Sex Magick

There are 2 main purposes of sex magick.  One is to reach higher states of pleasure.  The other is to commune with beings in a higher state of existence.

You see, many spirits are drawn to sex and sexual power.  When you have sex, you will attract many sex-crazed spirits.  As you masturbate or have sex with someone you may be able to sense many spirits trying to visit the space around your body — especially around your sexual organs where the feeling of pleasure is strongest.  Try to send thoughts to these spirits and speak to them outloud.  They will hear you and know your thoughts.

The feeling of ecstasy as you have sex (and especially when you climax) is produced by chemicals in your body making you feel good.  But this also produces magick.  Just as with any other kind of energy, sex energy is put off by your body.  Try to sense this energy and you will learn to conjure it even when you are not having sex.  You can learn to make yourself a receptor for sexual energy being put off by other people in the universe having sex.

The only way to not attract evil spirits when having sex is to do it God’s way.  First, you should only have sex with someone whom you are married to (at least legally).  This is the law of chastity.  Even masturbation (sex by yourself) is against the will of God.  Sex between a couple and someone else (a menage-a-trois or threesome) is just as forbidden.

When a couple has sex, one of the partners should fart before the sex begins.  Jesus was very specific about this with psychics.  He told early Christians telepathically that someone should pass gas before sex.  The farting sickens many evil spirits and they leave.  Also, the passing of gas changes your state of mind from wanting to enjoy the sex to being reluctant to do it.  You are saved from sinful lust.

Husbands should not lust after their wives.  Wives should not lust after their husbands.  In fact, it’s better if you don’t even enjoy the sex.  The evil spirits will not try to go inside of you and be in your set if you’re not taking in the pleasure of it.  Just enough foreplay to get aroused.  And just enough sex for the man to reach climax.  If the man did not cum inside the woman the sex is sinful.  The only purpose of sex should be to procreate.  If you’re not trying to make a baby, don’t have sex!  Some say that it is ok for the woman to reach climax too as this increases the chance of conception.  But some say it is best if the woman is spared from this pleasure of the flesh which can cause spiritual death.

When the man cums, he should avoid enjoying the climax.  I recommend clearing your throat and holding some of the mucus on your tongue.  Just as with the fart, feeling the mucus in your mouth will keep you from feeling lust of the flesh.  A psychic, Catholic priest taught me this when I was in the shower, washing my penis.  It prevented me from accidentally masturbating.

I discovered sex magick by masturbating.  I talked to spirits who live for no other reason than to draw sex energy from people having sex or masturbating.  I was able to see the energy that came from my cock.  I know sex magick is real.  But it is also a sin.  I write about it to share my knowledge through experience.  But it is best avoided.  Keeping the law of chastity leads to eternal life with God and Jesus.  Most Christian religions teach the law of chastity.  But the knowledge of Jesus’ rules for having sex (namely, farting before sex) was taught to me by psychic Christians.  I testify that these things are truly the will of Jesus.  The Spirit of Truth has confirmed it.  Pray about it and you’ll know it’s true too.  You should only have sex with your spouse.  And you should pass gas before having sex.

I hope this blog entry doesn’t lead people to start having sex outside of marriage or to masturbate.  But if you are still enjoying this sin, I can tell you that you can increase your pleasure by manipulating the energies that sex creates.  Ultimately, though, I found out that I really didn’t like sex.  I would only masturbate because spirits wanted me to.  They would go inside of me and cause me to engage in this sin.  If you are a sex addict, you might find out through sex magick that it is similar evil spirits driving you to transgress.  But eventually the Holy Ghost will prompt you to repent of this transgression.  The Lord will give you space to repent and you must do it or your soul will suffer spiritual death.  Even looking at a woman lustfully can lead to spiritual blindness.  I have repented of this transgression.

God only wants you to have sex if you need it.  Paul makes this very clear in 1 Corinthians 7:1-9.

1 …It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have this own wife, and let every woman have her own husband

8 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I.

9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

Verse 8 makes it clear that God prefers if we don’t have sex and remain unmarried.  But if we cannot resist we should marry so we can have sex with someone.

I no longer masturbate.  And I am happy being single.  I know God favors me over someone who enjoys sex.

Remember that it is a sin to have sex if you’re not trying to make a baby!  God hates it when people have sex without the possibility of pregnancy.  This is the divine purpose of sex.  The only reason it feels so irresistible is so that we have a motive to procreate.

If you get good at sex magick, you will be able to make yourself feel good even when you are not having sex.  Jesus told psychic people telepathically that they should watch a Race Car Baby (by remote-viewing powers) and set him to have sex if they feel they need sex.  Watching a Baby have sex works much the same way as POV (point-of-view) porn.  This is the type of pornography where the guy is holding the camera while he has sex with the woman.  Watching this type of pornography is the second worst form of pornography you can watch as a Christian.  It is evidence of past lives.  The worst kind is diaper porn.  Jesus said specifically to many psychics that he hated adults using the diapers of a baby for whoredom.  He hates adult diapers except with people who use them for incontinence.  Remote-viewing a Baby and setting them to have sex is the only way a Christian can enjoy sex outside of marriage.  As a psychic, you are having sex vicariously through a Baby already doomed to go to hell.  The baby lives more than one human life through reincarnation, but being the Baby is the most Christian life you can live as a sinner.  Since he is already going to hell, he can have sex.  And psychic Christians can watch him with their psychic powers.

Also, there are people having sex all over the world and their energy is everywhere.  Learn to conjure it and attract it.  At first, you will need to imagine the sights and sounds of sex in your head.  Thighs, buttocks, breasts, a man’s bare chest for sights.  And moans, groans, squirms, slapping of bodies for sounds.  By imagining these things your brain will be in a set where sex is happening.  It will tune in to frequencies where sexual energy is being put off.  But if you get really good at it, you’ll be able to conjure this energy without sinning.  They are just feelings caused by chemistry (neuro-transmitters releasing in people’s bodies).  I can tune in to psychic waves from sex just by recalling how good it feels.  And I don’t have to imagine the feeling in my sexual areas.  I can try to feel it in my elbow if I want.

Find a righteous way to satisfy your desire for pleasure.  Lest you be a slave to immoral sexual acts.


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