Psychic Torture 301

The most current torture performed on me by psychics is a sort of panic attack I call “feeling like that.”

When I “feel like that,” I feel mentally retarded.  I feel like someone with dementia trapped in a smart person’s body.  Psychics are doing something to my brain where It’s hard to think.  I’ll feel other forces using magick to get my mind stuck.

If I was doing something, I’ll forget what I was doing or I won’t know how to do what I was trying to do.  One time, I was throwing away the garbage.  I had one of these panic attacks and I just stood in place with the garbage bag in my hand.  I didn’t know where to go or what to do with the bag in my hand.  I felt able to, or smart enough, to remember, but couldn’t.

Everything looks like a jigsaw puzzle.  If I look closely at anything, I’ll see dots with rough edges and I won’t be able to stop noticing them.  I won’t want to look at them.  But everything has them.  The floor.  The walls.  The sky.  Everything.

I’ll start worrying about cooties.  I dread touching stuff with my hands.  I’ll even be super careful about what I step on.

If people ask me stuff while I “feel like that,” I’ll say “I don’t know,” or “What?”  I have to explain to them that their words are just not registering in my mind.

I’ll feel unsettled no matter where I am.  Though unable to move, I will feel super-anxious about where I’m standing or where I’m sitting.

The voices in my head tell me that they’re going to remember every little thing I see, or the exact position I’m in.  They’ll be thinking about it and transmitting the memory to me telepathically so as to annoy me or frighten me that I have this image stuck in my head forever.  I might try to walk around and get different spots of my house in my head.  But the feeling of mental incapacitation continues.

I won’t want to use the restroom because I have to touch my cock which is dirty.  I’ll be afraid of getting minute amounts of urine on my hands.  I have to wipe the tip of my penis with toilet paper just like I was wiping my ass.  I’ll wash my hands over and over.

I’ll be dehydrated and my lips will be dry and start to crack.  But I won’t want to drink water because I dread going to the restroom.

I also dread talking to people.  If I have to, it’s mostly I-don’t-knows that I can utter.  But the psychics will tell me that they will remember anything I hear someone say or even anything I read because they will make me remember so as to annoy me and frighten me.

I just can’t think when I feel like that.  There is severe thought-blocking going on.

Remember that there’s something about being dehydrated that makes it easier for psychics to perform this torture on you.  I have been drinking plenty of water and the torture almost went away.  I didn’t get the panic attacks for almost 3 weeks.  But it did come back.  The last time I felt like that was a couple days ago, but it was only for half an hour.  That’s the only time it’s happened since I started drinking more water.  It used to happen at least once a week.  And it would last at least an hour.  Sometimes, I feel like that even as I’m going to sleep.

This torture started for me in September or October of 2012.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  But now I can sense the magick of the psychics wishing this on me.

I went to a mental hospital when it first happened.  That’s how bad it was.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I called a behavioral health clinic and told them I was freaking out because everything looked like a jigsaw puzzle and I couldn’t think straight.

The voices in my head eventually told me that they were going to keep doing this torture.  I didn’t think it was psychics at first.  But I’ve felt their brains now.  I’ve seen the magick they use to inflict this on me.

I don’t know who’s responsible for this torture.  But nothing like this would’ve ever happened before I started smoking meth.

If you are a psychic, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid this torture.


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