Legalize Meth

Pro-drug activists were able to legalize marijuana by arguing that people have a right to get high and that decriminalization makes it safer.  Meth should be legalized for the same reasons.

First of all, many people believe that using meth makes you psychic.  Thus, freedom of religion should be invoked.  People should be free to use this drug to obtain the psychic visions that many users report.

Second of all, legal meth would be safer than illegal meth.  Methamphetamine is dangerous because of the way it is used in the streets.  People smoke it, and they inject it.  This intensifies the rush and makes it very addictive.  Also, by their nature, these methods of use are very bad for your health.  If meth were legal, it would be offered in its pill form (Desoxyn) which is already legal for medicinal purposes.  Meth pills are safer than street meth.  They are less addictive.  And they still let you be psychic.  In fact, ingesting methamphetamine is the most efficient way to become psychic.

Criminalizing meth is a violation of our religious freedom.  And it makes it more dangerous.  Not only is illegal meth bad for your health (it’s cut with nasty chemicals), but it fuels crime and violence by its black market distribution.

Let’s focus, as drug activists, on legalizing methamphetamine!



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