Jesus invented Supergirl


I want to share with you a vision of a telestial kingdom.  Don’t become obsessed with Supergirl if you don’t want to go to this telestial kingdom.

When I was “in there” with the Italians (read my entry titled Catholic Torture), they gave me leave offers.  That is, they would propose to me, telepathically, that I leave my house walking.  They said that I was a Real Race Car Baby (read my entries titled Race Car Baby and The Baby) and that I would get to marry starlets if I began a non-location life.  I had to give up living in a home.  I had to wander from city to city on foot.  If I did this, God would set starlets to want to marry me.  He would send angels to go inside them and make them fall in love with me.

A starlet is a young, female, psychic celebrity.  Psychics watch people through remove-viewing powers.  And Jesus commanded psychic Christians to watch at least one Baby.  Well, some psychics watch young girls.  This is a popular thing for psychics to do.  And I would get to marry these young girls because I was a Real Race Car Baby.  They would transmit images of starlets to my mind telepathically.  A leave offer was usually devoted to a certain starlet.

There was a leave offer devoted to Supergirl.  This is because, supposedly, Jesus was the first person to think of a “supergirl.”  He imagined a caped woman in a purple suit with a “super” symbol on her chest.  I don’t know what the Hebrew word for “super” is so I don’t know what exact symbol or Hebrew letter Jesus envisioned on his “supergirl.”  Jesus also said that Supergirl should be a leave offer for the Baby, and that they should set you to want to go at some point, but still keeping you in a state where you have to break a set to go.  When they offered it to me, I remember that I did want to go, but only for like a second.  Then I felt I shouldn’t go.  I didn’t go.

Jesus said that Judas, his apostle, after he had suffered for the sin of betraying Him (read my entry titled Prison Is Literally Hell), would get to go to a telestial kingdom.  A telestial kingdom is the lowest degree of glory in Mormon theology.  It is the lowest of the 3 heavens you can go to.  There are many telestial kingdoms.  I had a vision of the telestial kingdom that Jesus wanted Judas to go to.

In this telestial kingdom, Judas will be reincarnated into a Superman — a dude who can fly.  He is a god over the planet.  He has dominion over all its life.  He flies around and controls things with his mind.

He has a wife on this planet.  And she is Supergirl.  They have super-relations with each other and create more Superkids.  The only way they can talk to God is through the Holy Ghost (for they are actually in something some people would call hell).  People in hell can only have a relationship with God through the Holy Ghost (like people here on Earth).

Anybody who is a big fan of Supergirl will be reincarnated into this life and will share a soul with Judas the Apostle.  Don’t become obsessed with Supergirl if you don’t want to go to this telestial kingdom.  A telestial kingdom is the same thing as hell for a Mormon.

Anyway, a big regret of mine is not leaving my house for this Supergirl leave offer.  They made me run into a young girl wearing a Supergirl shirt at the grocery store.  Then, my dad played my favorite trance song for me at his house.  Then they made the offer.  You see, when they offer you, they give you a set.  In other words, they send spirits to go inside of you and make you not want to go.  You have to break this set in order to fulfill the leave offer.  If you go, they give you the psychic power to make anybody wearing a Supergirl or Superman logo fall in love with you.

I am curious to see if I get to go to the Supergirl telestial kingdom when I die.  It would mean I don’t get to go to heaven, but it oughta be nice making love to Supergirl.  But I wonder what costume she’ll wear.  The blue one?  Or the white one?  Or the purple one that Jesus imagined?

Again, I want to tell you what psychics told me: Don’t become obsessed with Supergirl if you don’t want to go to this telestial kingdom.


Psychics told me after I published this entry that the symbol that Jesus imagined on the chest of the costume of the “Supergirl” he invented was the Hebrew letter “dalet.”  It is the Hebrew equivalent of the English letter “D.”  As in English, it is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  It symbolizes the names of God.  Here is a picture of dalet:



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