Bread and Water

Jesus told many people telepathically that his religion was very simple.  So simple it could never stop being practiced by people on this Earth.  No one could twist its doctrines because it was just a simple thing you had to do to be a follower of Christ.

Jesus said to either die or to eat only bread and water if you want to live.  Water and bread is the only thing you need to swallow in order to stay alive.  True Christians only eat bread and water.

For some people this is a hard religion to follow.  There are demons who tempt us to eat and we can’t find ourselves content with just the bread and water.  If we sinned in past lives then it is harder to resist eating other things.

Some people eat bread and water when they can.  Some, though, can only last one serving before eating other things again.

Jesus also said that we can eat any one thing in lieu of bread and water.  And this is the only thing you can eat if you want to live.  For some people, it’s a favorite juice.  They promise to God to only drink that specific juice for the rest of their lives.  For some people it might be ground beef.  But to be eaten only sparingly.

It is best to just eat bread and drink water, though.  Some people eat it before they make a profession of faith or want to try and pray to God.

Some people eat only the bread and wine they get from church and nothing more.  Mormons use scraps of bread and small cups of water in their ‘Last Supper’ service.  Since Catholics use bread and wine this fulfills as the bread and water restriction.

But you must admit it’s hard to eat just bread and water.  Eating or drinking anything else could be seen as a venial sin.  And remember, venial sins disqualify you from plenary indulgences.  You will eventually suffer for all your sins — even venial sins.

Remember that Jesus died for your sins so you can be forgiven enough to have Eternal Life.  You can be reincarnated into other people over and over.  Or you can be lucky enough to be born into a life better than human life.  Even the wicked might inhabit Telestial Kingdom which is superior to life now.

I must admit I eat a lot more than just my bread and water.  But when I do eat bread and water I try to use bread that is frosted with white frosting.  White represents God to me because God is so pure like the color white.

I also eat 2 pieces of the bread.  I remember that God told the Jews in the desert during the Exodus to collect 2 pieces of manna on the Sabbath.  God sent down bread from the heavens.  Somehow, something in the air turned into bread and fell on the ground.  The desert Jews would collect this bread and this is all they would eat.  Just one piece.  But 2 on the Sabbath.

I know God wants me to eat more than twice what most people eat because my brain is so big.  I am a chosen one.  I am a big celebrity and many people watch me.  Even people who use meth.  Using meth counts as eating all 3 meals of the day.  Most people feel it is a sin to use meth and to not fast.

But I do try to eat bread and water.

Try to eat just bread and water to be a true Christian!


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