Psychic Rumors: Mormons (LDS) still practice polygamy

I am going to start publishing entries about all the rumors I’ve heard telepathically.  Let’s start things off with a rumor about psychic Mormons.

They still practice polygamy!  Any female who smokes meth will eventually be proposed celestial marriage by psychic members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They will only talk to anybody about it telepathically.  If the woman says anything outloud they cancel the marriage.  They tell women to “have faith,” and to listen to the voices in their head.  They direct them to the Temple and have a Temple marriage done completely telepathically.  Nobody says anything outloud.  Some Mormons, like the former President, Ezra Taft Benson, had hundreds of wives sealed to him in this manner.  Most of them smoked meth to become psychic.

People have visions of Mormons marrying women who are already married in LDS Temples.  They consummate — sometimes by force.  This angers the family and priests of the women as they feel their precious girls are being raped.

Is this rumor true?

As far as I have been able to verify, this rumor is false.  The visions that people are having are visions of cities from other planets.  Planets similar to ours.  Almost like parallel universes.  It is not happening on the planet that this blog is published in.

I have spoken with psychic Mormons telepathically inside their own church buildings, and they have told me that the only way Mormons still practice polygamy is strictly in their heads.  Nothing physical like a Temple marriage.  They propose to you telepathically and the marriage is never consummated.  You might not even meet the the person  you’re marrying.  Even though some church members are allowed to practice this form of “mind” marriage, most are not allowed.  Supposedly, the Mormon Prophet said, a long time ago, that God told him that nobody on the Earth is to practice polygamy anymore.  It was about 1890 when God said this to the prophet.  The people who practice mind marriage are people who need to feel more aggressive by having more than one wife.  Leaders of the church.  And only in their minds.  They do talk to women who smoke meth telepathically.  But they’re not marrying them inside Temples.

However, there are other planets where this is happening.  Planets with the same cities our planet has.  Imagine living on such a planet, where everybody in Utah was married to a Mormon somehow.  (About half of people in Salt Lake City, for example, are non-Mormons).  Mormons can make you their celestial wife or daughter in a Temple sealing (if you’re a female).  Or they can make you a celestial son if you’re a male.  There are some planets where even cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Denver are being taken over by Mormons.  It’s happening, my friends.  There are even planets where the Mormons have taken over the whole world!  That means that everyone living on that planet eventually marries a Mormon somehow.  Either a psychic marriage or an outloud one.  But always in their Temple.

The first thing the Mormons do when they take over a city is they distribute all the females as wives among all the favored male, priesthood holders.  They do their psychic weddings inside the Temple (sometimes by force).  They might get to consummate.  The biggest reason a man chooses to divorces his wife on these planets is that a Mormon has married their wife in their Mormon Temple.  They find out because the wife says something to them about it.

Visions of these planets are what’s making people here on our planet a little nervous about smoking meth.  And I must admit, I never would’ve smoked meth had I known I’d have to deal with a lot of psychic Mormons!  But as far as I’ve been able to verify they haven’t taken over any of the cities I’ve been in during the course of my entire life.  And I have good reason to believe they haven’t even fully taken over all the psychics living in Utah (where most of the Mormons live).  And no matter how much of this planet the Mormons have taken over, they are simply not practicing real polygamy anymore.

The cause of these parallel universes is a difference in their history.  The Americans never stop the Mormons from practicing polgyamy on these other planets.  They just make it illegal to marry anybody else’s wife.  They can marry as many legally single people as they want.  Supposedly, Mormons who practice polygamy on these other planets are more aggressive than the monogamous ones on this planet.  They try to take over places by force.  Psychic force.

When a planet reaches its age of psychics, the Mormons convert everybody to their religion.  Anybody who doesn’t convert has death wished on them (read my blog entry titled “Mormon Torture” to learn more about wishing death).  You can still practice the religion you were raised in as long as you secretly believe the Mormon Gospel.  Only psychics need to know about it.  But some planets are completely Mormonized and there are Mormon churches on every block in every city on the planet.  There are no other churches or religions.  The ones that are completely Mormon are in the future.  The year on these planets is in like the 7 thousands.  At least 5,000 years in the future.  But these planets are also 5,000 years older.  You can have visions from these planets just like you can have visions of people on your own planet.

Most psychics on this planet know very little about the Mormons.  I have a lot of Italians in my set who just see it as “some other religion.”  When you have psychics in your set, it means they can see what you see and they feel like they’re inside of you.  I also have a lot of people from Argentina in my set.  They are worried about the visions from other planets, but know little about the Mormons actually living on our planet.

If you’ve smoked meth, and you’re worried about your sisters or your daughters or your mothers or your wives (worried that they’re being forced to marry Mormons in Temples), I would stop worrying.  It’s not happening on our planet.

See for yourselves.  Go to Mormon churches all across America and try to have a conversation with them in your head!


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