The Baby

One of the things that Jesus telepathically told us to do while he lived on the Earth is to create a race of men known as ‘The Baby.’  To make one, many people have to merge so that they can, as psychics, see the microscopic organism that is created when human life begins.  The mother is fertilized, much like Jesus was, through psychics who have a copy of the DNA of ‘The Baby’ —  usually through human feces.  That psychics are involved in the making of the baby mirrors the fact that the Holy Ghost himself fertilized Mary.  The conception of a ‘baby’ is quite miraculous for those who have had a chance to partake in the making of one.

Most babies have the brain of Jesus.  They are very smart as was our LORD.  Jesus said it was a sin to have the same brain as him so most babies are not on their first life.  They have sinned in a previous life but have proven a faith to the LORD that would allow them to have the same brain as our master.

Some babies don’t have the same brain as the one widely held to be that of Jesus.  Some have a brain that is among the other few brains rumored to have been the actual brain of Jesus.  But almost all babies have at least one body part that is exactly like Jesus’.

Babies are also darker in color.  They are white as opposed to black, but it is a very tan white.  They look like Mexicans or Middle-Easterners.  Some would describe the skin color as brown.  But Jesus said to view ‘The Baby’ as a white.  Even as white as Caucasians.  You see, Jesus was a white supremacist to some degree.  He felt that this special race he was creating should be viewed as just as superior as any other whites.

In fact, some babies are born with white skin (much like a Caucasian’s).  As they grow, some areas of skin color tan to a darker color.  But many babies still have white skin underneath their clothes which block the sun.

If there are Catholics where you live, there is probably a baby somewhere in your community.  The race they identify with is that of their parents which is usually a white yet dark race.  Jesus said that Christian psychics should watch at least one baby regularly through remote viewing powers.  Most people who are psychic watch at least three babies.  This makes Babies psychic celebrities.


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