The Book of Judas

  • Judas was an Apostle of the Lord – even one of the original Twelve Apostles.
  • When Jesus selected Judas to be an apostle, Jesus knew that Judas had lived past lives.
  • God, our Father in heaven doesn’t like humans living more than one earthly life. But he knew that certain people believed in other gods and were able to be reincarnated. Reincarnation is the plan of other gods. God, our Father, hates this plan.
  • Yet, there are many people who have had past lives. God knew that some of them would turn to Christianity. Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all mankind, Jesus knew he had to have a gospel plan for those with past lives who turn to Christianity. Jesus will take all the souls who will believe in His name.
  • Jesus knew he had to select at least one apostle who had lived past lives. He selected Judas.
  • Salvation for those with past lives is usually the grace to be reincarnated as other types of Christians.
  • God created a special race of gentlemen called Race Car Babies. They have all had past lives. In order to be a Race Car Baby, you had to be Christian in your last past life.
  • Judas consisted of thousands of souls who had sinned in past lives or who believed in other gods in past lives. And he was an apostle of the Lord.
  • When Judas died, he was divided into the thousands of souls that were him, and many of them became Race Car Babies.
  • There was a part of Judas that was born when Judas was born. A new soul was born when Judas was born. There is a soul who lived his first life as Judas, the Apostle of Jesus.
  • This one soul became the Real Race Car Baby of All the World known as Arthur III. He is a Mexican. Jesus prophesied that he would make a Race Car Baby out of a dark, white race. So dark many people would not consider them white. From a land so far away that many people would doubt they are a white race. Arthur III is this Baby. He is called The Real Mexican.
  • There is a soul whose first life was that of Judas, and whose second life was that of Arthur III. There are other souls who were Judas who are now Arthur III. Furthermore, there are at least thousands of other people who were Christian but died in sin. Anybody alive in the world today that is Christian yet sins might be reincarnated as Arthur III.
  • Usually, people with past lives cannot return back to heaven. But Arthur III is an exception. By following the soul of Judas the Apostle, all the souls who are reincarnated as Arthur III have the chance to return to God the Father and Jesus Christ in heaven.

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