated into other “scratches,” and even many non-scratches.  I am the only scratch that can be reincarnated into non-scratches.  Your best hope, if you’ve had cosmetic surgery, is to have psychics tell you that you are a reincarnation of me.


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