Tip for Anal Sex

I want to share a tip for having better anal sex with your marital partner.  But first, let me talk about how anal sex can help men sense magick.

When a man has anal sex with a woman, there is more pressure on the penis as the anus is tighter than the vagina.  This makes you more sensitive to spirits who are trying to occupy the space in and around your penis.  You see, spirits can make themselves very small.  They post up around people’s sexual organs to gather sexual energy from them.

My tip for anal sex is this: two people should take turns fingering each other’s behind and talking about how it feels.  The more you talk about it, the more you’ll know what feels good and what doesn’t.  One of the common things that is said about anal sex is that it feels like you’re taking a crap.  While some people might enjoy this feeling in and of itself, this is usually a sign that you’re doing something wrong.  Anal sex should feel like sex.  Like you’re getting f-ed.

There’s some things you learn about anal sex by receiving it.  There’s other things you learn by giving it.  You have to do both and talk about it with your partner to really learn.  Men and women both have anuses and fingers.  So use them and screw them!

If you’re having trouble opening up with your partner and you still want to learn more, try fingering your own a-hole.  See how far you can go without flinching.  With experience, you’ll overcome the reflex to stop going down that tube.  It’s not a sin to wash your derriere with soap and to stick your finger up your hole so as to clean it.  Some people bleach their hole.  Simply stick your finger in a small cup of Clorox and then stick it up your hole.  Try not to think any homosexual thoughts, or even heterosexual thoughts, as this, coupled with sticking your finger up there, might be construed as masturbation (which is a sin).

If you’re a guy, and you get fingered by a woman, or you finger yourself, you’ll know what a woman feels like when she is receiving.  You’ll know what not to do.

Anal sex is a sin for a Christian if it’s purpose is not to make a baby.  Anal sex offers more stimulation for the man and thus increased excitement.  This makes the penis more erect and thus better equipped to cause a pregnancy.  After anal sex, a man should cum inside the woman’s vagina to try and make her bear a child.  Also, you should only be having anal sex (or any kind of sex) with someone you are married to.

Remember that if you enjoy sex, even anal sex, sex-crazed spirits will try to be in your set.  They will enter you and try to feel like you to derive pleasure for themselves.  Like I said before, spirits can harness sexual power every time you have sex.

Jesus commanded psychic Christians to pass gas before any kind of sex to scare away evil spirits.  Learn to like this and you will truly love the butt (and everything that comes out of it).

One thing you can tell your partner while they are fingering you back there is that you will try on them whatever they do to you so they know what it feels like.  Guys, tell her, “Baby, do to me what you want me to do to you so I know what it is.”  Girls, if you are receiving it, and you don’t like how something feels, do it to him when he lets you finger him so he knows what it feels like.  Tell him, “Baby, don’t do this to me.”  And then do it to him.  He will remember!


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