How God can make you a God of your own planet

Revelation 1:6

Some people argue that, because there must’ve been a first mover in existence, that our planet’s God was existence’s first mover.  But this may not be the case.

Furthermore, they argue that a God is incapable of making another God because there can only be one supreme ruler of existence.  And he must’ve been the First Mover as spoken of by Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The Argument of the First Mover is this: matter is in motion.  Because matter is in motion, we know somebody moved it.  This mover was moved by a previous mover.  This previous mover moved by another previous mover.  And so on.  And so forth.  But this cannot continue indefinitely into the past.  If there wasn’t a first mover, there would be no subsequent movers.

The First Mover is the true God who created something out of nothing.  In the beginning, God was a spirit surrounded by nothingness.  He could not make another being who existed with Him in the beginning.  Otherwise, He wouldn’t be the First Mover.

God has said many times that he always existed — that there is no beginning to him.  No other being can ever say the same thing truthfully otherwise they would be the First Mover and God wouldn’t.

How God can share eternity with someone is a mystery of exaltation — the doctrine of humans becoming Gods like our God.

Let me shed some light on it.

God can make other dimensions of existence.  Dimensions in a different space-time continuum.  Dimensions with nothing in them.  God can make you a spirit in that nothingness.  In your dimension, you always existed because without you there would be nothing in that dimension.  You would progress from knowledge to knowledge until you became an all-knowing God like the God who made you.  You would tell the people you created that there is no beginning to you and that you always were in that dimension.  For before you there was nothing in that dimension.  And nothingness cannot be the beginning of anything.

In Revelation 1:6, John refers to a “Father” of our God.

6 [Jesus] hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father

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Some might think they’re talking about Jesus when they said God.  So “his Father” is merely God the Father (the God of Israel), who is the Father of Jesus.  But read carefully.  Jesus is doing this (making his followers, such as John, kings and priests) unto God.  They were talking about Jesus since verse 5 of the same chapter.  If Jesus is doing something unto somebody, he can’t be doing it to himself.

He was doing it unto God, and his Father.  So God has a Father.  And not in the sense that Jesus has a Father.  In the sense that the Father of Jesus has a Father.

And if our God had a Father, then we can assume that the Father of our God also had a Father.  And even he had a Father.  And so on.  And so forth.

Until you come back to the argument that there must’ve been a first mover.  Just remember that you don’t have to be the First Mover, or the first God to exist, to be a God of a dimension that started out with nothing.  Though you would be the first mover of your dimension.

When did Gods begin to be?


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