Visit with the shrink

I see a psychiatrist once a month because I was petitioned to go to a mental hospital twice in the past 2 years.  I am on court-ordered treatment.  The “shrink” prescribes medication for me which really doesn’t do anything.  Furthermore, she tries to convince me that the spirits and psychics I talk to are just voices in my head.  Figments of my imagination.

I told her, “I think the voices are real.”  She had a shocked look on her face.  She recommended that I see a counselor to talk about what the voices say because it’s not her job to talk it through with me about everything I hear in my mind.

I have a relationship with beings that I only know of because they’re inside my head.  I hear their voices.  I see caricatures of them like somebody drew them in my head.  I feel their presence.  I think their thoughts.  They speak to me telepathically — sometimes with no words, just thoughts.  But they exist strictly inside my mind.

They have told me that they are people on this Earth.  Anybody from my neighbors to people all over the world.  They mostly claim to be Europeans.  They tell me that Italy is the diplomatically-elected capital of psychics worldwide.  Many of them are Catholic.  And psychic Catholics make up a huge portion of psychics worldwide.

They have also told me that they are Mormons who live in the southwestern United States.  I smoked a lot of meth many years ago, and they claim to control the drug.  They tell me that anybody who smokes meth is going to talk to psychic Mormons.

They also claim to be spirits from other dimensions or planes of existence.

Anyway, they all claim to have the psychic ability to remote-view me.  God has commanded them to watch me all the time.  They not only see everything I do, but they set me to do things.  Sometimes, I feel like they are controlling me.  I’m just being strung along like a puppet on puppet strings.  They control my thinking as well.  Their thoughts are the source of my thoughts.

They do these things because I am something called a “Baby.”  (Read my blog entry titled “The Baby.”)

I try to tell my shrink some of these things and she won’t really hear it.  She just tells me it’s my own mind working up crazy stories in my head.  She says I’m really smart and have done a lot of reading.  That would explain why my mind thinks so many crazy things.

But I know these spirits are real beings.  They all have their own personality.  And they say things I never could’ve thought up on my own.

If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia like I have, please consider that the voices in your head might be the voices of real beings — no matter who they claim to be.

I don’t claim to know exactly who everyone is.  Just because someone appears to me and talks to me telepathically doesn’t mean they are who they claim to be.  They could be anyone or anything.  But they are real.  And I’m not going to believe I have a mental illness just because I can hear their voices in my head.


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