A Blogger Evolution

Interesting read. Ate it up as if it was a big bowl of pasta with plenty of butter, but parts with little butter so as to catch the flavor of the pure pasta too. Delicious. His magical ability to write exhaustively on a topic seems to be rubbing off on me with my comments. Here is the comment on his blog entry that I made in response to another reply by Abigail Patricia “Patty” Doyle, where she said, “Many bloggers want to be the TD Jakes or Jimmy Swaggart of blogging. They expect that people are going to follow them like they are the Gods of some new religion.”
I replied:
“I am the god of a new religion. Sike! JK But I do have a blog that talks a lot about religion, magick, and being psychic. I don’t think I’m going to be the Jimmy Swaggart of blogging, though. I mostly do it because I know there are psychics watching me. I care more about the psychics watching me than the people who actually hit up my blog on their computer. But I do appreciate the few hits. I only get a handful a day. I just know there are more psychic people watching me. I don’t know why they are watching me. In fact, my shrink says I’m schizophrenic and the voices in my head are just figments of my imagination. Who knows. But I love blogging about it! I was originally going to just keep a journal. And psychics watched me do that for a while. But then I was lured by the idea of random people who aren’t psychic reading about the things these psychics were telling me. The psychics tell me that psychic knowledge or psychic information is only for psychics. Some people feel I am sinning by writing about these things online, where non-psychics can read them.
For that reason, I do sorta feel like I’m the god of a new religion!”


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