The Gospel of the Holy Ghost

  • The Holy Ghost is a spirit with no body of flesh and bones.
  • He is the god of such spirits with no bodies.  He is the greatest one.
  • God the Father learned, when he was only a spirit, that there are advantages to not having flesh and bones.
  • Having nothing physical to obstruct or limit the Holy Ghost, He permeates the universe.
  • Though He must be in one place at any one time, He is just as omnipresent as the psychic omnipresence of God the Father and Jesus Christ.  And he can be omnipresent throughout all the works of God.  Also, he can take the form of many things, such as a dove when Jesus was baptized and a man when he appears to Nephi in the first book of The Book of Mormon.
  • The Holy Ghost, though a separate personage from those of the Father and the Son, is almost inseparably connected to Them.  He is one with the Father.
  • What a great and marvelous Godhead!  A God of matter and a God of spirit acting as one.
  • God the Father created the Holy Ghost to help Him preside over the universe.
  • God the Father, when he enjoyed existences as just a spirit, progressed to be as powerful as the Holy Ghost is now.
  • When God the Father progressed to having an awesome body of flesh and bones, but would keep returning back to the awesome state of being just an all-powerful spirit (for advantageous purposes), He decided to create the Holy Ghost.
  • It is possible, through reincarnation, for 2 beings to descend from the same one being.  In fact, there are an infinite number of intelligences that can be drawn from one being — even God.  The Holy Ghost is a separate being that descended from the being of God the Father.  The Holy Ghost, though a separate life than that of the Father, remembers being God the Father.  He might remember having several bodies of flesh and bones.
  • The Holy Ghost would act as one with the Father in one Godhead, so that the Godhead could be both a body of flesh and bones and a spirit at the same time.
  • All spirits doomed to not have bodies aspire to be merged through reincarnation into the Holy Ghost.  Spirits can become the Holy Ghost.  They may or may not remember being a separate spirit.  But their soul, if they acquire this godhood, can be merged into the being of the Holy Ghost.  This is the secret gospel of the Holy Ghost.
  • Catholics believe in Beatification.  They believe they will receive the Beatific Vision (see God as he is) and be merged into his being.  What will really happen is that they will be absorbed by the Holy Ghost and they will be the Holy Ghost.  They may or may not remember existing before being the Holy Ghost.  But they will instantly acquire all the memories of the Holy Ghost and will feel as if they had always been the Holy Ghost.  So people with bodies here on this Earth can also become the Holy Ghost just like spirits already doomed to never have bodies.  The Catholic Church is the key to this secret salvation.
  • In order to become a godly body of flesh and bones like God the Father you must be exalted through the saving ordinances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  God the Father and all exalted bodies whom he shares His godhood with preside over the Holy Ghost.

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