Bill Maher says Jesus didn’t get noticed until 40 years after

Bill Maher, on his show, Real Time, on Friday, November 14, 2014, said that the Gospels were written at least 40 years after the time of Jesus.  He then said that “it’s like if nobody noticed The Beatles until 2010.”  He sounded pretty serious too.

You have to remember that most people didn’t know how to read and write in Jesus’ day.  There weren’t as many books as were published just last year, for example.  The fact that they wrote about him at all makes him significant.  Had The Beatles been around in Jesus’ day they wouldn’t have been written about at all.  No one wrote about the bands and musical groups of Jesus’ day.

Had Jesus lived in present times, he would have been written about during his life and ministry, just like The Beatles were written about during their lives and careers.  He would be at least as famous as any TV preacher.  I am confident that The Second Coming will be internationally televised.

Besides, there were oral accounts of Jesus’ miraculous events that must’ve existed not long after he died if not during his life.  We know this because the Gospels have similar stories yet they were written by different authors.  The various writers of the Gospels must’ve had other accounts that they shared that they based their work on.

A more appropriate comparison by Bill Maher would’ve been to say that it is like The Beatles not having biographies written about them until 2010.


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