Psychics control the world

Psychics have an amazing gift that gives them an advantage over other people.  They use this upper-hand to get good jobs.  They gravitate towards the intelligence community.  Many in the C.I.A., for example, are psychic.

The reason most people don’t know about psychics is because real psychics don’t want you to know.  If you knew that someone was psychic, you might not trust them.

Besides, many psychics believe that you should only talk about psychic things with other psychics.  There are some things a person will only tell you telepathically.  With that said, psychics are usually pretty honest telepathically.  They will tell you exactly how they think they rule the world.


One thought on “Psychics control the world

  1. Namaste, I so love the fact that I am Empathic Medium,and to answer your questions I really dont like to be around slow minded folks (my family) it just makes me mad,why they cant see the big picture and they dont use their gifts at all,I am all by myself with my relearning process,but I do attract others like myself and when we get together we have a blast like ole friends from many lifetimes past.but as for the ones that dont even trust themselves wont get it either

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