Mormon Torture, Catholic Torture

If you are psychic, at some point other psychics will torture you.

The “L” (Mormon Torture)

If you smoke meth, the Mormons will torture you.  They call their series of psychic torture “The L,” which is short for LDS (the name of their church).  They feel that Mormon psychics should control who uses meth.  For the privilege of having the psychic visions that you will see when you use meth, you need to pay for using their drug by receiving this torture.


The most basic form of Mormon torture is a “bearclaw.”  This is when you feel a magical claw grab you by your chest.  This is sometimes a precursor to “wishing death.”

Wishing Death

The Mormons have the power to enter your body spiritually and wish death on you.  They can make your heart race.  It’ll pump hard and fast and it’ll feel like you’re going to have a heart attack.  You can tell it is psychics controlling your body with their mind.  You will be able to sense their thoughts of literally wishing death on you.  A psychic leader, usually one who goes by the psychic name of Mark, tells the Mormons what to do and what to think so that you feel like death is being wished on you.


This is when several people think the same thought in order to make it a more powerful and heavier thought.  They then bombard the “Lancaster” victim with the thought, which they send through the air.  Remember that thoughts are tangible things to a psychic.

They can make you think anything.  They can make you feel anxious about doing something you wanted to do.  They can keep you in one place by Lancastering you over and over.  It’s really stressful on the brain.

Subtractive Synthesis

This is the worst Mormon torture you can receive.  It is usually reserved for prophets (people who smoke meth who are really smart).  Smart people are more psychic so they deserve more torture if they smoke meth.  Mormons hate that smart people use meth when they can probably be psychic without it.  And you will feel like they hate you when you receive this suffering.

Subtractive synthesis is basically the worst headache you can get.  Psychics make several circles of power around your head and stress is applied in the area in which the circles meet.  How they apply this stress is unknown to most psychics.  The title of the torture may be a hint.  They synthesize a headache by subtracting from the area where the circles of power meet.

This headache is worse than the worst of migraines.  I was a prophet-of-God in the “L,” which means I’m a smart person who talked about religion when I smoked meth and learned that I could talk to people telepathically.  I got these headaches for about 2 years.  Almost everyday.  Some would last several minutes but others would last longer.

The Italian (Catholic Torture)

After the Mormons are done torturing you, you will hear the Mormon prophet declare to psychics that you are ready for an “Italian.”  This is when the Catholics torture you.  Supposedly, Italy is the psychic capital of the world.  And psychics from all over the Earth organize, through Italy, torture for psychics.  They call it being “in there.”  They mostly want you to stay inside your house and quit your job if you can.  They want you to go outside sparingly — only if you need to buy groceries or something.


The Italians tell you telepathically to stand in place.  They tell you that you have to be willing to receive the torture.  They promise it won’t be as bad as “The L.”  But they do set you to stand.  In other words, they make you feel like standing in place.

You will stand until your feet heart.  You might feel bored the whole time.  They might entertain you while you stand.  Or they might say abusive things to break you down.


The Spanish word for “knife” is “cuchillo.”  And a “cuchillaso” literally means a “knife attack.”  What is it?  After you have been standing in place for a long time, the Italians will tell you to have a seat on your couch.  They command you to stay awake to get credit for the torture.  But they make you doze off and almost fall asleep.  You have to fend off sleep.  And every time they send magick that makes you feel sleepy it feels like a stabbing in your brain.  Hence the name, “cuchillaso.”

Excruciating Boredom

Something the Italians are good at is depriving you of motivation to do fun or productive things.  If you don’t stand in place, only taking a break on the couch when they tell you to, they will make you feel like pacing around the house doing nothing.  They will tease you with thoughts of watching TV or playing video games but then hit you with anxiety about getting started.  They will send you magick which makes you feel excruciatingly bored, yet unmotivated to do anything.  This torture, while it seems less psychic, is actually very stressful on the brain.


The only thing the Italians will let you do while you are “in there” is eat.  They tell you that they will torture you with eating.  You have to be willing to eat a lot — even if you feel full.

The basic premise of this torture is simple enough.  If you stuff yourself, you will be in mild pain.  The good thing is that when you eat a lot you can feel like yourself more.  You will start to notice when you do things like walk around or fidget that it is spirits going inside of you making you do these things.  Eating more will help you stay still when you stand in place.  You will feel like you are deliberately making every move you make instead of having spirits go inside of you and make you do things.  You will “make yourself” do things.  You will feel your nerves and feel more like yourself.

But this is only a tease for arguably the worst torture of all.

Doing What You’re Set To

Once you know what it feels like to do things by yourself like walking deliberately, the Italians will send many spirits to go inside of you and make you unable to “make yourself” do things.  When other spirits make you do things they say you’re doing what you’re “set” to do.

It will feel like every move you make was controlled by some spirit.  You’ll wish you were able to “make yourself” do things like they let you when you were eating a lot.  You won’t be able to control yourself.  They will make you feel like eating the huge amounts you were making yourself eat before.  You will feel gluttonous.  They might make you smoke, drink alcohol, or masturbate.  You will have no self-control.  And they will tell you every time you do such things that it is spirits going inside of you making you do them.  They don’t want you to forget that.

This breaking down of self-control is what makes this psychic torture so annoying to have to take.


Finally, they will make you feel like all the torture you have been taking was only the result of a mental disease.  They will keep saying that the voices you hear in your head are auditory hallucinations, and that there is no such thing as psychics.  Some people fall for it and start looking at it with closed eyes again.  But the psychics keep reminding them that it’s stupid to look at it with closed eyes after you have opened your eyes and know there are psychics.  So you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.  You won’t know what to think when they make you suffer from schizophrenia.

Remember that Italians torture anybody who is psychic, even if they don’t smoke meth.  Such people might not know they are being tortured.  People who don’t smoke meth haven’t seen everything yet so they are oblivious to many spirits.  They can make you stand in place and eat a lot even if you don’t know you are being tortured.


Remember that this is all psychic torture.  To an outside observer who isn’t psychic, it’ll look like you’re schizophrenic and suffering from things like hallucinations and hearing voices.  They will wonder why you do nothing but lay in your bed or stand in place.  They will blame you for lacking self-control if you’re tortured with vices such as smoking.

In the “L,” they really don’t make you feel like telling anybody about the tortures you’re receiving.  You’ll just know it’s psychics torturing you.  In retrospect, if you try to close your eyes and not believe in psychics, you might think you suffered from terrible migraines and near heart attacks all that time.  During the actual torture, though, you won’t think to see a doctor about your symptoms.  They won’t let you think that.

If you don’t want to be tortured by psychics, don’t try to be a psychic, and definitely don’t smoke meth.


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