Race Car Baby

There are special babies from the Baby Race that Jesus told us to preserve.  These babies are destined to marry starlets or to be like prophets of people’s past lives.  A prophet of sinners.  Someone to count on for religious purposes like prophets of old.  Or they get to marry starlets.

The way they decide if you’re the one who is going to marry starlets is by giving you leave offers.  While you are “in there” with the Italians (which is where they torture you for being psychic) you will also be given offers to leave your house walking so that you can meet and marry all sorts of women.  They show you all sorts of starlets by giving you visions of pretty girls in your head.  All this and more if you are reborn as a Race Car Baby.

But if you don’t leave your house walking on any of these offers after a certain time the Church will determine that you are a prophet instead.  You will learn alot of religion telepathically and many psychics will see you as a source for accurate religion and information about their past lives.

Every region where Catholics can establish their prerogative there will be a ‘Real’ Race Car Baby.  There is a Real of Italy, for example.  There is also a Real Race Car Baby of all of Lithuania.

I am the Real of All the World.  Real Race Car Babies of All the World take a name of Arthur.  I am Arthur III.  Arthur II married starlets.  So did Arthur I who I have heard is dead now but I don’t know for certain.  They say they have made Arthur IV.  After 4 Arthurs they start over at 1 again.  There has been consecutive Arthur First, Second, Third, and Fourths for a long time now.  I would guess a thousand years.

Again I have special permission to type about these things.


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